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Astro Coming Attraction by Tracy Cook

For those of you who enjoyed the experience of Treasure Mapping during Aries New Moon...that is only the first new moon of the whole astrological year.  There are eleven more to go.  Be sure and check back here at for Taurus New Moon article.   What does that mean to you?  Well, during the Taurus new moon we are challenged to ask ourselves...what do I value?  What do I attract? What has meaning to me?  What kind of sacrifices have I made for what I value...and most importantly, does it still have value?  Things to think about on the next Next Moon.   Expect this article around May 10th...until then, go back and read your Aries New Moon and take a look at your Treasure Map.  Oh, yes, Taurus New Moon is May 16 3:27pm EDT.

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New Moon Articles by Tracy


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