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Saturn in Virgo---Times up! by Tracy Cook

Saturn in Virgo-- Times Up!Get Organized, Get Clean, Get Healthy!

By Tracy Cook

In about a week, taciturn Saturn will move from dramatic, look-at-me Leo into panicky look-at-my-medical-chart Virgo. For the last two and half years while Saturn moved through Leo we have been celebrating the common man. Hello, Realty TV can now leave the atmosphere.But of course when Saturn makes a move into a new sign it does deserve our attention. And with Saturn moving into Virgo it really is about our health.Rut-ro.

In truth, Virgo is more than health. It is all the things that we address daily.Which include diet and routines. And diet and routines are paramount to health either good health or poor health.So, as Saturn makes the move, get ready for a big time house cleaning.The best way to visualize this is by visualizing Dad coming into your house, in all his critical glory and telling you a thing or two about how you live.

How is your cleaning?Is there crap under your bed?What is going on with your bank account? Do you have any idea what is your daily balance?Why not?Is it now time for you to go on automatic bill pay? And what is going on with your calendar?Are you overbooked like a mad person?Why?Seriously, why? It is one thing to actually have a game plan with agendas and goals and get the work done---that is good. That is exactly what Saturn in Virgo likes to see.What does not work, if you are busy doing stuff just to fill up your day. Busywork must go.And that includes social situations.Are you making phone calls and receiving calls at all hours of the day because you are too afraid to be alone? Or be still?Can you figure a way to calm down with out mindless chatter? Help yourself and put on your phone machine. Unload people that are just not working for you. Or if you must hang out with those people, then do something important.Help each other in real ways. Donít support them in their neurosis --instead be proactive.And if they still push off your help and want to go back to their crazy thinking or crazy talk---see above note about phone machine.

And what about health?By far, THE most important thing to come out Saturnís trek in Virgo will be (in my opinion) health options and responsibility.    The bad news is if you are over weight and not exercising, the bell will begin tolling in a big way as Saturn moves into Virgo. Watch what happens to your insurance. As slimy as many insurance companies have proven to be, when Saturn goes into Virgo you will see the slime hit an all time new high. Just to give you a visual, Saturn can be a solid strong dad, like Atticus Finch played by Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird. Not one to get his feathers ruffled, Atticus was calm, hard working and capable of building a case piece by piece.    Who didnít want Atticus as a dad, right?    But at the same time, the other, fictional character who is OFTEN associated with Saturn is Ebenezer Scrooge, Charles Dickensís classic mean curmudgeon from a Christmas Carol who only changes his cold, hard ways after he is visited by the ghost of Christmas Future.    Well, both of them will be making an appearance in your life.And certainly in your health. The question is, what are you going to do about it?When the insurance company drops people because they are too overweight (something Scrooge would do) as much as clients want to bitch, it is possible that now they might GET IT that they should change their diet.And their exercise habits.

Additionally, Green Thinking is not just a luxury thought; it will be an important component to Saturn in Virgo. Does the recycler truck come to your neighborhood?Are you separating stuff?Why not?What will it take to do it? And what about your house, would some trees help cool it off?A lot of cities have free trees for energy conservation since the shade of a tree will cool a house greatly. Have you looked at the resources available to you?Isnít it time to get practical about stuff? Can you really afford your electric bill?If it is a stretch then what the heck can you do to bring the costs down.While Saturn makes his two and half year trek in Virgo you will have plenty of time to get practical about your daily life.

Many of us, have got Pluto in Virgo and at some point Saturn will be on our Pluto.Our generation already thinks out of the box and is a major reason why alternative health care is a booming business. Expect even more of that thinking to make it into long term health management while Saturn moves through Virgo.

Responsibility is key with this Saturnís transit. If you have some long range goals you can make it, if you lay out a game plan.What will it take?If you want to lose weight, what are you going to do?It is not enough to say, ďIíll cut down on my calories.ĒSure, it sounds like a good idea but how?Are you going to Jenny Craig?Are you going to Nutrisystem?Are you going to the diet place down the corner from you?What is it going to be?It canít just be something vague, it needs to be a practical solution.And what about bigger goals?Do you have plans to complete something?Well, lay it out in your calendar. What will you do about your goal in September?And what is the next transition in October?How far do want to be each week or month towards your goal?You must ask yourself those type of questions.Move out of vague general plans into concrete goals.

If you want to make Saturn in Virgo work for you, simply get a calendar and start piecing together your plan.    It is the way out!

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