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Scorpio New Moon 2016: Release the death grip

Scorpio NEW MOON 2016  

By Tracy Cook

Many years ago I studied lunar phases with Robert Buz Myers.  It is my hope that he would be proud of my work today.  Blessings to you, Buz! 

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the beginning of a 29-day cycle.  Technically, when you look up in the sky you only see a thin section of the moon illuminated.       

And the not so technical point of view?

Well, similar to farmers and indigenous people, who have used the eight phases of the moon for eons, astrologers also utilize the different phases of the Moon.  Certainly on the New we know it is time to plant seeds.  But the other seven phases are equally important.

Where should my focus be during this next 29-day cycle?

When we draft a chart for the new moon we can get a sense of the energy that will be up for processing for the next 29 days. 

Okay what is this cycle about?   Where do you need to harness power to empower your own metamorphosis?    Where do you need to release your death grip?  




Sabian symbol:


A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight



Scorpio  New Moon

October 30, 2016

7 Scorpio 44

1:38 pm EDT


Welcome to Scorpio New Moon


And here we are in Scorpio.   And together we say, “Yay.”  Really, Scorpio?  Yes, Scorpio.


This has been one hell of a year.  The tensions between Saturn and Neptune started rippling through us in 2015 and wrapped up in September.  Then we had the hideous eclipses and finally a Libra lunar cycle with rough Pluto tension.    Lord.   That is eleven months of tough.   Not necessarily hideous but tough enough to tire us to our bones.    God knows I feel it.


And now we have this unique 29-day lunar cycle where the tough outer planets are mostly not in the mix.   Saturn/Neptune are pulling away from their war mongering and cardinal Uranus and Pluto have no impact on the New Moon chart.   There is a beef with Jupiter, which we will discuss later but for the most part this Scorpio cycle is free of a lot of the debris that has clogged up so many lunar cycles previous this year.     Yes, we say, “Hurray for Scorpio! Let’s run with it!”


This New Moon chart has the Sun/Moon on top of Mercury.   And all three planets are making a beautiful trine with Neptune.   Wow, talk about a healing  29 day cycle.


Scorpio is a powerful energy.  Not by holding on and controlling which it certainly can do, but more because of the opposite—letting go.    For 29 days we will have many opportunities to let stuff go.   There may be things or situations that we have been holding on to that we are finally ready to leave our lives.   And this is not just easy stuff like those old running shoes you keep ‘just in case’ in the closet.   Seriously, getting rid of junk is easy.  But what about deep dark Scorpio things that tie up our energy such as animosity, grudges or jealousies?  Or fears that are so baked into daily actions that we don’t even know what we look like if we let them go?     


Scorpio rules plumbing, not just the plumbing in our buildings but also the plumbing in our body and psyche.    Where do we have clogs?   If you want to get a good idea of your clogs go take a look at your grudges and jealousies.   What bigger picture do they speak of in your life? 


Maybe you have a grudge against someone who stole money from you.  Okay, what does that mean?  Sure you can,  if you want, hold on to a grudge but why?   No you don’t need to go be friends with that person but the actual ‘grudge’ is your clog.  You may take that block against anyone who looks like that former friend.  You may take that grudge and use it against people that had nothing to do with that stolen money.  How did that incident go into your psyche and bake into tough perhaps misguided beliefs?    And then there are the missteps in love where there are grudges or jealousies.   Again this is not about the person who did anything to you.  It is about the thing that you are holding onto that is impacting your life right now.   This is a clog.


You can also go to your black and white thinking.   Where are you using extreme thoughts in your personal life such as “never”?      “I’m never going to find a partner because of _______”, “I will never have money because of ______”  “No one will be there for me ever”.  Or maybe it is a general, “My life sucks since ____.”   These are clogs and during this 29-day cycle when these blocked thoughts come up, consider letting them go and see what you have on the other side.   Why?  Because Scorpio rules not just death but ‘death and rebirth”.   What will be on the other side of your clog?   Do you know how much power it takes to hold onto issues?   And what good is that death grip if it is cutting you off from real good?


I had a funny experience when I was writing this article that I want to share.  When I was looking at the gentle new moon chart and considering what a nice opportunity we have to utilize the empowerment of Scorpio I thought of the squirrel character from the ICE AGE movies who puts himself in peril because he won’t let go of an acorn.   I thought how perfectly Scorpio (and also Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite) that the squirrel is committed to his death grip on the acorn so much that he goes over thousand foot water falls or is sucked deep into crevices under the ocean or dragged through stampedes of wooly mammoths all because he won’t let go of the acorn.    As I was musing on the squirrel wondering where I was going to drop him into the article,  I checked my twitter account and saw that one of my good friends had put up this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: 

 “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”    

Wow.  How perfectly Scorpio.  How much power is all tied up by your death grip on things, situations, perhaps people that you should and damn it, you know that you should, let go?    Scorpio is connected to our DNA and like Emerson quote how many thousand rich forests are inside you once you let go of the acorn?   Take the beautiful 29 day cycle to let go of your death grip so something wonderful can grow in its place.     


Besides the power of letting go, with Scorpio we can find our inner strength and harness our energy to tackle something that we have not been able to accomplish in the previous months.  This 29-day cycle  may open up resources or we connect dots that we never did before and it all comes together for us to access our internal strength and tackle the project or issue with new gusto.   This is a wonderful cycle to launch a new commitment to a diet and exercise routine.  Or a money plan.  Or a creative project.  Or something new in your relationships. Remember Scorpio rules sex.   All of this  helped because Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun and Moon focuses the brain.  Many of us will find our thoughts are clearer on the task that we want to accomplish.  We will be less distracted and more committed.   And of course every day we work on this project or various projects we build up our self-confidence and self empowerment.   Good on good brings more good.   You don’t need to go algebra classes to do that math.  As my teacher used to say, "show your work."


Neptune highlighted in the new moon chart speaks to a connection with spirit.   It has been hard for many people in the last year to hear god or spirit (Saturn square Neptune) but now we are starting to come alive again with the Universe.   We are in step.   In this 29-day cycle watch as you take steps and you push through fear or blocks that you are rewarded by the Universe.  I’m not saying you will win a lottery ticket.   Not that kind of reward.  But more that you push through a fear and some synchronistic event takes place after you let go.   Perhaps you run into an old friend or you meet a new person and they mention something off hand that is exactly what you need.  Perhaps it is a bridge to what you need next in your life.    This speaks to being in flow with the Universe.   We love when Neptune gives his gentle pushes or sign posts. 


Neptune Direct

November 20, 2016

 11:37pm EST.


Speaking of Neptune, only one planet changes direction during the Scorpio lunar month and it is Neptune.    Neptune spends half the year  retrograde.  I think a case can be made that Neptune likes being retrograde because he is so busy staying in touch with the Universe that he always needs to go back and fine tune intuition, faith and our humanitarian hearts.  Of course when Neptune misbehaves he can be very fuzzy perhaps delusional and attract liars.  But the truth about Neptune is no matter how much he brings out liars he always knows it, he just deliberately tunes out what he knows perhaps to teach his humanitarian heart a lesson or two.   But again that is a misbehaving Neptune and we have all seen a lot of twisted up Neptune since June 16 when he turned retrograde.   Once he goes direct on the 20th we will have the opportunity to exercise our faith and humanitarian love and of course we can take our intuition out for a drive and see what we have learned since June.  


Jupiter versus Pluto and Uranus


As indicated this cycle is mostly free from outer planet tension however, Jupiter is in the mix with Pluto and Uranus during the next year and it gets launched this cycle.   Technically, Jupiter is an outer planet, which means it is on the other side of the asteroid belt.  But when he gets into it with his fellow outer guys (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) he moves fast.   Case in point Jupiter went into Libra in the beginning of September and it is already in the teen degrees of Libra.   But of course Jupiter retrogrades every year and he will go right back over the sweet spots activating the tension with Pluto and Uranus.    Sigh.   The dates we need to watch are the following:


Jupiter Square Pluto

November 24, 2016

March 30, 2017

August 4, 2017


Jupiter oppose Uranus

December 26, 2016

March 2, 2017

September 27, 2017


Jupiter’s retrograde in 2017 takes place on February 6 at 23 degrees Libra and it will stay retrograde until June 9th going all the way back to 13 degrees of Libra.    Basically we will be feeling the Jupiter energy for about a year.    And the tension will get more and more tight the close to the above dates.    


So what does all this mean?   Well on one level we are used to the Uranus/Pluto tension since we were beaten down within an inch of our lives by the two of them starting in 2012 through 2015 and I would say really our Pluto slapping began when Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008.   Which as you remembered was when the world economies came crashing down.    The rubble we were left holding was the beginning of our new lives.   Blech.   So, yeah, we have all been schooled by Uranus and Pluto. 


But now we have Jupiter coming around throwing rocks again.   Lord help us.   Jupiter is the mouthiest planet in the zodiac.  Yes, Mercury rules communication but Jupiter rules our ideology and people can get quite loud about what they believe.    It is also righteous since it is the planet that rules religions and living by laws.   Remember he is the biggest planet in our zodiac and Jupiter/Jove was the judge of all the other gods.    Having Jupiter go back to Pluto and Uranus will bring up all kinds of finger pointing.  Globally we are not done with the political challenges.    The shit show that has been the USA’s presidential year will be explored and exploited a great deal by various avenues in 2017.  Jupiter will demand it especially since it is in Libra.  “Your side did this!”   But of course the real answer is sorting through the path that our side took that got us here.   Instead of looking at the other side let’s clean up our side of the street.   On a personal level, Jupiter in Libra will be trying to find balance all year in relationships and partnerships.  Negotiating a path that makes sense for all parties will be important.   With the Uranus opposition we will be finding a way to bring our authentic self and personal identity to the relationship without suffocating the other.   And with the Pluto square we will either try to control something/someone to death or we will accept that something is not going to change and either abandon it or let go in a deep level and take care of self.    This is not easy work.  This is the monumental work that people are doing in AA and Alanon meetings all across the world when they repeat out loud the serenity prayer:


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.     


Read it a second time. 


Read it a third time.


There, have you got it?  Great.  And read the prayer as much as you need to during this 29 day Scorpio cycle. Do you think it is a coincidence that the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus cycle which is poking on our belief system in a profound manner is being activated during Scorpio 29 day lunar cycle where we are letting go of stuff that keeps us stuck?    No of course it is NOT a coincidence.   We will be talking a lot about Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus especially next month during Sagittarius but in the mean time really begin to unload stuff and stay close to the serenity prayer.  This will help soften the bumps and move us forward which of course is always Jupiter’s goal.


In conclusion:  It is a beautiful 29 day Scorpio cycle where we go deep and release that which no longer serves us.  Along the way we will see hints and road signs by the Universe that we are on the right path.    Together we say, “amen”. 


See you in Sagittarius next month.  



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The 8 phases



Scorpio New Moon

October 30, 2016

1:38pm EDT



New moon: Plant seeds, make calls, activate, start projects.   Activate something that will ideally lead you to more.  This is the phase where INTENT is critical.  Even if the results are not immediate, the intent is there.  You may not have all the answers or road map but you should put out your Intent.


This focus:   What needs to be released?  What needs to die so something new can be born?  How are you finding your empowerment by releasing the need to control?  Where do you need to harness power to empower your own metamorphosis?    How are you living the serenity prayer? 



Special Focus:

11/1: Sun/Neptune: Inspired. Mystical. Creative.  Gentleness.  Humanitarianism.

11/1: Mars/Neptune:  Actions not based on Faith. Faith not backed by actions.  Or misguided actions abound.  





Crescent Moon Phase

November 3, 2016

4:49 pm EDT


Crescent:  We will receive information, we will research a bit more, perhaps get feedback on stuff that we planted on new.  Perhaps get some information that will help down the road on a seed we planted a while ago.  We can collect some data now.  Even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  How can this information help you?


Focus on: What are you learning about your education? What are you learning about things or people who are foreign?  What are you learning about your opinions and philosophies?  What are you learning about faith? 




Special Focus:

11/4: Venus/Uranus:  Love is electrified.  Dynamic creativity.  Values get a boost out of the blue.

11/7: Sun/Pluto.  Death and rebirth seem easy.  Letting go in order to find new.   Empowerment comes from going down deep and finding it.  And it is not too har.




First Quarter Moon

November 7, 2016

2:51pm EST


First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received.  Or we feel our instincts guide us on something.  We pursue again.  We make another call or we see someone. We mail something.  We stir the pot again.  This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away.   Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them?  Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects.  Some independence may need to be exerted.



Focus on:  What actions can you take that activate your tribe?  What actions can you take that support your rebelliousness?  What actions can you take that support breaking out?  How are you hanging out with like-minded people?  How can you act on it?



Special focus

11/8: Mars enters Aquarius


Gibbous Moon

November 11, 2016

4:03am  EDT




We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 



Focus on:

What needs to be refined in your “self’ related actions?   What needs to refined in your ‘identity’?  What needs to be refined in your anger?  What needs to be refined in your brashness?   What needs to be refined in your forthrightness? 


Special Focus:

11/11: Venus enters Capricorn

11/12: Mercury enters Sagittarius





Full Moon Phase

Lunar Eclipse

November 14, 2016

8:52 am EST

22 Taurus 37  


Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you? 



Focus on:   Full Moon in Taurus.  How are you resources?  How is your money?  How are your valuables?  How is there stability in your world?  How is there none?   How are you building things bit by bit?


Go to blog for full moon report.






November 17

1:43pm  EST



Disseminating: Share information; find a teacher or someone who has more knowledge. Perhaps there was a big ol’ blow out on the full and one feels in need of support and help, this is the phase to reach out to one who knows more. This is when we find a rabbi or a minister or therapist who gives us more insight.   And of course, you too may be ready to teach and share your own information. 



Focus on:  How are you sharing your feelings?  How are you sharing your family?  How are you sharing your emotions as a motivator?   How are you sharing your childhood?  


Special focus:

11/18: Mercury/Neptune.  Fuzzy communication.  Fuzzy thinking.  Liars.   Delusional thinking.

11/19: Neptune turns direct. 11:37pm EST  (see above)



Last Quarter Moon Phase

November 21, 2016

3:33am  EST



Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions are you taking that support your strength?  What actions are you taking that support your self esteem?  What actions are you taking that give you pride?  What actions are you taking that support your creativity?  Is it okay for you to be a big shot?   How about that energy? Can you support it?






Special focus:

11/21: Sun enters Sagittarius

11/21: Sun/Jupiter: exaggeration.  Spreading out too much.   Being sloppy.  

11/22: Sun/Pluto.   Hard time letting go.  Releasing is difficult.   Righteousness gets in the way of transformation.

11/23: Mercury/Saturn.  Thinking is critical and intense.  Short dark stormy thoughts.  Cutting tongues wag.

11/24: Jupiter square Pluto.    (see above)




Balsamic Moon Phase

November 25, 2016

3:47 am EST


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on We release our wishy washy.  We release our co-dependency.  We release hiding in the grey?  We release passive aggressiveness.  We release indecisiveness. 


Special focus:

11/25: Venus/Pluto.  Values feel empowered.   Love feels empowered.  Love of Power.  And Powerful love.   Money gets a boost.  Value transformation.

11/25: Venus/Jupiter.  Money and love is not in synch with opinions and beliefs.  What is true?  

11/26: Mercury/Uranus.  Brilliant thinking.  Brilliant conversation.  Smart and breakthroughs in thoughts and speech.





Sagittarius New Moon November 29 7:18am(7 Sagittarius 42)



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