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Sagittarius New Moon 2016: Get Wise Get Inspired

Sagittarius NEW MOON 2016  

By Tracy Cook

Many years ago I studied lunar phases with Robert Buz Myers.  It is my hope that he would be proud of my work today.  Blessings to you, Buz! 

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the beginning of a 29-day cycle.  Technically, when you look up in the sky you only see a thin section of the moon illuminated.       

And the not so technical point of view?

Well, similar to farmers and indigenous people, who have used the eight phases of the moon for eons, astrologers also utilize the different phases of the Moon.  Certainly on the New we know it is time to plant seeds.  But the other seven phases are equally important.

Where should my focus be during this next 29-day cycle?

When we draft a chart for the new moon we can get a sense of the energy that will be up for processing for the next 29 days. 

Okay what is this cycle about?  Can you find your wisdom?  Can your find  your inspiration?  Can you do it in a shit storm?  Good.  Now do it. 



Sabian symbol:


Within The Depths Of The Earth New Elements Are Being Formed



Sagittarius New Moon

November 29, 2016

7:18am (7 Sag 42)



And…welcome to Sagittarius New Moon.  


We are now at the time of our final fire sign of the zodiac.  The first fire sign was of course, Aries, where we set our Treasure Maps.     In Aries the fire burns high with white-hot flames.    The second fire sign is Leo where it is a strong roaring flame, not as combustible as Aries but still strong.     And now at the time of Sagittarius we have a low flame but with cinders that are still hot.    As much as we love our action oriented hot Aries and our solid Leo flames, the fire of Sag can be the most inspirational as we try to find our way through the darkness of the winter nights with only our small flame to keep us warm.   It is this flame that gives us faith.   


During Sag we set our sights on goals.  We want to accomplish something or we want to experience something not for a cocky reason of “Oh, look at me,” but rather to feel inspired.   “It would feel great if I ______”   


Sag the Centaur (half man half horse) has his handy bow and arrow and is always looking for targets!  We set goals that inspire us.  We set goals that support our faith.  We set goals that expand our world.  We set goals that excite us.   We set goals that challenge us.   We set goals to help us find our enthusiasm.   


During Sag we dust off the debris that has collected on us since spring and we go back to the flame and let it warm us up and we say, “Okay, what’s next for me?”


Saturn Neptune

This new moon we have the Sun/Moon in wide conjunction with Saturn the taskmaster and the Sun/Moon are in square with Neptune.   This chart is a call back to the last year where Saturn Squared Neptune.     November 26, June 18 & September 10 were the dates of Saturn Square Neptune.  After September the two planets pulled away from each other.  Fine. Good.  Get outta here you two buttheads.  And so for the last couple of months we have been taking a sigh of relief as they pulled away.   Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at ‘coincidences’ on this New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are right in that sweet spot where they are pushing on both Saturn and Neptune.     “Hey, Saturn do I have your attention?”   “Hey, Neptune can you hear me?”   Yep the Sun & Moon in Sag are gunning to go back in time a bit.    For 29 days we may find ourselves revisiting issues that came up during the last year (perhaps peaking around Nov 2015, June & September 2016). 


Maybe we feel like we have been here before and we can handle a similar situation that we experienced earlier but this time handle it in a more productive manner.  Saturn loves to be productive!   With Saturn in Sag and Neptune in Pisces and the Sun/Moon in the mix we are once again being pressured to Walk-Our-Talk.   If we aren’t doing it we will probably get slapped around by the Universe at least once or twice this cycle. Or if we are staying true to our world we may come up to those people who are not so ethical.   And that will cause us to go deeper and still –walk our talk.   Some things are easier said or typed than done.  But so be it, we gotta keep our side of the street clean.  Remember we do it to inspire ourselves!   


For 29 days we may certainly see righteous behaviors both in our private world and in the general news.   And with Neptune we will undoubtedly see total liars.  Or if we don’t see it, we could intuit something not being ‘right’.  The question is what do we do at this time when we are putting our sights on some goals and we are stoking our flames to be inspired but in all that positive energy we smell something ‘off’?   What is the answer?     Get Sag about it. Get philosophical.   Go to church (Sag environment)  Turn to someone with wisdom.     Reach beyond your world and ask for an answer.  You may be surprised by the answers.   Perhaps  you will be inspired by the answer you receive and from whom you receive it.   


If someone is exaggerating that is a big Sag word, use Saturn and take them with a grain of salt.  And remember your goals and the things that inspire you are not reliant on liars or people who don’t tell the whole story.  Your goals are between you and your maker and that is all you need to know.     Being in touch with our maker is inspiring.  

Go inside and find your truth.   And never veer too far from it. 


Mercury Retrograde

And what could be more fun than a cycle with a Sun Moon conjunct Saturn Square Neptune? -How about a Mercury Retrograde! 


On December 1 Mercury moves into its shadow period (28 Sag 50)

On December 19 5:55am (15 Cap 07) Mercury stations retrograde

On January 8 4:43am Mercury stations direct (28 Sag 50 Sag)

On January 28 Mercury exits shadow  (15 Cap 07)


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn speaks to us getting our practicality on.     Mercury in Capricorn hates wastes. It is also conservative in thinking.   For many people who have a zig zag thought process going from one thing to another and have a difficult time focusing, this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn may slow them down a bit.   


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will have its mind on its money and money on its mind (thank you, Snoop Dog).    We will also be thinking about how we are practical in our place in the world.   There will be thoughts about our station in life and if it is working for us.  Are we playing into a caste system?   Even if we live in free democratic societies are we still buying into a class?   We have a lot to think about during the retrograde about our station in life and if it works for us.

As always double check all your important papers and if you are traveling make sure you go over all your arrangements and clarify with the hotels and airlines etc that you are good.   No big purchases either for three weeks.    



Jupiter opposite Uranus

On December 26 we will have the second round of Jupiter energy that started back in November. 


Let’s go over those dates again:


Jupiter Square Pluto

November 24, 2016

March 30, 2017

August 4, 2017


Jupiter oppose Uranus

December 26, 2016

March 2, 2017

September 27, 2017


Jupiter the biggest planet of the zodiac does not take hostages when he gets into it with any other planet.    He is just so big he just sucks in a lot of us.   Case in point on November 24 when Jupiter brushed up to Pluto we found ourselves in the United States with Green candidate Jill Stein asking for a recount of votes in the Presidential election.     On December 26, Jupiter will now take on Uranus.   Uranus is the biggest disruptor planet. He likes a good revolution.   He is different from Pluto who likes to evolve instead Uranus likes to shakes things up.  


Go back to November 24 and ask what was going on with you and see if it connects to December 26.  One thing that is obvious for Americans to ponder and that is the fact that November 24 was Thanksgiving and now the 26 is right smack in the Christmas Holidays.  Perhaps we are up to our eyeballs in family?   Or maybe it is the stress of holidays.   Jupiter in Libra is looking for balance and wants to be fair. But at the same time Uranus in Aries is saying, “What about me?”   We are part Narcissist and part Co-Dependent.    Maybe we have to find that spot in between and take care of our self and tell the truth?   In the Sag lunar cycle we might find it easier than expected.



In conclusion:

Seek to be inspired while you seek to inspire.  Don’t get too wrapped up in righteous indignation.  It will tire you out and it is not inspiring in the long run.   Be practical for sure and be practical about how you inspire.   And if you hit a low spot, reach out beyond your circle and see if someone is not standing there holding a candle for you.  Follow the light.   I will do the same.


See you in Capricorn.





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The 8 phases



Sagittarius New Moon

November 29, 2016

7:18am EDT



New moon: Plant seeds, make calls, activate, start projects.   Activate something that will ideally lead you to more.  This is the phase where INTENT is critical.  Even if the results are not immediate, the intent is there.  You may not have all the answers or road map but you should put out your Intent.


This focus:   What needs to be inspiring?  How do you find your inspiration. Where do you find wisdom? How are you wise?  What seeds are you planting for some goals?  Where are you placing the sights of your arrow and can you zing your arrow?   Go for the target!





Special Focus:

11/29: Venus sq Uranus:  Stress around love and values.  Weirdness.  Controlling meets rebel.   Disconnected. 

11/30:  Sun sq Neptune:  Illusion.  Beliefs seem fuzzy.   Opinions perhaps cuckoo.    Liars take center stage.  Same with big mouths.

12/1: Mars tri Jupiter:   Actions that are big and bold and in sync with beliefs.  Great time to meet people who are ‘foreign’.

12/2:  Mercury enters Capricorn






Crescent Moon Phase

December 3, 2016

8:34 am EST


Crescent:  We will receive information, we will research a bit more, perhaps get feedback on stuff that we planted on new.  Perhaps get some information that will help down the road on a seed we planted a while ago.  We can collect some data now.  Even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  How can this information help you?


Focus on: What are you learning about your executive skills?  What are you learning about your business like nature?  What are you learning about inner CEO?  What are you learning about leading others? 







First Quarter Moon

December 7, 2016

4:02am EST



First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received.  Or we feel our instincts guide us on something.  We pursue again.  We make another call or we see someone. We mail something.  We stir the pot again.  This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away.   Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them?  Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects.  Some independence may need to be exerted.



Focus on:  What actions can you take that activate your faith?  What actions are you taking that speaks to spirituality?   What actions are you taking that activate creativity?   What actions are you taking that activate a part of you that is greater than you?   How can you activate the great disconnect or unknown  in order to connect to faith?




Special focus

12/7: Venus enters Aquarius

12/10: Sun conjunct Saturn.   How are you focused?   Discipline?  How are focused and discipline about your beliefs and beliefs.   How is your knowledge holding you back or propelling you?


Gibbous Moon

December 10, 2016

2:28pm EST




We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 



Focus on:

What needs to be refined in your finances?   What needs to be refined in the way you are practical?  What needs to be refined in your way of building something from the ground up?   What needs to be refined in your properties.   



Special Focus:

12/11:  Sun Tri Uranus. Creativity, visionary, boldness, breakouts that bridge to others.  Things that are foreign support us. 






Full Moon Phase

Lunar Eclipse

December 13, 2016

7:05pm EST

22 Gemini 25


Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you? 



Focus on:   Full Moon in Gemini.   How are you connecting?   How do you connect your beliefs with others?  How are you superficial and does it work for you? Or are you able to use a light touch to share your beliefs?  How do you find wisdom?   How are you rational or do you rationalize too much?



Go to blog for full moon report.






December 17, 2016

2:42am EST



Disseminating: Share information; find a teacher or someone who has more knowledge. Perhaps there was a big ol’ blow out on the full and one feels in need of support and help, this is the phase to reach out to one who knows more. This is when we find a rabbi or a minister or therapist who gives us more insight.   And of course, you too may be ready to teach and share your own information. 



Focus on:  How are you sharing your strength?  How are you sharing your pride?  How are you showing bravery?   How are you showing integrity?   Do you know the difference between ego and self esteem?  Can you share the difference?



Special focus:

12/19: Mars enters Pisces

12/19: Mercury Retrograde (see above)


Last Quarter Moon Phase

December 20, 2016

8:55pm EST




Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions are you taking that






Special focus:

12/21: Sun enter Capricorn






Balsamic Moon Phase

December 24, 2016

11:41pm EST


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on We release our need to control. We release our black and white?  We release our fear of death and rebirth.     


Special focus:

12/24 Saturn trine Uranus. Creativity and focus. Discipline and creativity.   Break outs.   Actions that build something new.

12/25: Venus/Jupiter:  Big money. Big love.   New groups.  New partnerships.

12/26: Jupiter oppose Uranus.   (see above)

12/28: Sun/ Mercury.  What did you almost forget?  How is being the boss of you important?  What does your inner CEO tell you what is important?






Capricorn New Moon December 29 2:53am (7 Capricorn 59)



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