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Watch out! Here comes Saturn - By Tracy Cook

Born between 1957 – 1971?  Watch out!  Here comes Saturn.

 by Tracy Cook


Well, maybe “Watch Out” is a bit strong.  But you should know that Saturn is about to march, stomp and possibly kick your butt from here to Pluto.  Well, to be specific Saturn is going to get on top of your Pluto and show you a thing or two.   For most of us, this is about as pleasant as, oh, I don’t know perhaps Root Canal?   So, yeah, that is why I say “Watch out”.


The last time we had Saturn in Virgo was at the end of 1977 all through 78, 79 up until the Fall of 80.  So if you are old enough to remember that wave of energy then you might want to ask yourself how was your life?  Is there something going on now that reminds you of that period?   Are you ready to revisit those situations and approach it differently?    


I am one of those people who were born at the Beginning of Pluto in Virgo.  I was born in the late 50’s. So when Saturn moved into Virgo and stomped on my Pluto I was in College.   I had a major identity shift when I moved from my childhood home to my college town but at the same time I realized that I had finally found my group.  


Pluto is the planet of power and having Saturn the planet of structure and bones on top of my power, made it very clear that I was going to rebuild my power from my feet to my head.  And for me it was through my higher education.   It was in college I found  a new group of friends and I could breathe my own air without a hovering family member suffocating me with their thoughts and opinions. Those relationships which I nurtured and forged during Saturn’s tromp on my Pluto are still in my life today.   And in truth I never went home again after Saturn marched over my Pluto.   It was a heady period.


Of course I can tell you all the perks of that transit now from a comfortable vantage point. But when the aspect was occurring it was not without hardship sand struggle.   My ties to my family were complicated and although my childhood was riddled with all kinds of hurdles I still found myself protective and connected to these family members who did not always have my best interest in the forefront of their minds.  They were scared I would abandon them. And I was scared I would abandon them. So, I kept creating scenarios to keep them in my life.  It would not be until Saturn squared my Pluto that I made an even cleaner break (7 years later).   But during the time when Saturn sat on my Pluto I was advised by the universe.. “There is another way. There is another life out there for you.  It is going to take work. But you can do it.”


So, here we are again, Saturn has moved into Virgo (August 07) and is now beginning to go after all us Plutos in Virgos. 


As an early Pluto in  Virgo I can tell you it has a lot to do with our schedules and our calendars. And there is not enough time in the day to do all that we want to do!   I have been waking up every morning obsessed (Pluto word) with making sure every hour in my day is fully functional.  I want to take care of this and take care of that.  I don’t want to call anyone for useless conversations. I only want to make sure every hour is productive.  I can’t phone in anything.  Every task must be accomplished.   I bought a little spiral ring book and I have got one category after another with  ToDo’s under each line.  And every day I scratch off stuff and add new stuff. 


I can not control myself.


I say all that to give you guys fair warning.  Those of us born in the late 50’s are getting zapped by Saturn now.   Those of you born in the 1960’s will be feeling obsessed next year.   And you late 60’s and early 70’ 71 birthdates will be feeling it in late 08 and early 09.   However you will get the information way before it hits you exactly.  I started feeling Saturn getting closer to my Pluto at least 9 months ago.  This obsessive ness about my calendar and ToDos has been building all year until last month when it seemed to take a new (read: Crazed) level of importance. 


But I do want to say something important. It is not just that we need to be busy and check things off. These things need to be a part of a bigger picture.  For example.  My calendar since Saturn moved into Virgo has been loading up with To-Dos that involve my son’s school.   And although, I am driving here and driving there, meeting one mom making sure another mom sends the Minutes from a PTA meeting to another mom, it is all for a bigger picture.  To improve the education and nourishment of the students at his school.  There is always a meaning.  I am tempted to get lost in the doing-ness but as long as I remember the bigger picture I will survive.


I can also tell you, Pluto in Virgos, you can take this Saturn energy and build yourself a way better body. Again, this was something I felt long before August of this year but I knew in my bones (a Saturn word) I had to lose weight and get my diet and exercise on a daily regiment. This was not the time to have fuzzy thinking about my body or what I put into it.  


So, be forewarned. If you are feeling obsessed about something, it is most likely Saturn getting close to your Pluto.  Do not  push away the obsession. Work with it.  See how it can restructure your life.  You will feel empowered when it is all over.  But always remember, have a bigger picture in your mind. 

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