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Treasure Mapping by Tracy Cook



I know some of you are coming to this thread for the first time...great.  After you read about Treasure Mapping I also encourage you to read about THIS year's Aries 2017 New Moon. 

Treasure Mapping by Tracy Cook 



Like many people, there is an extra skip in my step this time of year.  However, my buoyancy is not caused by a sudden shift in good weather.  Unlike other areas of the country (and northern hemisphere for that matter) winters in Los Angeles are not particularly long nor are they harsh.   Rather my joyful gait is caused by the impending knowledge that in a few short days I will be participating in one of my most favorite annual events.   Treasure Mapping. 


My roots to Treasure Mapping begin with Margaret Wendt (who coincidentally is proprietress of this website).  In 1989 Margaret and I met at a mutual friend’s baby shower and a fast friendship was immediately formed.   We both had a history and appreciation on all things metaphysical or as I like to call it ‘woo-woo’.  My own history was much more informal than Margaret who by the time I met her had been an investigative journalist and well known metaphysician.   But right from the start we both had a lot of mutual interests and immediately shared knowledge.   Soon after our introduction, Margaret shared with me audiocassettes from her astrologer and teacher Robert Buz Meyers who had been practicing in Cleveland, Ohio.  


Now Margaret who is gifted in so many ‘woo-woo’ things both as a clairaudient and journalist is absolutely dense in one area.  She cannot remember her own astrology chart to save her life.  I on the other hand am completely fuzzy on matters of ‘life after death’ or things like the Akashic records.  And if asked about numerology I will stammer like a grade school child on assembly day.  But when it comes to astrology, well, even I can surprise myself.  Ask me about a natal chart of a best friend, casual acquaintance or well-known politician and I can retrieve their chart information in a nanosecond. “George Clooney? Sun in Taurus with Moon in Cap.”  “John Kerry? Sag Sun, Moon in Gemini, Sag Rising.”    In truth many astrologers have this gift, which in another time period would have made us great at parlor tricks. But luckily Margaret could tell that beyond my instant astrodata recall I would be a natural for Buz’s information.  And so with a generous heart she handed me her tapes and said, “I know you will get this information.”  And no truer words were spoken.  After listening to a few tapes I quickly called Buz’s office and signed up to receive his monthly lectures. 


Buz was a remarkable astrologer. His lectures were focused on the new moon of each month and what we all could do to navigate through the hurdles and access the bounties.   In particular, Buz worked closely with the eight phases of the moon and even Margaret who struggled with her own chart had clearly identified the eight phases and knew how to work them beautifully.  I certainly knew the quarters of the moon but it was with Buz’s lectures that I folded in the other four phases. 


During the early 1990’s I received Buz’s monthly tapes and because Margaret was so busy with her three children and her television career  I took it upon myself to give her the Cliffs Notes on Buz’s lecture and share with her the one or two tapes that I thought would really ring her bell.   And so it was when in March of 1996, Buz recorded his set of tapes for the upcoming Aries new moon.  When I received those tapes I knew that my notes would not be enough.  So, I called Margaret and our mutual friend Ann and said, “Let’s meet at Margaret’s house on Aries New Moon, I’m bringing some stuff and the Buz tapes. I want you guys to hear this one.”


On April 17, 1996 the three of us met.  I brought some glue bottles and scissors and poster board and they both were somewhat surprised but once they listened to the lecture it all made sense. What made this set of tapes so extraordinary was that the entire focus of the tape was Treasure Mapping.   


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it lines up with spring.  And if you have ever been around Aries personalities you know that they are strong willed and forceful because like a spring flower bursting through permafrost they will do what they can to get to the sun.  Aries know what they want but at the same time they need to see it.   Aries rules sight.  Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac and historians will tell you that Fire gave man the bridge to the future, protection against predators, warmth, light in darkness.  It is no surprised that Aries is the beginning of our journey.   It is our torch.   


Of course since it is the first sign of the zodiac it really is the true beginning of the New Year.  And as Buz explained in the tape, now is the time when we must build our Treasure Map.  To see where we are heading this year.


So, after we listened to the lecture we did exactly what Buz suggested.  We walked up the street to the magazine stand and each of us bought several magazines. Then we returned to Margaret’s house and quickly thumbed through the images until we all found things that we wanted.   Cutting and snipping our future outs from images of one magazine after another.   Pasting them on the poster board and jotting thoughts and affirmations.  It was a metaphysical craft session.   It was also a lot of fun.   There is something so rewarding  sitting on the floor with close friends, snipping out a image and saying, “Who needs a BMW?”   Of course many of our desires were far more important than new cars.  


At this time I was in a dating lull but I did want to move forward in this area of my life and I happily found an attractive photo from a Ralph Lauren ad of a guy on yacht.  I liked the image and naturally since it was an ad, the model was on the young side.  I didn’t give it much thought except that I liked it.  In addition I put a photo of a heart and a baby.  These were experiences I did not want to miss.  I also wrote down words like “my own boss”  “solid writing”.  I also had things about good health and other images. 


Buz indicated that we needed to build our maps during the new phase of the Aries moon, which meant the first 3.5 days of the New Moon for the most oomph. Although he did say that we could take the whole waxing moon if we needed.   Margaret took to the exercise like a duck to water and she completed her map that night after Ann and I left.   I needed the next two days to get my images exactly the way I wanted and Ann took even a few days longer than me.  But we all did finish our maps and I remember staring at it in awe.  It was a powerful moment to look at what I wanted for my life.  It truly felt like a Treasure Map.


Now the magic of the Treasure Map is that if you build the map on Aries New Moon you will start to see results by Cancer new moon which is three months later.  Even if there are areas of one’s life that have been completely moribund they will start to grow if the images have been planted on the Aries new moon.  


Margaret had her own results almost immediately.   It was within two weeks that the direction of her life moved light years when she met a man who matched her own words on her map.  By June she was already on the road with her new man and beginning a new wonderful chapter of her life.  I met my own man in late May and began my journey in June.  I am now married to that man and we have a beautiful son.    It did not all happen that first year but the seeds were definitely planted on my first Treasure Map.  And the part of this that was so remarkable for me was that my husband comes from a long line of sailors and is indeed a member of a yacht club. Just like my image from the Ralph Lauren ad.  Also my husband is younger than me-again like my map.   My work as a freelance writer grew stronger that year which lined up with my words “my own boss” and “solid writing,"  I found myself getting pieces of my map all year.   


For the next sixteen years the three of us have met together on Aries New Moons to build our maps. There have been some years that have been better than others. And one year we were all feeling a bit burned out and Margaret suggested that we abandon the traditional map and go back to the roots of the Treasure Maps from the late 80’s when she first went to Buz workshops and he encouraged everyone to write affirmations on orange paper during Aries new moon.  There was something organic about that process which I enjoyed greatly.


The allure in the Treasure Maps is not just the results but also the process of giving oneself the luxury of thinking “What do I want?”   It is liberating thumbing through a magazine and saying, “hmmm, I think my guy is really smart, where are some guys with glasses?”  Or, “I really want to feel spiritually centered this year…can someone find me an image of Buddha?”   Treasure Mapping is just a wonderful way to turn inward and ask, “what do I want?” while at the same time if you do it with good friends you will find yourself in welcoming womb of support.  It is truly a birth experience.   



For more information on this  year's treasure map check my blog for updates. 



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