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Pisces New Moon 2012: What is Dissolving?



By Tracy Cook

Many years ago I studied lunar phases with Robert Buz Myers.  It is my hope that he would be proud of my work today.  Blessings to you, Buz! 

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the beginning of a 28 day cycle.  Technically, when you look up in the sky you only see a thin section of the moon illuminated.       

And the not so technical point of view?

Well, similar to farmers and indigenous people, who have used the eight phases of the moon for eons, Astrologers also utilize the different phases of the Moon.  Certainly on the New we know it is time to plant seeds.  But the other seven phases are equally important.


Where should my focus be during this next 28-day cycle?

When we draft a chart for the new moon we can get a sense of the energy that will be up for processing for the next 28 days. 


Okay what is this cycle about?   Learning to trust demands focus and real work.   Is it worth it to you?  Well, what do you want in the next year?   The road to those desires begins right now.  It is Time to get your Pisces Trust ON.    



New Moon

February 21, 2012


2 Pisces 42


Sabian Symbol:


3 degrees Pisces

A Petrified Forest:  This is the symbol of the absolute certainty which an individual may develop in the terms of his conscious knowledge, and of the power in human character which becomes the hallmark of his intellectual orientation.  The static symbolism is a warning against any reliance on stabilities to which no immediate or personal contribution is progress.  Here rather is dramatization of an eternal stout heartedness, and of its very practical dividends in spiritual continuance. The keyword is SURVIVAL. When positive, the degree is effective continuity and breadth of resource in all human effort and when negative, complete immobilization in superficial reality.







New Moon Phase

February 21, 5:35pm EST 


Letting Go

At the Pisces New Moon we are entering the last lunar month of the astrological year.  Our astro year began last spring with Aries and we celebrated by making our Treasure Maps.  Now we are in the final twenty eight days of the year.  And what do we know about the final days of anything?  We know it is time to let go.


Pisces is the final sign and specifically the final water sign of the zodiac.  His ruler Neptune is of course God of the Seas.   No surprise that Pisces is the fish symbol where two fish are swimming in two different directions.    Are they going up stream?   Or are they going downstream?  Or are they going in circles chasing each other’s tails?    This is the Pisces conundrum and part of the reason why it is so important to let go.   The only way the fish can find the correct direction is by getting quiet and intuiting their route.    For these 28 days, we must all let go and get quiet so that we can find our right direction.


What does letting go mean?  Well, where we have been joyous, it is time to let go.  Where we have been angry, it is time to let go.  Where we have been passionate and hardworking, it is time to let go.   Where we have been adventurous it is time to let go.   


Now, I’m not saying that if you had a horrible situation come up this year and you have kept yourself clear of certain people, places or things you should now let down your guard and embrace those situations.  No you should not.  But perhaps you need to let go of the charge.  After all, if you learned the lesson then you won war so there is no sense staying in battle.  Step aside and let go of the charge.  The same with those things that were brilliantly wonderful this last year.  No matter how wonderful, step aside and let it go because we have a new year coming and the best way to embrace the future is by being in the here and now.  Not in the past where wounds were great and rewards were awesome.   It is time to let go of the past so that we can go inward and find our new selves which will be launched next month with Aries New Moon.          


Divine intervention


The beauty of Pisces is that when they are in synch with their higher nature they are almost unworldly.   We can go out to dinner with our Pisces friend and talk about all kinds of things and have long conversations where we think they are with us.  But in truth they have one foot on earth and the other foot is in the divine world.    Perhaps they discuss something that stir us up and we think about it for weeks or months or even years later.  Or perhaps a simple conversation with Pisces pushes a pebble down a mountain which activates a rock then a stone then a boulder and before you know it a landslide is falling down on us even years later-- all from THAT one conversation.   


At the same time Pisces could talk with us and we get so wrapped up in the conversation that we spend more time than we planned and arrive at our home late in the evening.   But on the drive home we see a horrible accident and we wonder, “Gosh, if I had left earlier would I have been in that accident?”  We don’t know but that is the power of Pisces.  Their world is deep and mystical and we don’t really know what karma or dharma they are activating.  


As one can imagine having such a strong connection to the divine can be burdensome.   “What is that thing I’m feeling?”, “Why do I just ‘know things?” These are questions many a Pisces will ask themselves and it can sometimes be so much that they will look for escape hatches in the form of too much booze, too much religion, too much drug use and basically an overall addictive personality.   They can also be so far into their own world that is rich in fantasy that they border on delusional.   Some Pisces will keep their rose colored glasses on no matter how dour the situation.   And other Pisces are completely negative and pessimistic beyond the point of reason. This is why it is important for Pisces to have a world of sensible people around them who can give them rational feedback.  Often nothing is as rosy or as negative as Pisces believes.


And certainly one of the biggest issues for Pisces to process is their desire to help humanity.  Their hearts are big and loving and for that we should all be grateful. But equal to their desire to help is their propensity for martyrdom.    They will be the ones to do clean up when no one else raises their hand.  And when a family member has once again disappointed everyone, it will be the Pisces who bails them out, often at a personal loss.   Or if it is the Pisces who once again has to be bailed out, they will apologize over and over expressing how they were victimized by others or if they are candid by their own self-undoing.   Pisces guilt and martyrdom is legendary.    Globally we may see some religious zealots take center stage and possibly some true victim situations may be in the news.    Personally, we’ll all probably have a person or two try to suck up our energy.  Again, check in with others about how much time or energy we should devote to this situation. 


On a happier note, Pisces are natural artists and gifted musicians and beautiful dreamers. Dance, painting, composing, singing, photography, movie making this is the world of Pisces.   And of course some Pisces are martyrs to their art.      Watch and see what comes up in the news that speaks of humanitarian, spiritual and artistic issues.   And above all, watch your dreams this cycle. They may be speaking to you in beneficial ways.  




Of course, the Pisces energy is sensitive and they can walk into a room and know everything that is going on without saying a word.    They are naturally psychic but because they can be so fuzzy and dreamy they don’t always trust their intuition.   But this is the rub, in order to get the gift of intuition we must TRUST.    The greatest lesson we learn in the time of Pisces is how to trust our intuition.   What came first the chicken or the egg?   All of us have Pisces somewhere in our chart and so we are all intuitive and perhaps psychic.   During the next 28 days we should expect to double down in intuition.  It is going to be a highly divine Pisces cycle where the Universe/Spirit/God shows up in the most unusual ways.  Simply said this is one of the more spiritual Pisces New Moons in over a hundred and fifty years.       


The Sun and Moon are at early degrees of Pisces and as we know Neptune (its ruler) moved into Pisces last month launching a cycle that has not happened since the mid 1800s.    Now, is it an accident that the Universe decided to have a Pisces New Moon right on top of Neptune?   No, of course not.   Clearly, this lunar cycle is begging us to get our spiritual nature switch ON.


With Neptune one of the first orders of business is dissolving things.  As I indicated if you find that you were worked up on some topic last week do not be surprised when the New Moon launches that you have completely forgotten last week’s beefs and challenges.    And as the lunar cycle progresses we may even forget the beefs from six months ago.   We also may forget the passions that motivated us all year.   Not because they weren’t valid but more because Neptune likes us to start at zero.   Watch and see what comes up and more importantly what dissolves over the next 28 days.   


While things dissolve because of Neptune, the Sun/Moon are also making a terrific trine with Saturn and a sextile with Jupiter; both put the emphasis on building something important.    Saturn in late Libra speaks to forming important balanced relationships working hand in hand with intuitive Pisces.  Perhaps divine relationships may start to form.    Jupiter in Taurus supports practical philosophy and expansion with concrete results.  Dreams and aspirations will be built upon by real practical help.  Divine inspiration will drive our engines this month but not for airy fairy reasons we are longing for concrete results and the universe will see that those seeds are planted.   How funny that a sign so loosey goosey like Pisces is in the getting concrete planning by Jupiter and Saturn.


The Sun & Moon in the New Moon chart are also in conjunction with Chiron who has been in Pisces since 2010 and will continue until 2018.   As previously indicated in other articles, the last time Chiron was in Pisces was in the 1960s and many of the issues before us now feel like a call back to that era.   Unpopular war, protests and economic inequities, humanitarian issues abound.   Chiron is self-wounding and self-healing.  However with the conjunction on the new moon, we must take care not to be too wrapped up in rescuing others.   Or asking others to rescue us.  Yes, there will be undeniable situations that need our help and our energy.  But there are also situations that are so unwieldy that only divine intervention can save or help.     Know when you should step in and when you should back off.   If you don’t know get feedback from others whom you trust.   Ah there is that word again: Trust.



Let’s dance to a Mercury Retrograde

And just to send home the point that our minds need to shut down and spirit needs to speak to us, the Universe in all its glory presents us with a Mercury retrograde right smack in the middle of the Pisces Lunar month.    Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 and continues until April 4th.     All the mercury retrogrades in 2012 are in fire signs and this one is Mercury in Aries where the brain is sharp and quick and very impatient.   As one can guess Mercury in Aries can be mentally agitating even on good days but what happens to it on a retrograde?    Well, let’s say tempers and tongues will be short for three weeks!


But what is under that Mercury Aries frustration?  What is making people rush?  Why are people short with one another?       At its core they do not trust.  Are you starting to see a theme?       How perfect that this mercury retrograde is in a lunar cycle where we are being asked to double down in finding our intuition and learning to trust.  


During the retrograde we all need to count to ten before we say something we may later regret. We need to NOT click SEND when we are angry.  Send that email the next day.  We need to breathe, breathe, breathe and we need to exercise.  Aries wants to be moving so instead of shooting off your mouth or driving like a crazy person, go to the gym.   Or clean out your house.   Mercury retrogrades are great for researching so prepare and research your heart out.    And if someone says something incredibly lame to you—ask yourself if it is worth getting into it with them?   Maybe it is but maybe it is not and then ask yourself an even bigger question---“Were you really surprised by their lameness?” “Didn’t you know it was going to go that way?”  So, why get in a tizzy? They are what they are and…. Let it go.   Ah, there is that theme again.


Remember before the retrograde and after the retrograde are shadow periods.  The shadow starts on Feb 27 and the shadow after the retrograde ends on April 23.  Do we hide in our  house and do nothing for those 3 months?   NO.   We just simply take note that some stuff might come up after Feb 27 and be revisited by the end of April 23.    As always take care of all your technology. Get the car checked, get the tires checked, fix the printer, buy the new computer software, sign important documents all before March 12th . If you can’t do it before March 12 then wait until after April 4th.     One special note Mercury will retro back to Pisces in the middle of the retrograde so our short tempers  may be replaced with ennui and a real desire to hear Spirit.   That can only be helpful for sure.




In conclusion:  Pisces is such a wonderful and gentle sign.  We can all experience some of the Piscean joys this cycle.  Our intuition could guide us in miraculous ways.   But none of it can happen unless we let one thing dissolve more than anything else—whatever is that wall that keeps us from believing that there is something greater than us and that force is actually talking to us.  If we think that we are not in synch with spirit and divine action then we must dissolve that resistance.   Because in the middle of finding ourselves and perhaps feeling alone we must realize we are not alone and spirit has a joyful wonderful plan for us now and in the upcoming year.    But first---we must let go, dissolve and above all TRUST.    Don’t forget a trip to the spa that always helps the fish.





New Moon Phase

February 21,  5:34pm


New moon: Plant seeds, make calls, activate, start projects.   Activate something that will ideally lead you to more.  This is the phase where INTENT is critical.  Even if the results are not immediate, the intent is there.  You may not have all the answers or road map but you should put out your Intent.  


Focus:   Where do you need to let go?  Where do you need to dissolve?  What can you do to practice your spirituality?  What issues do you need to meditate upon?  How are you connecting to humanitarian issues?  How are you letting go of situations that no longer serve you?  



Special Focus:  

2/23: Mercury Oppose Mars: short temper, rash talk, watch your tongue& driving

2/24:  Sun/ /Chiron A healing is recognized perhaps great healing

2/25: Sun/Jupiter:  Great inspiration; enthusiasm, uplifting spirits, adventure highlighted




Crescent Moon Phase

February 25 5:34pm EST


Crescent:  We will receive information, we will research a bit more, perhaps get feedback on stuff that we planted on new.  Perhaps get some information that will help down the road on a seed we planted a while ago.  We can collect some data now.  Even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  How can this information help you?


Focus on:   What are you learning that speaks to your need to be an individual?  How is your communications breaking new ground?  What are learning that is breaking new ground?  What seemingly innocent moment, encounter, conversation is showing you a path just for you that opens up your spirituality? 


Special Focus:

2/28: Sun/Pluto:  shakes ups that are inspired.  Spirit steps in shakes things up for higher good.



First Quarter Moon

February 29 8:21pm  




First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received.  Or we feel our instincts guide us on something.  We pursue again.  We make another call or we see someone. We mail something.  We stir the pot again.  This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away.   Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them?  Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects.  Some independence may need to be exerted.



Focus on:   What actions  can you take that help you synthesize information?  Do you usually put things in a black box and a white box and never merge them?  What if you merge seemingly disparate thoughts so much so that you can see Spirit is possibly talking to you?  What actions can you take right now that merge information?   What is speaking to you brain but activating your spiritual nature? 


Special focus:

3/2:  Mercury in Aries

3/3:  Sun/Mars :  Harsh movements, rash, delusional versus obsessive

3/4 : Venus/Saturn:  cold versus love, weak partners exposed, investing in new structures to support love


Gibbous Moon

March 4 5:52pm




We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, we organize  to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 



Focus on:    What are you forgetting about your roots?   How has your spirituality or lack of it impacted your family?  How has your childhood impacted your spirituality or lack of it?  What do your emotions tell you about your faith?   What are you neglecting right now that impacts your need for spirituality? 



Special Focus:

3/5: Venus in Taurus



3/5: Mercury/Uranus: Brilliant thoughts and highly inspired conversation. The brain is on def con 1.  A day of potential excellent connections.

3/6: Venus/Neptune:  A cloud of love and joy lift spirits, gentle love inspires, resources receive a gentle unusual boost.


Full Moon Phase

March 8  4:39am

18 Virgo 13


Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you? 



Focus on:    How are you balancing the practical with the supernatural?  Do you  hang out in one side more than the other?  What are you learning on this full moon that supports one side over the other?  Or what are you learning on this full moon that shows you must do both?    We love the rational because it is easier to wrap our head around it.  But what about our heart?   The heart is not rational.  And the spiritual heart will dissolve all rationality.     What is dissolving in front of you?  


See my blog for more on full moon.


Special focus:



Disseminating Moon Phase

February 11 2:30 am EST


Disseminating: Share information; find a teacher or someone who has more knowledge. Perhaps there was a big ol’ blow out on the full and one feels in need of support and help, this is the phase to reach out to one who knows more. This is when we find a rabbi or a minister or therapist who gives us more insight.   And of course, you too may be ready to teach and share your own information. 



Focus on:      How are you sharing your resources?  How are you empowering others?  How are you teaching others how to be empowered?  Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish?  Who are you teaching how to fish?  Why aren’t you doing it?  What does your spiritual nature want you to do? 



Special focus:

3/12:  Mercury turns retrograde (see above)

3/13:  Jupiter trine Pluto : Practical movements and inspired evolution.  Beliefs support evolution.

3/13: Venus Trine Pluto:  Love and resources are in synch with evolution.



Last Quarter Moon Phase

March 14, 2012  9:25pm EST




Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.



Focus on:   What actions can you complete now that build bridges to others?  How are things that are foreign helping you with your spirituality?   What does religion tell you about your own spirituality?   Is it a turn off or a turn on?  What actions can you take that support your intuition?  And how do your opinions or judgments stop your intuition? 



Special Focus:

3/14: Venus conjunct Jupiter:  Resources match beliefs.  Generosity supports practical results. 

3/14:Venus Trine Mars:  Actions and resources are in synch.  Love and Energy are in synch.

3/14 : Mars Trine Jupiter:  Actions and beliefs are in synch.  Energy and philosophy match, higher grand is sought and perhaps achieved.

3/14:Mars Trine Pluto: Energy and actions that support a natural evolution. 



Balsamic Moon Phase

March 18, 1:06pm


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on   

We release our intellect.  We release our need to be in a group.  We release our community. We release the need to be in a pack.  We release our rebel.    We release our Group of likeminded people so that we can be ready to strike out on our own and actualize our very real goals for self.  


Special focus:

3/18:  Mercury/Uranus: Revisiting the same aspect from 3/5. Brilliant thoughts and highly inspired conversation. The brain is on def con 1.  A day of potential excellent connections.

3/20:  Sun in Aries:   Wish your Aries Happy Birthday.  Give them an itune card so they can get what they want that supports their ‘on the go’ year. 

Don’t even bother to try and see them. They don’t have time this year.

3/21: Sun/Mercury:   Thinking and communication are fiery and groundbreaking.  Our brain experiences



March 22 10:37am  Aries NEW MOON---Treasure Map Moon  

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