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No One Mention The War!

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Well, there is nothing like a war to bring out the best and the worst in us.

The actual war maybe thousands of miles away and yet it is in the hearts, minds and souls of every person walking this planet. People are still going about their daily lives, still making plans, all with an indescribable pressure that they have not known before. A pressure filled with threat, dread, confusion and fear.

More and more, people are turning to humor as a weapon of mass destruction. Why? People are angry and they are frightened.


Tuning in daily to the radio, Internet, newspaper and TV and listening to the media deliver propaganda disguised as information is guaranteed to pollute the psyche of the average bear.  If everything you see, hear and feel is filled with violence and mayhem, you make it an invitation into your own life. Your mind will only give you what you focus on.


When people are angry and frightened, and, when something is out of their immediate control, they hit out and hurt the ones closest to them. It becomes an exit strategy to alleviate and release pent up erupting violent emotions. The war becomes an excuse to inflict pain on each other, to play the blame game and generally not take responsibility for their own feelings. It can make normally quick-witted wordsmiths, evil, hurtful and destructive. It is tres boring to witness.


Stopping for a moment would require a verbal ceasefire; so that you could analyze what is really going on for you on an emotional level. That would require that rare commodity called honesty. Gasp! I know… honesty is only to be used as a last resort. Who would have thought that telling the truth about how you really feel could dissolve the tension and the ugliness. Of course, a prerequisite for honesty is a level of stability and a capacity for openness, which gets drowned in the drama sometimes.


The accepted boundaries in communication disappear when fueled by the fire of unresolved anger. It is a temper tantrum of the ego of the highest order. The war is a metaphor for our own negativity and destructive power of the ego. Our ‘shadow’ (everything we pretend we are not) is unleashed and it is ready and armed, looking for a fight. The Shadow takes over our normally mild mannered persona with such a visceral force that we ourselves are surprised by it’s animosity. Yet it is too late to stop it. It is a train derailed and traveling at 150 miles per hour just waiting for the inevitable impact and destruction. It is an emotional suicide bomber – Its’ only mission: to inflict pain.


Effective, responsible communication skills are a must now more than ever. It necessitates that we become careful with our dialogue and refrain from expressing negative energy when we talk.


If you are feeling ‘out of balance’, be responsible enough to rectify your energy immediately before reacting and vomiting your negativity on to someone else. Substance abuse increases in times of uncertainty, and hangovers create ‘raw nerves with booties on’ dressed up as someone you used to know and love. Rational, loving and awake people manage their ‘moods’ and ‘soldier’ on through their day. This is more challenging to do right now because of the volatility of the planet. If you are feeling under the weather, go and have a walk, run, lift something heavy, attend a yoga class, do SOMETHING physical to move the stagnant energy through your body. Flood your system with pleasurable calming hormones before you announce your presence to the rest of the world.


My point is this. If you are not doing something physical on a daily basis in these turbulent times, you are part of the problem, not the solution. If you are feeling stressed or a tad crazy, pull back and spend a moment alone or go sit under a tree. Be responsible and analyze your emotions and get to the root of problems as quickly as possible. If you are tired, and stressed do not seek out your neighbor for a cup of sugar and then shoot them…. however tempting it may be!


It is especially important to avoid anger, as that has the effect of a nuclear bomb going off in your subtle energy. Road rage is a good example of unresolved anger from the past. How ludicrous to ‘lose it’ because someone has the temerity to cut you off or pass you. If you suspect you may be harboring anger from yesteryear, run to your favorite coach, therapist or energy worker now. Anger will eventually destroy you and all your relationships if nothing is done about this not so dormant volcano. Remember! What is suppressed must be expressed. There is never any justification for anger.


All anger comes from loss – loss of status, security, health, work, friendship etc.  There is not any other form of anger. If you have lost something, there is a perceived void and the ego immediately wants to fill the void. Rather than perceiving it to be a loss, we could choose to see the flip side, as there is always an alternative viewpoint. Ask yourself: What have I gained from this loss?


The only route out of the complexities and treachery of the ego is to constantly purify your self. Purity is staying inside your energy, conserving it and guarding it. Go on a cleanse for your body, mind and spirit. Avoid fighting with people. If a confrontation looks like it is developing, start to walk away. There is not a fight worth having. All the great spiritual masters tell us that the initiate walks away; only the fool stands and fights.


There is a lot of talk of spirituality these days: very easy to talk about it, much harder to practice. Spirituality is a combination of sensitivity, compassion and tolerance amongst other things. Be responsible for spreading and sprinkling your own ‘axis of good’. Erect a flag of peace in your heart and mind and tell your friends, family and loved ones how much you love them and what they mean to you. Most importantly, in order to heal yourself and evolve, let go of being right and forgive yourself for hanging on to being right, and then you will have the capacity to magically heal all other ‘damaged’ relationships.


Some people may recognize themselves in this article. I wrote this chiefly for me, as a reminder to be more conscious than ever, to share my feelings easily, and to govern myself with my heart instead of just my mind. In our world, love is a much more powerful force than fear.

Generosity starts at home- give your self the gift of peace and watch the world change…miraculously.
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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW