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I Forgot To Accept The Things I Can Not Change

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There is a divine design in how nature functions and there have been times I have forgotten that. Recently at my home participants of a workshop became involved in trying to protect a family of doves from a snake. It seems as though our home is surrounded by doves. And rather than birth their babies from the nest in the trees, they choose to make their nest in my back deck area on top of my tall plant rack. As one of the females happened to look out the back window at the birds nest and noticed a snake starting to climb up the tall legs of plant stand.  At the top of the stand was the dove nest. The mother dove of course was upset and started to lift off in flight.   Only one of the little doves had flown and with the mother dove being so upset, all the two little doves could do was flutter their wings.  Instantly two of the females ran outside of the house and water was thrown on the snake, which was effective as the snake slithered away. All of us women felt so relieved the little birds were safe however it didn't take long before the snake came back and this time the snake killed a dove.  All of us were upset about helplessly watching this happen, we intellectually understood a dove is part of the food chain, yet we still had a hard time emotionally seeing a young life end so quickly.    

As I took time to ponder my feelings about the 2 week old dove dying on my deck area I realized I do not like to see any termination of life.  I also came to believe I had become numb from what I believed were unnecessary deaths taking place on the earth and seeing the small bird die triggered those unsettled feelings. 

Being an empath I decided to see if there was any basis for my feelings about unnecessary deaths.  I went to the government census webpage and found out in year 2006 there were 155,012 deaths on a daily basis.   I then found out from that we have 42,116 deaths from car accidents a year, 20,000 are killed by the common flu, 15,517 are murdered, 120 are killed in airline crashes and 90 people are killed by lightning!  That totals to 77,843 deaths a year.


Once I looked at the numbers I knew why I had a charge on what I have thought were early deaths.  And then the thought came to me.    

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and
Wisdom to know the difference.

And that is when I was able to embrace and accept the food chain part of the death however the nest is no longer on top of the plant rack.  This empath needs to take this a day at a time!

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW