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Libra New Moon 2014: Let's really get our Libra on this time

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LIBRA NEW MOON 2014       

By Tracy Cook

Many years ago I studied lunar phases with Robert Buz Myers.  It is my hope that he would be proud of my work today.  Blessings to you, Buz! 

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the beginning of a 29-day cycle.  Technically, when you look up in the sky you only see a thin section of the moon illuminated.       

And the not so technical point of view?

Well, similar to farmers and indigenous people, who have used the eight phases of the moon for eons, astrologers also utilize the different phases of the Moon.  Certainly on the New we know it is time to plant seeds.  But the other seven phases are equally important.

Where should my focus be during this next 29-day cycle?

When we draft a chart for the new moon we can get a sense of the energy that will be up for processing for the next 29 days. 

Okay what is this cycle about?  

Finding balance and fairness and negotiating our way to empowerment.  

Sabian symbol:

The Transmutation Of The Fruits Of Past Experiences Into The Seed-Realizations Of The Forever Creative Spirit






SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

2:13 am EDT

1 Libra 08



Welcome to Libra New Moon.     No, seriously welcome to Libra New Moon. 


Why do I say it twice?   Because in the last few years Libra New Moons have been so colored by the cardinal planets that it has been hard to really grasp the LIBRA-ness of Libra.   I mean if you meet a person for the first time and they are sitting on the curb hyperventilating after just escaping a mega car crash… …you are not meeting a person under the most optimal circumstance, correct?    And that is basically what the last few years have been like for the Libra New Moons.   Twenty-nine days of hyperventilating.  


Happily, this year we have a much more liberated Libra New Moon chart.   It is not completely free of Pluto in Cap energy but it is NOT nearly as challenged as in previous years.   So, Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s get our LIBRA on. 


Libra is about a lot of things but probably its most elevated focus is “Fairness”.  Libra will often be heard saying, “That’s not fair.”    Libra is also constantly looking for balance.  Even in the eye of a hurricane, Libra will try to find equilibrium.    But the thing about Libra is that it is very cold and sober about fairness and balance.   With Libra it is not an emotional process.  It is mental.    It can see where life is not fair and then systematically will push until some small piece of fair can be obtained.   And then build on it.   Libra knows screaming and pitching a fit will not make life more fair or balanced, it will take strategy and logistics.   If you know any Libras in your life who throw emotional fits it is not their Libra doing it.  It is more likely a moon or ascendant in a fire or water sign making that scene.   Libra is way too cool to get tantrumy.     Look no further than General Dwight Eisenhower who led armies of men through tumultuous WW2 and then was President during the Cold War.  He used his keen shrewd Libra energy to get him through hurdles.  The same with Eleanor Roosevelt, who accomplished much and had to overcome a great deal of harsh realities including her husband’s polio, critical mother and infidelities.  But she kept her Libra cool and calmness and negotiated her way through each turmoil often getting what she wanted.  Ah, that key Libra word: Negotiation.  


Libra is of course all about partnerships and relationships.  They are always looking for the other person on their teeter-totter.  Not just their husband or wife, their partner at work, their partner at the gym, their partner in a class, their partner at a PTA chore.   They do not like to do stuff alone.  They need a buddy.  And it is not just their relationships they find fascinating they are into other partnerships as well.  They like to know what makes other couples tick. They make excellent lawyers because they know where to give up here in order to save there.   And they can give great advice because they can see every person’s perspective in any situation. And by the way, Libra has great aesthetic.  They have a pulse on sophistication.  They have the eye of an artist.   These are the gifts of Libra.  


And where is Libra lame?   When they can’t make a decision to save their life.  When they waffle.  When they don’t commit a hundred percent.  When they offer things and then take it back. When they are superficial and judge people, places and situations by how they ‘look’.    When they over compromise and let bullies take over.  When they lean back and let others do their work.    When they remain opinion-less even with the situation calls for a strong opinion.   This is the misbehaving Libra energy.   Watch this cycle to see if both the elevated and the lame side of Libra show up. 


The New Moon (EDT) is on Tuesday and the run up to the Moon is significant to the whole picture.  On Monday Pluto changes direction and a few hours later the Sun moves into the Libra setting off the equinox.   The equinox signals a time of change.  The seasons are changes.  Where it was hot will soon be cold, where it is cold will soon be hot.  How are we preparing for those changes?  How are you with changes?   Can you move and adapt?   Can you negotiate with yourself a path that will get you through the changes?    This goes hand in hand with Pluto changing direction.   We are in a pressure zone (between now and December) that is asking us to get our money and resources together and stop wasting time and energy.  We are only on this planet for a few years…how are we going to spend our time?   And how are we being asked to EVOLVE?   For more details on Pluto changing direction go here.


This Libra New Moon chart has a very wide conjunction with coincidentally Libra’s ruling planet Venus.  Venus is in Virgo so although the 29 days will have a Venusian influence of love, art, creativity and finding value, it will be with seen with exact or critical eyes.    Perhaps this is the gift we need after the turmoil we have been through in the last years.   Maybe we need to take the next 29 days and look at our life and see what we value and ask ourselves how to improve on it?  And if there is stuff not working, put it to the side.   Or ditch it.   But do we throw the baby and the bath water out?   NO.  Not in Libra.    Do we give up?  No, we find a way to improve on the good and negotiate the bad into some box that we will deal with later …perhaps during Scorpio we can then ditch it. 


The Sun and the Moon are in a small annoying aspect with Jupiter in Leo.   This could bring out some ego bruises during the 29 lunar cycle.    Do your best to navigate those waters.   You may need to say something you may need to pull back you may need to simply process the feelings that come up and do nothing more.


In addition there is a very good aspect involving Jupiter and Uranus.   A couple days after the New Moon Jupiter will trine Uranus.  This aspect will be an influence for most of the 29-day cycle.    One word: Opportunity.    There will be unusual opportunities popping up during the cycle.    And not just regular ol’ opportunities but good ones, with real breakthroughs.  There will be some kind of big, bold move that will get the world’s attention.   There may be people facing adversaries with great, awe-inspiring strength.     Watch if a door opens up for you.  Watch if you open a doorway for someone else.  This aspect will bring a buoyancy to the lunar cycle. 


In the middle of us finding balance and fairness and stepping up our relationship we get …drumroll…. Mercury Retrograde.  Blech.   Since we are all savvy to Mercury retrogrades we know there are different stages to a Mercury retrograde. 


The map for this particular Mercury retrograde is the following:  


September 14 Shadow point begins (16 Libra)

October 4 enters retrograde (2 scorpio)

October 25 stations direct (16 Libra)

November 10 post shadow (2 Scorpio)


Of course you need to get your technological ass covered before October 4.    Back up your computers, iphones and mechanical what not before it starts. And yes, if you can --please try to avoid signing important documents between Oct 4 and Oct 25 along with avoiding large purchases.   All of that should be on your check off list.    


But with a Mercury station retrograde at 2 Scorpio we are also talking about processing the deep, scary stuff.  Not just the stuff that goes bump in the night (boo!) but the other stuff like, that ugly side of you that only comes up in relationships.  Why does that happen?  

Or why does your partner save their really ugly side just for you?   And why on God’s green Earth is anyone accepting it?   And what stupid stuff are you feeling deep inside that makes it okay to accept lameness?  Was it some stupid role you learned from crazy mom or crazy dad?  And if you don’t like thinking about childhood patterns then just look at your own Achilles heel how does it speak to your insecurities?    How do you try to control the world to mask your vulnerablities?  And how are you cutting yourself off from the world to pretend you have control?   And how are you seeking self- empowerment?   There is a monster difference between people who seek power and people who seek empowerment.   Do you know the difference?   Hint: One group is happier. 


With Mercury going backwards first in Scorpio means our mentality demands death and rebirth.  Some thoughts just don’t work anymore and we see it during the retrograde.   Then through the retrograde when Mercury moves back into Libra we are looking at how we can shed fear and debris in order to empower ourselves and bring it to our relationships.   We also will be looking at our partners and how they empower us---or not. 


Additionally, on October 4 the Sun will oppose Pluto, Venus is in a small annoying aspect with Saturn and Mars and Uranus are in a glorious Trine.     This is a lot of energy for one day and of course will be felt the day or two before the 4th and after.   Things will crack for sure.  Stuff may not ‘fit’.   A comment (Mercury retro) could rattle a nerve, an act (Sun) could be challenged (Pluto), our love and resources (Venus) could get splashed with cold water (Saturn) but in all that sturm and drang, there will be unusual surprises (Uranus) that rush in (Mars) and expand our world (Sag).


 In conclusion:   We will be seeking balance during this 29.5 day cycle. Sometimes it will be balance in the day, or balance in a particular hour or we could be seeking balance from the last six months.  We will wonder about fairness.  How are we fair?  And what is unfair will be pronounced in our personal life and in the world.   Some days will super light and other days will be quite intense.   However, you may be surprised by the amount of grace you bring to anything that pops up.   



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The 8 phases


September 23, 2014

2:13a EDT

1 Libra 08  






New moon: Plant seeds, make calls, activate, start projects.   Activate something that will ideally lead you to more.  This is the phase where INTENT is critical.  Even if the results are not immediate, the intent is there.  You may not have all the answers or road map but you should put out your Intent.


This focus:  What needs your attention?  Where are you out of balance?  What has been off kilter and now needs your attention?  How are finding grace?  How are you finding fairness?   How are you bringing an artistic aesthetic?  How are you shifting into something more refine?      



Special Focus:  

9/25: Jupiter/Uranus:  Breakthroughs, abundance, bridges, expansion.

9/27: Mercury in Scorpio



Crescent Moon Phase

September 28

12:16am EDT



Crescent:  We will receive information, we will research a bit more, perhaps get feedback on stuff that we planted on new.  Perhaps get some information that will help down the road on a seed we planted a while ago.  We can collect some data now.  Even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  How can this information help you?


Focus on:  What are you learning about expanding your world?  What are you learning about laughter?  How does a big fat belly laugh uplift your soul?   What are you learning about being ‘right’?   Does being right improve your relationship or hurt it?   Is your partner being ‘right’ helpful or not?

What are you learning? 


Special Focus:

9/29: Venus in Libra


First Quarter Moon

October 1

3:32pm EDT


First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received.  Or we feel our instincts guide us on something.  We pursue again.  We make another call or we see someone. We mail something.  We stir the pot again.  This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away.   Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them?  Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects.  Some independence may need to be exerted.




Focus on:  What actions can you take that push you up the ladder? How would your partnership(s) benefit by you finding your inner CEO?   What does it mean to you and your partner for you to step up your game?  Not just in work but in the world?  




Special focus

10/4: Mercury retrograde 1:02pm EDT Until October 25 (see above)

10/4: Sun/Pluto: Ego breaks, fear versus flying without a net, cracks bring new growth

10/4: Venus/Saturn: Money and love feel tweaked and pinched.  Relationships and joint resources  grow up.

10/4: Mars/Uranus:  Actions and energy, individual endeavors expand knowledge, build bridges.  Spirit is lifted by action 


Gibbous Moon

October 5

12:17a EDT  



We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 



Focus on:

Who are the people around you?  Are they connected to your higher self?  Do they speak to your highest ideals?  How are your relationship improving or suffering because of the company you keep?    How do your partner(s) keep you away from the people who share your high ideals?   How are you processing it?



Special Focus:

10/7: Sun/Uranus.  Personal breakthroughs versus commitment and relationship.

10/7:Mercury/Mars: Short fuses, mental stresses make short snappy comments.


Full Moon Phase



October  8  2014

6:50am  EDT

Lunar Eclipse



Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you? 



Focus on:   This full moon will push on our desire to be there for a significant other but at the same time not lose sight of self.   Do we have the skills to balance both self and others?   O



See my blog for more on full moon.


Special focus:

10/8: Venus/Pluto.  Love and money feel powerless.  Power feels loveless.

10/8: Mars/Jupiter:  Actions in faith meet abundance in creativity

10/10: Sun/Jupiter:  Relationship expansions, pleasure, joy, theatrics.  Fun.

10/11: Venus/Uranus.  Love and money desire breakthoughs.  Breakthroughs desire love and companionship. 


October 12, 2014


6:10 pm EDT


Disseminating Moon Phase


Disseminating: Share information; find a teacher or someone who has more knowledge. Perhaps there was a big ol’ blow out on the full and one feels in need of support and help, this is the phase to reach out to one who knows more. This is when we find a rabbi or a minister or therapist who gives us more insight.   And of course, you too may be ready to teach and share your own information. 



Focus on: How are you sharing your connectiveness? How are you sharing your communication?   How are you sharing information with neighbors and siblings? 



Special focus:

10/14: Venus/Jupiter.  Money and pleasures bring joy.  Creativity & bounty.

10/15: Sun/Mars: Relationships are excitable and fun


Last Quarter Moon Phase

October 15

3:12 pm EDT



Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions can you take that support your emotions?   What actions can you take that support your family and your home? What actions can you take that speak to your gentleness?   What actions can you take that bring out your ‘cozy’?  How does this improve your partnerships?


Special focus:

10/16: Sun/Mercury.  Great conversations with loved ones.  Great creativity.

10/16: Mercury/Mars:  Spirited conversations.  Fast actions, fast thoughts, fast talk.

10/17: Mercury/Venus: Love of talk.  Talk of Love. Creative love and resources.


Balsamic Moon Phase

October 19

6:13pm  EDT   


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on We release our negativity.  We release our need to know everything. We release nervousness.  We release our narrow-mindedness.  



Special focus:

10/20:  Mercury/Jupiter.   Encouraged thinking and talking.  Vigorous and fun talks.






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