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Dreams and disaster happening at the same time.

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You Feel Their Pain

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A massage therapist and energy healer friend of mine of twenty plus years was sharing with me about how her body was being affected by those suffering now on our earth.  She was expressing how she was having difficulty sleeping at night too.  It was a perfect subject to discuss as I used to have restless nights as well.  At first we spoke about the physical part of the dilemma on how she could take steps to help her body with a non-drug approach.  For those curious about this if you go to for more information.  I happen to use Quiet Sleep and Pure Energy and my husband uses also the Pure Relief to alleviate his cancer pain.

Then we spoke about how as empaths and healers are being affected physically from the losses other people are going through.  Imagine you are suddenly transported to Haiti and you are witnessing people struggling to find their lost family members.  You would realize this would affect you emotionally, physically and spiritually without a doubt.  Yet because there is great distance between where you live and where Haitians are, some will think “out of sight out of mind”, however it doesn’t work like that.  We really are connected to everyone and those of us who are nurturers, healers or empathic are feeling the emotional wave from those suffering sending out their pleas for help.  And because God allows this emotional wave to exist I believe it is so help will come.  After all, the people of Haiti cannot call us on a cell phone and say, “Hey we are in a disaster situation, come quick”.  Now granted we do have the news media to help us to know what is happening, yet that in itself does not stop the emotional wave cries of pain coming to us.  So what we decided was that we had to do something to help people in this disaster.  Immediately my friend and I sent money to help the American Red Cross distribute food and supplies and then we decided each day to mentally visualize supplies being given out to people!  The unconscious mind started to deflect the pain we were feeling immediately because the unconscious mind was daily seeing us doing something to help.  As soon as we started to daily do this, we felt less disturbed and we also included praying each day as well.

If you have been feeling helpless to help those suffering I say try our method and see if you start to feel better inside.  Personally I think it is the soul that gives us those good feelings when we help those in need.  Willing to give it a try?

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW