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Patience is a Virtue

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I received an email from a friend and colleague and she told me her blood pressure had been up for a year now and she was thinking she needed more help from her physician.  As I read the email I thought to myself “if she was watching her sodium, eating correctly and are taking what she had been told to take she should be getting better, so what was she missing?”  I thought for a moment and then let go of my question.  I emailed my friend back and told her I thought she should contact her doctor and tell him what she was telling me.  I then went to retrieve our home mail.  Upon looking through the mail there was a well designed supplement catalog I looked at first.  I had remembered ordering it over the internet but was fuzzy on what I was expecting the book to give me in knowledge.  And then I saw it.  There was a centerfold section that was about the blood pressure challenges and some of the causes. In the description of what the culprits could be, I had the epiphany it was the kidneys needing help.  I wanted the answer for my friend whom I care deeply for, so the information came to me so I could do with it what I wished.  So I emailed my friend the medical ink with eleven different causes for high blood pressure and hoped she would find her way back to restored health once again.  I kept to myself the information on the kidneys as I felt she was not ready for that yet.  I prayed and asked God that if her kidneys needed help that my friend would come to know this herself.

When I heard back from my friend I discovered there was more than one reason for the high blood pressure.  She was concerned on whether she could do what all was required to bring the blood pressure down.  She said the stress was too high so she would rely on the mediation to balance out the blood pressure for now.  I said O.K. and I let it go and turned it over to God.  After a week went by I heard from my friend again and she said she was reading a book I had sent her called “Emotional Resilence” by Dr. David Viscott.  She said she realized that if she has an excuse on why she couldn’t make changes in her life it’s because she is unconsciously defending.  I said, “Yes this is true and I can only read a few pages at a time of that book because it really requires me to be completely honest with myself,”  I said, “Sometimes I need time to adjust to the changes that are required of me.  And if I take the time to really understand what I have learned from the resistance, than I am free and clear to bring the change on.”  She thanked me for sending the book and the link to her and was especially grateful as she discovered there was a need for her kidneys to be treated.  It was a part of the changes needed to be made.

My learning was when I receive a medical answer for someone else, an intuitive hit about something going on, I must also be O.K. if the person is not ready for the answer and be patient with God’s timing.  From my friend taking time to think over her situation she was able to help herself regain her health once again.  Patience is a virtue!

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