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Jess Stearn

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A letter from Jess Stearn, two years after his death, on what it's like to die.

Dearest Tara,

Time is marching on, I see. It seems like ages and then it seems like little time has passed since I left the earth on March 27, 2002. I am still exploring my surroundings on this plane of existence. I studied it for so many years when I was alive, I can’t stop now that I have the chance to see for myself what it is like here and how it affects humans. I was so obsessed with knowing on Earth, my curiosity was never quenched.

I must say, gaining knowledge doesn’t seem to be the priority in this place. It’s more about being of service to others. All the jobs are related to helping positions. No one is about the self, only about “the other.” Interesting to watch as earth is all about “the self.”

Abenda still lets me come and go as I please. Bags (Jess’ spirit guide) accompanies me on my adventures and research. He is extremely unhelpful at times. He takes me where I need to go, although he will not share much knowledge. It’s up to me to glean what I can from the places we go and the sources we meet.

I was finally able to ask more questions about Torpor (the after-death process explained in the last issue). I had to go to a closed mausoleum temple -- very big and beautiful. Once inside, I used my old Taurus tenacity to walk the dark halls until I came upon a room offering low light. I went in, sat in the middle of the room and asked my question over and over. Finally a very wise soul named Isaac came to speak to me. He told me that humans carry Earthly residue back into the unconscious world. The sleep-like Torpor process allows you to reawaken as the true spiritual being you are.

Earth is only a journey, however wonderful or disdainful. I asked why we get so stuck on the fact Earth is our home. Isaac mentioned the concept love and explained how we connect to people, places, or things. It seems to be an ingredient we pour into the Earth body. We also pour in guilt, hate, greed, pain and envy. Add to that, empathy, compassion, good will, and stability. We are influenced by so many factors, but we seem to prevail unless otherwise inflicted in ways that tie us to the earth cycle.

I am indeed still tied to earth living, but I’m starting to feel easy and secure here. Do I have to go back to Earth? No. Do I want to go back? Maybe, but I don’t need to.

Eating, sleeping and making love are distant fond memories. But my insatiable mental curiosity is still intact. My incessant need “to know” is virtually ignored here. I’m afraid I’m regarded as not moving on smoothly. But as you and Abenda experiment with higher knowledge, I am searching as well. I want to be led to the door of higher knowledge. I want to walk through and have the answers handed to me in a nice compact manual called The Book of After Life.

Maybe because boundaries are not defined over here, you must concentrate harder and stay focused upon the questions and answers at hand.

To recap my initial death experience:

1. The cross over. You find yourself easily going where you are supposed to be, if you listen to your helper/guide.

2. You feel very strange. Your guide is there to help you overcome those weird sensations.

3. It is easy to experience a sense of panic, but when this happens your guide holds your hand.

4. After your guide calms you down, you are on the way back to your old life. Remember, this was your life before you were born to Earth.

5. You start to fully understand how Earth is a learning station -- an experiment of physical senses, plus conscious and unconscious mind.

6. The Earth experience increases your energy to generate more positive energy in the universe. Negative energy tends to generate eruption and chaos.

You are an energy source. No matter where you live -- in any corner of the Universe or beyond, you are a “spirit.” This is who you really are. Right now your spirit lives on earth, but you’ll be free to experiment anywhere in the future. But for now you are locked into an earth cycle. This cycle can literally take thousands of years and this is why you can feel so strongly about particular people, places, things, and emotions of love and hate. It also explains why you may not be ready for change.

God forbid that I might want to leave the confines of the Earth-life cycle. But I do have that choice at this time. I’m not sure if I will take it. I have 180 years to decide. That’s giving myself some elbow room.

I know many of you wonder about religion. There are many great spirits, but no true religion per se. There are compassionate laws of the Highest Order, because even the most wicked spirits experience some boundaries until they evolve beyond disrupting the harmony of the Higher Universe. I think this is the place regarded as heaven. I have asked if we lose our individual spirit there. Maybe this is why the Earth cycle is appealing? Because it always allows us to be an individual.

I’ll explain much more when you next ask me to write.

I miss you and love you,

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW