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How to sit with a medium

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The spirit world needs to be given notice of your intended visit to a medium. Write an announcement in large letters of the date, time and place of the séance or private sitting. Pin this notice up prominently in your home as spirit people often visit when you are unaware of them. Put any photographs of loved ones by the notice together with some flowers, if available. Shortly before visiting the medium meditate and pray, asking your loved ones to come through and communicate with you. A strong emotional need will often get results, although there is no guarantee of this.

Avoid taking alcohol or drugs (except medication) before sitting. Also avoid eating a heavy meal. If you are in physical pain it is advisable to postpone attending the séance until you are feeling better. Try to keep your energy level high on the day of the sitting.

Arrive promptly at the appointed time as each attempt to communicate is a collaborative effort, dependent upon the presence of spirit people who may only be able to stay within the earthly vibration for a limited period of time.

During the séance:

Sit with arms and legs uncrossed to avoid shutting off the flow of your natural bio-electrical energy. Some spirit communicators need to draw upon this bio-electrical emanation (the human aura) in order to materialize aspects of their consciousness within a frequency range that is perceptible by the medium.

Try to keep a bright and positive frame of mind. Anger, hostility or extreme skepticism may deter spirit friends from attempting to communicate. They are always highly aware of our level of receptivity and will often refuse to waste time on a person who attempts to “block” them.

Do not try to steer the séance in the way you want it to go. With genuine communication there is always a strong element of the unexpected. Be open-minded about whatever comes through. What you consider to be important may not be important to the people in the spirit world. They will frequently mention details that you had totally forgotten.

Some of the best evidence for genuine communication is that which has to be confirmed by an outsider after the séance has concluded. Such confirmation by a friend or family member demonstrates that the medium was not merely reading the mind of the sitter. Occasionally the medium may refer to events that have not yet happened. Many mediums are not aware at the time that they are predicting. Time, and your own experience, is the crucial test of the relative success or failure of any particular séance.

Do not get up and walk about during the séance as you will immediately ‘ripple’ the energy fields that are being built up by the spirit friends for their communications, and you may make it more difficult for the medium to work.

Avoid volunteering information to the medium, but do give encouragement if you understand what is being mentioned. Your response to the medium will also encourage the spirit friends to continue.

Do not bombard the medium with questions for the spirit. That communicator may already be having problems staying in tune with the earthly level of consciousness. The spirit may also have rehearsed beforehand what he or she is going to say. To suddenly be confronted with a whole new set of ideas may cause extreme confusion to a soul who is inexperienced in the art of communication. Good communication is something that has to be learned. (Isn’t that true of people on earth also?) The fact that you have ‘died’ does not automatically make you a good communicator. If your parents, for example, were rather shy, withdrawn people, death does not change their personalities and they may lack the essential force and motivation to communicate well at a séance. A strong, dogmatic religious belief system may also hinder some spirit communicators if they had little knowledge of this subject while on earth and disapproved of it.

If you are unsuccessful in communicating with a desired individual they may have moved into a higher sphere from which it is more difficult to descend into the earthly frequencies of vibration. Rarely will they have reincarnated, although that is also a possibility in certain cases. Some years ago a well-known therapist consulted me about her dead brother who had been shot down over Germany during the Second World War. She had also sadly lost a beloved son. During the sitting her son made very good contact and informed his mother about her coming visit to Germany where she was due to conduct some workshops in child psychology. “You will meet your brother again. He has reincarnated in the body of a young German. He will recognize you instantly,” I heard the deceased son tell me. Obviously the therapist was extremely skeptical about this message she had received from her dead son. It seemed to her to be quite impossible as she had no belief in reincarnation.

This sitting had an incredible follow up: The therapist did visit Germany and conducted her advanced seminars with various German students. One young man sat close to her at every session. He suddenly came out with: “I can’t understand this but I seem to recognize you. Your face looks very familiar to me. I feel I know you from somewhere else.” The therapist later told me that she had a peculiar tingling sensation throughout her whole body. She casually asked when the young man was born. It was February 1945, just a few days after her dear brother had been shot down in his aircraft. She said nothing to the young student at the time about her séance message, but on a subsequent visit to Germany she finally plucked up courage and told him about her extraordinary message from her dead son. To her great relief he seemed to have no difficulty in accepting the possibility that he was the reincarnation of her dead brother! The rapport between them was very obvious and V_____ told me that they had subsequently become good friends.

Truth is often stranger than fiction!

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