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Do you feel good about where you live? by Jill Saint James

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Do you feel good about where you live?

      Just as you've learned how your numbers influence you, I want you to know numbers

also define your house or apartment, city and state. Does that sound unusual for an inanimate?

building or an entire town? Stay with me -- this is fascinating!

      Why is it that, when you walk into certain places where you've never been before,

you immediately feel good and warm and welcomed? Even if you don't know the person who

lives there, you feel an automatic kinship with the place and think, "I could be happy here."

      Or maybe you've heard someone say that at some point while moving in or

remodeling, their home took on a life of its own. Guess what -- the "life" was already there.

They just didn't notice until change took place.

      A house adopts its a numerical influence as soon as it's assigned a street address...just

as your destiny was established when your birth certificate was signed, sealed and delivered.

An apartment number works the same way.

      What does this mean? Well, if you're planning to buy a house or you're in the market

for a new apartment, you can start your search by figuring out the kind of "personality"

you'd like to live with.

      Your current home's traits and idiosyncracies will make more sense when you

understand its number influence. Whether you're comfortable where you live or not, now

you can appreciate how to be in tune with your residence, just as you would with another


      Remember that numbers, like warning signals, are there to guide you through the    

events of your life. Don't feel threatened by the number itself. Accept its message and follow

the guidance it's there to offer. God gave us these signs to help us along our journey.

      You're always in my thoughts.

      The Influence of Where You Live

, I'm listing your personal numbers for you so you won't have to look them up

in case you've forgotten them.

      When the numbers of your home match any of your own numbers, there are special


() - Soul Urge - Will lead to inner peace and satisfaction.

() - Personality - Your house will add strength to your outer character.

    () - Destiny - Use the number as a starting point to work toward your destiny's opportunities.

() - Life Path - Develop your talents in this house and you will flourish.

() - Reality - Your house presents plenty of opportunities to work toward your ultimate goal.

() - Pinnacle - Your house will support you in your goals for that pinnacle's duration.

() - Challenge - Working on the challenges in your character will be easier in this house.

      Your House # = ___?___  (You have not revealed this to me so please utilize this

information to apply to where you are.)  Simply add the digits together and reduce the total

to a single number. (ie: 3427 = 3+4+2+7 = 16 = 1+6 = 7.

      With that in mind, take a few moments to analyze your environment.  I've decided to    

give you all the influences so you can apply them to other places you've lived and feel their


      Now, all numbers have positive and cooperative traits; there's no "bad" number for

you. If you feel that you and your home are incompatible after you read about its number

influence, don't rush to move; instead, try to find common ground. Respect its convictions as

you do your own, and present it in the way its number intended -- say, through landscaping.

Then go on and live your life as your own numbers direct you.

      There's no need to exist at cross-purposes with your shelter. Just as with humanity,

the keys to living in harmony are tolerance and understanding.  Great things can and will

happen here. Remember that your destiny includes accepting the responsibility of the

numbers in your life -- all the numbers.


      While the digits in your house number represent its strongest influence, the full street

address also weighs in ... not to mention your city and state.

      In fact, if you're planning to move, take a good, long look at your expectations and

compare them to the numbers for that city and state. Do they mesh? Are the new location's

requirements compatible with your own destiny, soul urge, life path?

      Examine the numbers for your current state, then your city, and ask yourself if

you've been taking full advantage of the opportunities these places provide. You may find

that you're more compatible than you think!

      If you must move, or are determined to do so, consider yourself fortunate. By

understanding its number's requirements, you've already got a head start toward making your

    new city your home!

But back to your house -- I decided to fill you in on all the influences - so you'll have them.

If the numbers total 1...

      Individuality, originality and independence are the key words for this house.

Creativity thrives within its walls, and new ideas abound when given the chance. This can be

a wonderful sanctuary for mental development and successful achievement.

      Get a good grip on your will and tenacity if you live in a #1 house because unusual,

possibly inexplicable things may take place under the its roof. Their purpose is to develop

your will and integrity and strengthen your character. When you face them with a strong,

courageous attitude, you'll find that they're actually quite interesting, and you and the house

will be much more attuned to each other.


      Balance the creativity with intelligence, dignity and self-confidence, but don't let your

ego get out of hand -- that's the surest way to appear eccentric, controlling and self-

absorbed. And expect the same strength of character from new friends. If they pop up out of

nowhere, or seem to be a bit shady, keep them away. Solid, beneficial relationships based on

mutual respect will take you farthest. Those who dwell or work in a #1 house have the

makings for large-scale leadership.

If the numbers total 2...

      This home would be equally comfortable housing Miss Manners, philanthropist

Armand Hammer or a member of the clergy. You deserve to live there, too, as long as you

remember that benevolence, beauty, generosity, spirituality and culture are the ruling

elements of this house. (And who couldn't benefit by adopting more of those qualities?) This

    is a house for people who love people!

      Contentment for those living here can be threatened by pettiness or ostentatiousness.

Cut back on the nit-picking and self-centeredness, and you and your house will find

harmony. Relax ... remember others ... practice keeping your opinions to yourself. You'll be

amazed at how much this can smooth out rumpled feelings.

      The #2 house indicates success in personal and professional partnerships, especially

when those involved are willing to accept compromise and cooperate with each other. Study

your subject, and stay aware of the various elements of the relationship to keep it running


      Above all, don't rush into anything. Something worth having is worth waiting for.

Keep your life and home clean and orderly, and your domestic rewards will be great!


If the numbers total 3...

      Great things can happen here, if you practice living up to the promise of the number

3. This house welcomes cheery, creative people, and opens up like a spring flower when the

prospect of a party arises. Friends feel good here, and inhabitants should be thrilled by the

potential for success contained under this roof.

      A wonderful place for brainstorming on imaginative projects and creating

masterpieces, the number 3 house only demands that you keep a strong work ethic in mind:

humility, simple living and hard work are the keys to success. However, you're still free to

enjoy life and all of its wonderful twists and turns!

      Love can flourish in this house as long as it's accompanied by respect and honesty.

The white heat of an overnight passion burns out quickly and leaves a lot of damage in its    

ashes. So, too, can any affair born of cheating or deceit toward one's partner. Take it easy,

and keep the relationship above board. Instead, dream, create and beautify your life while

living under this roof.

If the numbers total 4...

      Serious, cautious, meticulous overtones rule this house, but underneath there's also

room for fun and cheerfulness.

      Ongoing success and security are more than possible when you keep the following

guidelines and work habits in the forefront of all your efforts: attention to order, focus on the

task at hand, respect for rules and tried-and-true methods, loyalty and steadfastness. Stay true

to a proven course for your best opportunities for fulfillment and reward.

      If this sounds pretty heavy, remember what I said earlier about fun. An occasional    

spree isn't beyond the #4 influence -- in fact, what's life without joy and laughter? Find a

good balance between industriousness and inanity, and there's no telling what can happen

within these walls!

      Concerns with kinfolk seem to center here, and the best way to deal with these

problems is good ol' common sense and tenacity. Keeping a level head and operating within

the bounds of law and order will lead to esteem and success in the community at large.

If the numbers total 5...

      There's never a dull moment here, what with people rushing in and out all the time.

Domestic tranquility isn't easy to establish in the 5 house, because everyone's busy lives

always seem to be heading in different directions. If you're the kind of person who likes to

stay on the move and ahead of the game, this is the place to be.    

      This number indicates an interest in things happening outside the immediate circle, be

they in the community or the world at large. Public service is a natural direction for

inhabitants of this home.

      Things seldom become predictable around here, and unusual events may crop up

without warning. Remember that every lesson learned is a means of growing and learning to

succeed with the tools at hand. Be bold and enterprising!

      At the same time, don't jump into everything that comes along. Give situations and

people time to progress naturally, and while you're waiting, close your eyes and take a few

deep breaths yourself.

If the numbers total 6...

          This is truly a family home! Just look at the way children and animals respond within

these four walls. The welcoming atmosphere makes a natural haven for the important

traditions of "kith-and-kin" and "home-and-hearth." A generous spirit infuses all who believe

and revel in the warmth of the 6 influence.

      The principal that "you get out of life what you put into it" also prevails. When you

accept your responsibilities and love your neighbors (next door or around the world), the

good things in life--spiritual and material-- will find you deserving. At the same time, too

much emphasis on possessions or self-importance make for a miserable environment, and all

of the natural warmth will escape from the house like steam heat in winter. Keep a down-to-

earth perspective, and you and your home will get along famously.

      Remember that if you live in a 6 house, your greatest chance for life success will

come from fulfilling social obligations with grace and pleasure. Families come in many

shapes and sizes!

If the numbers total 7...

      "Leave your worries on the doorstep" when you approach this house. This is a

refuge, a retreat from the problems of the outside world. It's just the place for those who

rely on deep thought, expression and education for their livelihoods. Solitude is a prevailing

mood here.

      Treat this house with pride, respect its refined sense of intellect, and the result will be

warmth and happiness within. It's a worthy place to work for self-discipline and actualization

-- somehow, concentration and attainment are more accessible under this roof. Always strive

to keep learning as long as you live here.


      This is a good home for teachers, writers and scholars, who will find the greatest

success through a brain-to-the-grindstone attitude. Use the #7 house as a place to get away

from distractions of other people.

If the numbers total 8...

      If you know where you're going and how to get there, you'll feel right at home in a

#8 house. You may sense a somewhat businesslike atmosphere more than a domestic aura

here. Even if there's no commercial activity going on, the efficiency of a well-run office

prevails, although the words "cold" and "foreboding" hardly apply. In other words, things

HAPPEN here.

      Common sense and capability come in handy for inhabitants, because financial

situations -- desirable and otherwise -- have a way of sneaking in often. That's OK, as long    

as they're handled sensibly and professionally. In fact, work hard and you could gain a

"thumbs up" from those whose respect you'd like to earn.

      You may discover that this is the peacock of homes -- a designer showcase rather than

a cocoon built for comfort. But don't work too hard to put on a show. You'll be much better

off when you trust in your brain and instincts and focus on the task at hand. Remember the

businesslike attitude and you and your house will get along!

If the numbers total 9...

      Tolerance, compassion and aesthetics rule this house, and you'll be happiest here if

you can accept others for their inner selves instead of their outward appearances.

      Bigotry and closed-mindedness clash with the #9 purpose. Instead, this is the place for

those who appreciate the epicurean grace and artistry life has to offer. Humanity -- all

humanity -- should be welcomed through these doors. The broader the acceptance, the

greater the lessons learned. Success has a way of finding those who comply with this

generous, charitable influence.

      This is also a haven for artistic creation and philosophical pondering. The road you've

travelled may have been rocky in places, and disappointments may have slowed you down.

But if your search for truth has led you to a higher understanding of your fellow human

beings, take comfort in the fact that you've finally found your home.

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW