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Marilyn Monroe - June 2004 - Celebrity Channel by Sloan Bella

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Marilyn is a true Hollywood Icon one who romanticized and harnessed the sexual energy of a generation, during a time of cultural repression.

Marilyn was the poster child for every man in the country, as well as every young girl who wanted to become someone. An orphan during childhood, a sensual enigma in adulthood. The speculation over the death of such a luminescent creature. Murder or Suicide or accidental drug poisoning.

When I was young, I mean about 7 years old I discovered Marilyn in the Movie "Bus Stop" and I could hardly imagine anything more lovely, the screen radiated with Cherrie, I could tell she smelled good and wore those stocking saved only for a certain type of woman. This was exactly how I wanted to look.

It wasn't for a couple of years that I discovered how she had died and the circumstances that had never been confirmed.

In honor of Marilyn's birthday, I decided to try and connect with the Lovely Goddess, to answer those questions that have lamented in the imagination for decades.

Retreating to a very quiet and private spot to focus on her. I kept hearing swirling wordy voices hovering around me, they were hard to make out. A group of sorts, but which group? It felt as though there was something exciting coming or actually in process.

I was first greeted by a child image a young girl, long lovely golden brown hair held back in a navy ribbon, rosy lips and cheeks and a gleam in her eyes, around the age of 14. She reached out to hold my hand which tingled with electricity when she did, she then said her name was Annabeth. She was a keeper of sorts someone who answers questions about another soul who is at the present else where.

There are actually a group of keepers who protect the image memory and truth regarding people during an Earth Incarnation who where of public importance. If the souls have moved in a different frame of energy, inquirers are answered by this group of keepers. Of which Annabeth was one.

Usually when a soul has self destructed before timing is perfected they must return almost immediately if they choose to return to Earth. Unfortunately once they have returned the compulsion and mind set to repeat the same actions are strong, becoming a battle of wills for these souls and a difficult choice.

Annabeth told me that Marilyn had incarnated back to Earth 4 years after her death and that she had once again been born into a family that rejected her, although not so outwardly.

This time she was born to a teenage mother who then put her up for adoption. The new parents wanted her, yet couldn't understand her personality or rage as a child, which made her feel emotionally isolated, to the point that mental illness was suspected.

Once again a difficult life, full of sadness and drugs and loss. Designed to draw out Marilyn's strength of soul. Trust in the aloofness as a point of growth, something she had been unable to grasp as Marilyn and something that appeared elusive in this present incarnation.

Marilyn was indeed female and had been born on the East Coast. Her new name I could not hear, Annabeth still referred to her as Marilyn. She was presently alive and living in Los Angeles, married and following her path back to where it had stopped. Trying to belong and connect through attaining a certain amount of fame.

Marilyn seemed to respond well to children and enjoyed their playful humor which is why Annabeth was at Marilyn's side as a Soul Teacher trying to impart a certain amount of knowledge to help her make different choices in this life.

In this life Marilyn had children (male) two boys and was enjoying being a mother, even though at times she found it hard to deal with the structure of home life and this prompted her longing to quench a lust for a spectacular career.

Apparently she has changed direction from Actress,to being Famous, something her soul longs for.

The life we have lived is imprinted on the life we do live. When she was Marilyn Monroe, she obviously had a fabulous career and reached a pinnacle of fame that is still a position that others aspire too.

It is instinctual on a primal soul level to try and correct what we have not completed in past lives and this was what she ( Marilyn )was trying to do. Marilyn had picked motherhood first and foremost this time and was confident in the knowledge that this was the correct choice.

Annabeth also told me that Marilyn has a similar appearance and mindset yet was terrified at not being able to be successful on her own, exactly where she was when she left her prior life.

The choice and trust to extend yourself in a different direction and see if you can sustain yourself.

I asked Annabeth the question that everyone wanted to know about Marilyn had she been murdered or was it a drug overdose? Annabeth cleared her throat and began to tell me the story.

Marilyn was born into a family particularly a Mother who was plagued by mental fears and problems, and was upset about having a daughter or girl child.

She rejected her own femininity, and was angry that she was a woman and had given birth to a girl, from the beginning Marilyn was un able to rejoice in her feminine identity. Her Mother also had a tremendous Alcoholic trait that she found hard to cure.

The man that Marilyn later felt was her biological father, was not it was another man not the man she contacted during the last years of her life. This confusion was compounded by her Mother who was not truthful about who the Father was.

It was the brother or cousin of her best friend ( whom she had befriended while watching a weekend soft ball game for her friend, there were several "dates" lasting a time frame of 8 weeks). Marilyn's Father had jet black hair, Irish, Black Irish and a good drinker and married at the time with a small boy(child).

He was unwilling to admit he had slept with Marilyn's Mother, as he remained married for years.

This was the single energy exchange that fueled Marilyn's Father figure dating style, something she still carried with her into the next incarnation ( she again married older).

Marilyn's mind set at birth was complicated by her Mothers negative feelings about being pregnant and also her mothers pent up anger and in ability to cope which led to an emotional breakdown of sorts which then led to self medicating making the problems worse. However Marilyn was born with a strong need to become something and be someone.

She was a beautiful child stubborn, ethereal, dreamy and extremely psychic, something she used openly and something that no one talks about. A direct visual Medium.

Marilyn was very psychic and sometimes confused conversations with the other side as mental illness which threw her into further depression.

She was desperately frightened of being insane a thought that permeated her psyche while she was in utter, her mothers issue something she couldn't shake.

There was 4 pregnancies that lasted until 4 months and were subsequently terminated and miscarried these children remained through Marilyn's life on the Astral side. (When we choose to terminate a pregnancy both souls are aware of the experience and the child can remain on the other side growing up over there to work through Karma. Or as in the case of many the soul will continue to try to incarnate back to the same mother or another willing participant). Sometimes its just a matter of switching a partner.

She was deeply loved, emulated and blessed with so many gifts. She unfortunately couldn't see through the negative mind, responsible for most self destructive acts combined with a lack of faith. She also had 2 boy pregnancies during that life, these 2 boys agreed to come through in the next life with her, and have.

While Marilyn was alive she never felt connected, this was due to not being able to guide herself,because she choose the worst possible choices for herself. An emotional dare devil of sorts much like her father. Marilyn spent her adult life trying to hide her imperfections and be everything to everybody.

What was also interesting was a heightened agoraphobia that left her unable to go outside during the last 4 years of her life.

She began to medicate herself more and stay indoors more. This was a compulsive lack of trust issue Marilyn had, no strong loving support in this life that was evident.

Although she was loved and adored those close to her saw her as less then. She spent much of that life connected to those who had been enemies in past lives to her and in that life continued to try an undermine her sense of self much as her Mother had. ( until we learn the lesson we continually attract it into our lives.)

If she had been able, it would have been the most beneficial for soul purpose to move past these people. Developing strength of mind regardless of how it felt. Marilyn choose to keep those around her who would ward off her feelings of despair. this would not work because their goal for Marilyn was to keep her in this state to promote their own comfort.

Second issue going on is there truly was a hostile revolt towards Marilyn from the Kennedy clan.

Here is the twist it wasn't JFK or Robert but actually Jackie who sent threats to Marilyn and loomed in the background trying to force the relationship to stop.

Jackie had a vengeful temperament and hated Marilyn with a peculiar passion.( Jackie was secure in her marriage and with her husband whom she was aware of sexually and actually couldn't be bothered to service the very sexual Kennedy. What bothered Jackie was Marilyn's intellectual capacity which she openly looked down on as Marilyn was never formerly educated. This bothered Jackie immensely, she was an elitist.) she new of the affair and hated her for it.

She enlisted the help of Jacks brother and cohorts to push Marilyn towards a different man oddly enough a well known signer of that time although it isn't Sinatra.

She was pregnant just prior to her death but not at the time of death. In those last weeks Marilyn had developed an inability to sleep because of what we would now refer to as a subsequent nasty full blown panic attack. She felt stuck and terribly afraid of dying, but not from drugs that was a form of relief.

In the midst of this she managed to befriend an animal a little raccoon that lived off of her porch she spent time daily feeding him. This seemed to be her only source of pure joy.

The lack of sleep and the inability to ask for help kept her confined both physically and emotionally. That's when Marilyn suffered acute respiratory failure. A drug overdose after being up for 14 hours straight agonizing over a lost love affair. She had accidentally mixed anxiety medicine with her sedatives and strangely enough she was taking diet pills in this mix and drinking, although not allot.

While passing, dying the choice to come back to the body was given, Marilyn hadn't the strength of mind and declined, leaving her body right then.

It was the combination of medicine and the self rejection on that particular night that led to the despair. As for the Kennedy's cleaning the apartment this is true, they had it swiped of any compromising evidence that would link them to her and here is one thing that surprised me . Jackie Kennedy left a bracelet in Marilyn's possession, this bracelet was ripped off during a scuffle at a party that was held 3 months before Marilyn died and at the home of a close female acquaintance.

Jackie wasn't suppose to attend but did and took the opportunity to pull Marilyn aside.

Another interesting fact JFK seemed to appreciate Marilyn much like he appreciated Jackie, he was essentially attracted to the same energy, both woman carried that particular energetic tone.

Wow so it wasn't murder, which is good. However when you leave your life due to self destructive tendencies, your choice is willful.

So people play with fire for years and act as though it was completely shocking to die, almost as though they can not connect the continues actions or acting out to the eventual out come.

Marilyn was most sad when she died and shocked according to Annabeth when she met her sister once she crossed over it appears that her mother had been pregnant and that a first born daughter had been terminated. At this time Marilyn is living with us.

If I could only figure out who she is, perhaps she is living in your neighborhood.

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW