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Now available as a $4 download for Amazon Kindle eReader or Kindle for PC is Brian's latest work:


For those lovers of rhymed verse as it used to be, this long, narrative poem is a verbal delight. Spirit inspired and written in iambic pentameter, using the classical stanza form of Edmund Spenser (somewhat modified), Cinderella's Secret tells an entirely different story from the usual Cinderella:

When Baron Beaumont marries a plump widow, seventeen years after the death of his first wife in childbirth, he discovers his new wife comes with some appalling baggage: two very ugly daughters who are immediately jealous of the Baron's beautiful daughter, Ella Beaumont. When Ella's father is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, the ugly stepsisters Ermentrude and Agatha De Ville take full advantage of the situation. Ella is demoted to the role of kitchen maid and prevented from attending the Royal Ball held in June. King Louis is hosting the ball to allow his shy son, Ferdinand, to meet some pretty girls. After the ugly sisters have left for the palace with high hopes of meeting some rich lord, Ella has an amazing spiritual encounter and is given the lost key to her dead mother's bedroom, a room that had been locked for many years. After the unexpected arrival of her Aunt Althea, Ella is dressed for the ball and with the assistance of Althea's coach is delivered to the palace. There, Prince Ferdinand is captivated by her beauty and some very extraordinary things occur. Set in the later eighteenth century, prior to the French revolution, real and fictional events are intermingled in a lively and entertaining manner. A few guffaws and chuckles are quite in order!

CINDERELLA'S SECRET AND OTHER CLASSICAL POEMS has romance, mystery, beautiful lines, a spiritual theme and some great comedy. It is now available in print as a remarkable breakthrough in modern poetry. Rated PG14 for some adult themes, this totally original story got a five star review from children’s author Robin Landry when the poem first appeared as a Kindle download. Here are some excerpts:


Within this cushioned carriage, thoughtful, sat

The King’s own son, in tunic silver-white

With open collar cool, and huntsman’s hat.

She saw his glittering rings that caught the light,

And then his face that filled her with delight:

His eyes were dark and sparkled as he moved.

His cheeks were smooth. His hair was black as night.

She gazed at him and heartily approved

Of all she saw. Her heart was deeply moved.


Oblivious to the drama of De Ville

Prince Ferdinand escorted Ella soon

Into a fragrant garden, peaceful, still,

With jasmine scent and silver rising moon.

He smiled: “I come here daily to commune

With nature and the birds that sweetly sing,

And to enjoy my peonies in June.

I’m happy when the turtle doves take wing.

It helps me face that one day I’ll be king.”


His mask removed, she gazed into his eyes

And sensed a sadness and a wonderment:

“Tonight has been a magical surprise,

Sweet Mademoiselle, and eased my discontent.

A mystery remains: whoever sent

Your friendly face to me this moonlit night

Performed a service without precedent.

I seek to know your heart. I feel it right

That we should meet again. ‘Twould be delight!”


“My Royal Prince, I am so deeply moved.

Your kindness shown to me has more than made

Me hopeful that my life may be improved.

I wish to tell you more, but I’m afraid.”

He raised her chin: “Just say your name, sweet maid.”

“It’s Ella,” she responded. “When’s your birth?”

He asked her gently as his fingers played

Upon her fragrant form. “For what it’s worth,”

She said, “I’m Saturn ruled, a late December birth.”


“The loyal goat,” he smiled, “A Capricorn!

My father will be pleased. My horoscope

Was made upon the moment I was born.

A Leo son he wanted, couldn’t cope

When I was Virgo. All he did was mope.

‘He’ll never make a king,’ my father said,

‘Too shy, reserved’ – and so he gave up hope!

But I excelled in studies, and I read

By firelight each night before my bed.”



Germain sat peaceful in a gilded chair

Beside the King, who watched attentively.

The seer made magic passes in the air

Then frowned at visions only he could see:

“The Prince must meet a different destiny.

His thoughtfulness, so far, is boding well.

He understands the people must be free

Of hunger. There are riots and a spell

Of death and danger. More I cannot tell.”


“Whose death?” the King enquired, persistently.

“Your son will live, but others will be killed.

Big changes will occur quite suddenly.

The path is painful! Royal blood is spilled.

I hope to God this may not be fulfilled.

Europe is in turmoil! That I see!

The people tire of taxes. Those unskilled

Have idle hands – the devil’s mercenary!

And desperate times breed desperate remedy.”




So Tom’s large frame climbed on the creaking bed

And several hundred pounds of panting male

Looked forward to the joy that lay ahead.

Although her breath was sour and somewhat stale,

This willing wench had told him quite a tale:

“Mama has money. One day I’ll be rich.”

To lure him in like this could hardly fail.

So far it had progressed without a hitch

Till Ermentrude’s behind began to itch.


“What is it, dearest rosebud, sweety-pie?”

Asked anxious Tom, with buttons now undone.

“I think it is the bed on which we lie:

I need to scratch before we have some fun,

So let me turn and then your hands you run

Across my cheek – the lower right hand side.

Oh, dearest Tom, you really weigh a ton!

What would I do if I became your bride?

Perhaps on top I’d have a pleasant ride.”


But as they turned to enable her to scratch

The woodworm-eaten frame began to crack,

With thunderous bang no musket fire could match

It split and rolled them down upon their back.

The chamber pot gave Ermentrude a whack

And spilled its contents on the floor around,

For winded Tom had really been quite slack

In cleaning up his room below the ground,

As drunken Ermentrude now quickly found.


If you have enjoyed this sample, why not read the whole poem and be entertained and amused. Cinderella’s Secret is an ideal introduction to narrative poetry for teenagers and has already been used by one teacher at a High School in California. Educators take a look. You may be surprised by what you see:

SOME GO HAUNTING – Brian’s mystery thriller is also available for download ($4) to the KINDLE eReader or the free Kindle for PC program. Here is the link:

For those who prefer the printed edition, a brand new revised 3rd edition of this powerful and dramatic story is now available from  This new version has an extended final chapter with a different ending from earlier editions. (The Kindle version also has this revised and very satisfying ending) Here is the link:


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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW