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The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and His Soul Group? - You Decide.

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Edgar Cayce / David Wilcock

Edgar Cayce is widely known as the most documented psychic of the 20th Century.

In this comparison it is quite easy to see the facial similarities between Cayce and Wilcock.

They also have remarkable astrological similarites, with the inner planets on both charts appearing in almost exactly the same positions ó at billions-to-one odds against chance. Davidís birth planets are the closest match to Cayceís in a 157-year period after Cayceís death ó which helps him continue to work out the same karma.

Of course, they both also have a very well-documented record of accurate, insightful psychic readings.

Edgarís alleged past-life identity as Egyptian priest Ra-Ta was said to have co-designed the Great Pyramid and Hall of Records with Thoth.

The Cayce Readings said "[Ra-Ta] the priest would return in 1998" and be in Virginia Beach, "surrounded by many of those" he knew before.

David's readings began in November 1996, and they asked him to move to Virginia Beach in October 1997. Many key people began noticing his shocking resemblance to Cayce, since the A.R.E. is still headquartered there. Davidís readings confirmed that there was a past-life connection in November 1997 ó and he visited the A.R.E., the Cayce organization, in 1998 to announce the connection. He was met with extreme interest at all other levels, but harsh criticism from the very top.

Since at least 1993, when he read Hoaglandís "Monuments of Mars," David was "remembering" his Atlantean knowledge from the Ra-Ta period, including how the technology of the pyramids actually function and what they are used for ó knowledge otherwise lost in the yet-undiscovered Hall of Records, which Ra-Ta designed and cataloged himself. Davidís first book exploring this science, CONVERGENCE, was published in 1998.

Morton Blumenthal / Chris R

Morton Blumenthal was heavily involved in Cayceís work, using his readings to win in the stock market.

Blumenthal had a bitter falling-out with Cayce after he had funded the Cayce Hospital, but did not listen to the readingsí suggestion to sell all his stock thereafter.

The Great Crash of 1929 quickly wiped out Blumenthalís asset base and destroyed the Cayce Hospital very quickly. Blumenthal also sold Cayceís own home out from under him thereafter, betraying his trust and leaving him destitute.

Chris, pictured here, was Davidís longest-lasting friend in college, and one of a very small number of people David has stayed in contact with from university. Chris implicitly trusted Davidís editing help to "sex up" his term papers, requesting it for each and every assignment, and always paying him for his work. Morton was Cayceís single best customer, having paid for hundreds and hundreds of readings.

The one time David asked his readings about Chris, not knowing about his own Cayce connection, they strangely said "Plug in the early New York Stock Exchange."

Chris finally came to live with David in Virginia Beach in 1998, right next door to the Cayce Hospital. Their first substantial fight, as friends, was on the very same day that David was about to revisit the Cayce Hospital for the first time in this life, and announce his possible reincarnation, as the readings had asked him to.

Morton obviously was plucking his eyebrows, partly obscuring the resemblance with Chris ó but both men have a sagging upper-left eyelid and many other facial similarities. Clearly he and David had to come back and resolve their karma in this lifetime, finding peace and acceptance with each other.

Edwin Blumenthal / Jude Goldman

Edwin Blumenthal also had many Cayce readings and was a close friend of Cayceís prior to the big falling-out.

The Cayce Readings said that Edwin had been Jesusí brother Jude in a past life, which makes this connection all the more curious.

They also said that Edwin could be a conscious channeler and do even better readings than Cayce.

Davidís friend Jude, pictured here, was his longest-standing friend in high school, and the only friend from that time who David is still in contact with.

Jude now has a professional photography career specializing in portraits ó just like Cayce did.

He and David made powerful music together while teenagers, and had many profound intuitive experiences together. One time David was sleeping on Judeís floor and had a vision of a frightening man chasing him. David had a gun and could shoot the man, but chose not to. Jude, while asleep, said, "Shoot himÖ just shoot himÖ two bullets."

Jude was meditating directly next to David when Davidís first psychic reading came through, in the form of automatic writing. Jude also tried to get a message at the same time but did not meet with success. Davidís message had a host of startling features as we describe in "Wanderer Awakening".

Their friendship has stood the test of multi-incarnational time. Edwin appears to have had such respect for Cayce that he reincarnated as his best friend, and actually ended up taking on the same lifelong creative and professional interests as Cayce had done ó photography and creative mysticism.

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David Kahn / Eric R

Cayceís "best friend" was arguably David Kahn. There is a truly remarkable facial similarity between Kahn and Davidís "other best friend" Eric, as good as any others we have presented here. They also have numerous similarities in character, mood, temperment, practical thinking and financial stability.

Eric does not want his identity to be made public at this time due to his professional involvements and how it might change the way he is seen by his colleagues.

Kahn was present for many, many Cayce readings, and actually pioneered the idea for a wooden cabinet-mounted radio on the suggestion of Cayceís readings. These cabinet radios became hugely popular, and the design also saw its way into many early television sets. Kahn was the original inventor.

Eric lived with David for over a year after college graduation. They encouraged each other to stay on their strict vegan diets that were later encouraged by the readings. Ericís stabilizing, grounding personality undoubtedly helped David establish a spoken connection with his own Higher Self.

Eric received several astonishing prophecies from Davidís readings in the early days, including a statement that he "would be happy to know" that his
"student loans for New Paltz" had come in. Eric had already graduated from New Paltz, so this seemed to make no sense.

Over a month later, when Eric and David were in dire financial straits, New Paltz remodeled the Bursarís office and found an uncashed 900-dollar Stafford Loan check for Eric behind a file cabinet. The check was still good ó and their financial disaster was neatly averted. They were astonished to see this prophecy come true.

David Kahn and Morton Blumenthal were enemies in Edgarís lifetime. Eric R did not like Chris R and they almost never spoke to each other, despite both of them being Davidís friends and attending the same university. So perhaps there is still some work to do.


There may yet be other past-life connections between Davidís circle of friends and Cayceís friends that we have not discovered; the above cases are simply the ones that we have been able to discover so far, where comparison photos are available for confirmation and cleared by the people involved. It is highly interesting that Jude is Davidís only remaining friend from high school, and with two exceptions, Eric R and Chris R are Davidís only remaining friends from university. Davidís only other friend from university that he has remained in contact with is Artie Thomas, and we have strong reason to suspect that he was also part of Cayceís entourage ó though we have not yet figured out who he might have been. Perhaps there are no documented photographs of this person in the book "Edgar Cayceís Photographic Legacy," where these other portraits were found.

Skeptical reactions of disbelief are understandable. "Oh, they all look a LITTLE alike, but come on!" Reincarnation can be a difficult concept to grasp, particularly when it occurs in "soul groups" like this. The fact of the matter is that some of Davidís core family members, (not pictured at this time) and some of Davidís closest and longest friends are very similar to equally central figures in Cayceís lifetime. Cayceís own readings also predicted that this would happen, as we indicated in "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?". The faces are not 100-percent identical, but these discrepancies are apparently caused by the combination of the true face of the Higher Self, and its energetic organizing effect upon the DNA molecule, with the hereditary facial characteristics inherited from either of the parents. Jude has a narrower mouth than Edwin. Davidís nose and earlobes are differently shaped than Edgarís.

It is also true that Cayce and David looked far LESS alike in their younger years. David was quite overweight between ages 10 and 16, and photos of Cayce from that same time period look scrawny and very different than David does now. It seems that the full energetic effects of the Higher Self upon facial structure are not completely visible until full sexual maturity is reached in the late teens / early 20s.

Davidís latest scientific research on the energetic effects with the DNA molecule, as he describes in his co-authored book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, gives a scientific basis for the idea of a "soul" that is apart from the physical body, continues to reincarnate and progressively learn lessons, and has a direct energetic effect upon the structure of the DNA molecule. Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that DNA absorbs light photons in its surrounding area, and causes the photons to spiral through the molecule itself. This spiraling effect will continue in the same spot for up to 30 days after the DNA is physically removed from that spot ó and this effect is called the "DNA Phantom." Gariaev also shined a gentle laser beam through a developing salamander embryo and redirected it into a developing frog embryo. This caused the frog embryoís DNA to completely re-code itself with the instructions to build a healthy adult salamander ( ! ), even though the two embryos were in hermetically sealed containers and only the light was allowed to pass through.

In the same way, it appears that your "True" form begins affecting how your physical body will look from the moment of conception, as your soul energies begin weaving their way in to the DNA, just like how the salamanderís "energy" codes could be transmitted, via laser light, to a frog embryo and cause mutation. As you get older, more and more of this energetic DNA-blending takes place, and your face more closely resembles that of your Higher Self. In the case of Garaievís research, the salamanders were able to breed with other salamanders, live healthy lives and show no signs of ever having originated from frogs. This also seems to be the primary mechanism responsible for why evolution occurs in sudden, evenly-spaced spurts in our fossil record ó neat cycles of 65 million years and 26 million years have both been discovered and proven to exist.

Davidís research suggests that these cycles are the result of our Solar System passing through evenly-spaced energetic zones in the Galaxy, which at times will spontaneously induce evolution on any planet supporting life, within only one or two generations. It appears that we are again experiencing such an effect now, having remarkable effects upon the Earthís climate as well as that of the Sun and all other planets, and causing many social changes to occur on Earth ó the creation of a "Dark Night of the Soul" for humanity where our group negativity is being mirrored back to us on a global, governmental level so that it can be identified, cleansed and healed ó both collectively and individually as well.

We believe that we are living in the most remarkably POSITIVE time on Earth we have ever seen. The darkest hour truly is before the dawn. Many great teachers have unwittingly reincarnated at this time, and as they evolve, they will remember more and more of their True Purpose and take the necessary steps to fulfill it. You may very well be one of them, if you find that all of this is making sense to you ó as if you already knew it and are only remembering something you already knew from long ago.

We wish you well on your journey through the many different articles, books and audio files you will find on this website. Enjoy yourself ó and live your life in peace and happiness!

Peace be with you -

David Wilcock and Friends

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW