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Vowels by Jill Saint James

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If you've ever wondered how to approach someone, handle a child, or just for fun want to end up the life of a party, take a look at the first vowel in the name your dealing with.

This one very important letter will reveal the inner secret of what makes one tick - emotional impulses, attitudes, ingrained habits and preferences. With this kind of information, you can just about predict how someone will think and act, and likewise ---- they you!

The ancients considered vowels to be the sacred letters of the alphabet, providing the soul's entrance into the body. Hence, the soul urge is derived from the vibrations of the total number of vowels in your name. Looking at these two aspects gives a pretty clear picture of how we operate.

You should also know that if someone has three or more of their first vowels in their total name, they will possess an over abundance of that particular influence.

There will be a difference if the vowel is long such as the "A" in Wayne, or short, such as the "O" in Ron.

Those that have two vowels together, like Maury, as their first vowel may have some wishy-washy tendencies because neither vowel will have absolute power. The fight for dominance could result in a clouded perspective.

Oh - one more thing. Each vowel is also under a planetary influence which will exert it's control on certain areas of the body. This tidbit of information allows you to anticipate health problems if you have too much of a particular vowel influence in your name.

Have some fun with this vowel thing, Brian. Work with it a little and you'll be amazed what you learn, not only about yourself, but your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you come into contact with.

The Influence of Your First Vowel

I've decided to include all the vowels for you so you can predict how others will act, too.

If your FIRST VOWEL is "A"

General indications are that you are decisive and single-minded -- the perfect candidate for being the boss. With the numeric value of "A" being one, your approach will be bold, independent, inquisitive and drawn to research. Others sense that you REALLY know what you're doing, and are likely to trust you to lead the way. "A's" are original and pioneering. They love new ideas, preferably their own, as the are creative. This person will defend their point of view against the whole world. Their tendency is to accept advice only when it goes along with what they already believe. Two A's label you as a clear thinker, but more than three indicates tendencies toward thinking too much of yourself, appearing cynical, sarcastic and intolerant of others. Mars is the planet behind the vowel A, so look for an abundance of static energy. Any health problems are likely to concern the head, perhaps migraines, for instance. If your A's are long, as with Jane or Abel, you may be so stubborn about doing things YOUR way that you don't take advantage of newer and better ideas. If your A is short, as with Dan or Alice, you may be more of a dreamer than a doer and jump on a whim from one new idea to another.If you have a dual A, such as Maureen or Lawrence, you may have to fight to be true to yourself and make sure you really are what you appear to be to others.

If Your FIRST VOWEL is "E"

"E" indicates that you live a full life, abounding in fun and new experiences BUT are perhaps troubled by fits of temper or anxiety. The numeric value of "E" is 5, which is physical and related to the five senses. You must learn to overcome excessive indulgences, especially with the opposite sex. You are often considered different, but instead of letting this bother you, you charm others into wanting to be different with you! "E's" are the spice of life, for they like action, variety, and change. The "E" desires freedom above all else, but should not break the rules to get it.

"E's" should expect the unexpected. Public contact and travel bring them enjoyment. Money has a way of coming and going with rapid action. Marriages can be difficult due to fluctuating worldly living and impulsive actions. More than three E's means you may have trouble making a decision and sticking to it. The vowel E is controlled by the planet Venus, which primarily affects your emotional well being. Multiple E's indicate problems with the throat, kidneys, and stomach, so be on the lookout for indigestion and ulcers. If your E is long, such as with Gene or Edie, you may be skimming through life too fast to get anything of substance out of it. If your E is short, such as with Nellie or Ted, you may get so caught up in the SEARCH for something that you never realize when you have finally FOUND it. With the dual E, such as in Leah or Geoffrey, you would be well advised to calm down and sort things out before you go rushing off again.

If Your FIRST VOWEL is "I"

The numeric value of "I" is 9, therefore you must learn to be loving and understanding. Overall you are likely to have a strong sixth sense and excel in artistic endeavors. Your intense emotions can help you identify with the suffering of others, and you should give freely with no thought of reward. You are a ruling entity unto yourself, capable of being either a genius of a bum, spreading inspiration or terror. You're either quiet, energetic and helpful, or erratic and selfish.

Although possessing many talents, "I's" are often bored or apathetic. They resist change and trying new things, preferring to stick with what they know, repeating it over and over.

Heart and passion rule the "I" and if developed, they can be loving and serve humanity. If not - look for self centeredness and self-indulgence. The "I" can attract wealth and protection, but if failure occurs, it's usually due to an overly optimistic mistake. "I's" are creative, but their moodiness can lead to loss of opportunity. MORE than three I's, however, indicates oversensitivity, touchiness, or withdrawal and may experience money delays. The planet Saturn maintains a strong influence on the vowel I. Numerous I's in your name should put you on the alert for health problems involving the brain, heart, knees, teeth, bones, and inner ear. If your I is long, as with Ira or Dinah, you are likely to succeed in all you attempt so be careful to work for good. If your I is short, as with Bill or Irma, you could get carried away with your emotions, leading to inconsiderate behavior. The dual I, heard in names such as Mia or Pierce, tends to give you a dual nature, but you can counteract this by focusing on the POSITIVE and drowning out the NEGATIVE.

If Your FIRST VOWEL is "O"

All in all, you lean towards being the law and order type, most comfortable when everyone abides by the same ground rules. With a numeric value of 6, the O is happiest giving advice and counseling others. They love to teach and feel useful, needing responsibility to feel important. The O will serve it's community and be an excellent host. They prefer old established businesses and will settle in one place, not wanting to move. O's love harmony, beauty, music and art. If there are more than three O's in your name, however, this quality can be exaggerated to the point of you becoming stubborn and boring. Your STRONG sense of morality and responsibility, along with your friendly concern for others, gives you a reputation as someone who can always be trusted. The vowel O is governed by the extremely powerful planet Jupiter. A LOT of O's in your name could indicate health problems involving the blood and circulation. If your O is long, as it is in names such as Lola and Tony, you may have exceptional creative talents but also a tendency to dominate the stage. If your O is short, as with the names Bob and Constance, others may feel drawn to take care of you, while you must guard against negativism and depression. The dual O, as in Noah and Lois, predisposes you to achieving great patience, but this will get you nowhere if you are not able to overcome the influence of indecision.

If Your FIRST VOWEL is "U"

Numerically vibrating to the number 3, your response is basically jovial, carefree and happy. Gifted verbally, you are sought after, as you can speak to any and all - and usually do! Indications are that you take an open-minded approach to life and enjoy analyzing the big picture. You may imitate the cupped shape of the U and take great joy in collecting possessions.

Liked by most, you're a good friend, but tend to attract peculiar situations which may cause you pain and suffering. A nature lover, you can do wonders with plants and flowers and can readily distinguish perfumes. Some U's love study and mental analysis. Many are artistic and wish to branch out and be creative, interested in improving themselves. All U's must fight being excessively emotional. Many succumb to unconventional love affairs.

Usually charming and popular, U's extend love and friendship and are able to uplift and inspire many people. The negative U will be selfish and narrow minded. More than three U's point to the cup being emptied and the resulting sense of loss.A first W, by the way, functions as a double U. In what would otherwise be the boring, day to day routine, you are the life of the party, and your enjoyment of others's company is matched only by their enjoyment of yours. The vowel U is controlled by Earth's moon, and reflects the influence of change. If there are many U's in your name, look for health problems involving the nervous system, mental stability, asthma, and the stomach. If your U is long as it is in names like Julie and Hubert, you have the potential for excellent communication skills but need to keep everything in proper perspective. If your U is short, as it is in Gus and Bunnie, for instance, you can be a strong motivating influence IF you'll better learn to accept new ideas. With a dual U such as Stuart or Juanita, you have to strike a balance between not being ABLE to decide and not CARING what you decide.

If Your FIRST VOWEL is "Y"

Depending on how it is pronounced, Y has the same qualities as E or I. For instance, in the names Yvonne and Henry the Y is pronounced like an E, but in the names Lynda and Myron the Y is pronounced like an I. If it is not pronounced, as in Faye or Payne, Y is not considered a vowel at all.

Y's are intuitive and introspective, and usually, logical and intellectual since Y has a numeric value of 7. The Y has much to gain being tactful. If you ever need a secret kept, the Y will be as closed mouthed as you can get.

Y's love quiet and solitude although their appearances are often deceiving. If negative, they lack tack,knowledge and analysis. Y as a vowel is controlled by the planet Mercury whose major influences are duality and speed. Many Y's in your name could be an indication of health problems involving the reproductive system, arms, hands, and lungs. This could also result in problems caused by withdrawal and indecisiveness. If your Y is long you will naturally tend toward openmindedness, but others could push you to become closeminded. If your Y is short you will insist on slowing arriving at your own conclusions based on all the evidence. The dual Y such as Guy or Fay, leads to considerable confusion, although the STRONGER first vowel almost always wins out in the end.


Even though the first vowel always dominates, it would be a mistake to ignore the influence of the second vowel.Here are insights on some of the most common vowel pairings, all of which involve both singular and combined numerical vibrations.

AI -- AMBITION combines with INSPIRATION, allowing you to follow through on far-reaching plans. Keep your emotions under control, and beware of doing nothing because you can't decide what to do.

AU -- ASPIRATION teams up with UNNERVING confusion, potentially causing your indecision to result in inaction.You have great creative powers so put them to good use, avoiding a tendency towards excessive self-indulgence.

AY -- Your AMBITION could well be diminished if you YIELD to indecisiveness. Have faith in your strong intuitive powers, and face up to your underlying lack of self- confidence in order to achieve the material success you are capable of.

EA -- ENERGY and AMBITION add up, potentially at least, to outstanding achievement. You have all it takes, but may be unsure what strengths to call on, so look within for the answer. Don't let your ego get in the way of your progress.

EE -- Your ENTHUSIASTIC ENERGY could be too much of a good thing. Your physical needs take precedence, but spiritual aspirations run a close second. Try to slow down a bit and give the true meaning of your life experiences time to sink in.

EI -- ENERGY and INTENSITY. Put them together and you've got a real internal storm. You may find yourself searching for you know not what, and only finding the truth will put your soul at rest. The last place you are likely to find yourself is in a rut as you constantly pursue change.

EO -- Your ENTHUSIASM should be applied towards OBEDIENCE, with the goal of spiritual gains. Try to balance conflicting needs for freedom and stability. Otherwise you will not be able to fully develop your intuitive powers.

EW -- ENERGY is accompanied by WONDER about how to best apply it. Your physical nature is dominant and needs to become less so. Concentrate on developing people skills and finding meaning in life.

IA -- These influences are almost identical to those of the AI pairing. One difference is a greater drive for yourself to get everything just right. At the same time, you are LESS demanding and MORE understanding of others.

I0 -- This combination of INTENSENESS and OVERSENSITIVITY could make life difficult for you. Your concern for the well being of others is commendable. Even so, you are torn between wanting to be generous and wanting to accumulate things for yourself.

OA -- OBTAINING ASPIRATIONS is an admirable goal, and one that is within reach. Just make sure your motivations are pure and you are not strictly seeking personal gain. Fortunately, you have a strong sense of spirituality to guide you in the right direction.

OE -- This vowel combination is generally characterized by the same influences as the EO. You will find here, however, a greater tendency towards going by the book and following in well-established footsteps.

OI -- In many ways this combination is similar to that of the IO. One difference is that OI is somewhat more likely to cause heightened self-interest. Artistic qualities are evident, particularly in terms of color and balance.

OU -- OBTAINING UNDERSTANDING is your most admirable goal. Your aesthetic side is emphasized, and you have an especially great appreciation for good music. Be prepared for emotions running rampant, and try not to be too caught up in bodily gratification.

OY -- An OBSESSIVE YEARNING for mystical understanding is the result of this very spiritual influence. You have an inspired view of the world, but your insight is useless if it is caught up in indecision.

OW -- OTHERWORLD WONDERMENT could get in the way of your successfully progressing in THIS world. Your exceptional intuitive qualities, combined with your physical knowledge, make your ideally suited for teaching and helping others.

UA -- UNCANNY ACTIVITY can result in highly productive efforts, and that is the major influence here.On the one hand you want to keep your distance and at the same time you want to run about carefree. Don't insist on doing things the same way but follow the road of progress.

UE -- You have an UNUSUAL amount of ENERGY which should not be wasted. Don't suppress your spiritual side for the sake of indulging in physical pleasures. In your quest for newer and better ideas, take the time to explore each subject thoroughly before moving on to the next.

UI -- UNUSUAL IMMATERIALITY is a likely effect of this particular vibration. Doing whatever it takes to feel good is not necessarily in line with higher values and may cause you to repress your "right" way of thinking. Don't be afraid to use your sixth sense, but guard against being too spur of the moment in your behavior.


In names with triple vowels, such as Louis and Louisa, all three influences must be taken into consideration, although the first is always the strongest. As with dual vowels, the competing influences may result in confusion or frustration. The OUI combination, for instance, represents the numbers 3, 6 and 9. 6 is the first and strongest influence, but the 9 is also significant since it is not only second but the total of the other two. Despite the tendency toward conflict, these three numbers can actually add up to considerable peace and unity. The key is giving full reign to the strong inspirational forces at work.

Patterns and Your Health

On the subject of HEALTH, there has been a correlation discovered between your date of birth and 7 subsequent 52 day periods until your next birthday.

According to the ancient ROSIERUCIAN ORDER, your health undergoes dramatic changes from birthday to birthday. The Rosiecrucians believed, however, if we were in harmony with ourselves and nature, the result would be a healthier, longer, happier life.

From birthday to birthday, this order observed that in each 52 day period a change occurs.

The number 7 has a big impact as a health factor. Between birthdays, there are seven 52 day periods. Also 5+2=7.

If you've ever been faced with a health crisis, or wondered when the best time to have an operation is, you may consider the following chart:

Start with your birthday on . Now notice how your health may be affected in each of the following 7 periods.

Simply add 51 days to the end of each period to determine your next period.

Period 1 (52 Days)thru (add 51 days)

  • Great amount of vitality. Health's at its best. Illnesses recover quickly.
  • Good time to plan surgery.
  • Especially good for walking, deep breathing and outside activities.
  • Avoid Eye strain.

Period 2 (next 52 Days)

  • Rapid change in health.
  • Trouble with stomach, bowels, blood stream, nerves, aches and pains.
  • A cheerful attitude and contented mind are a must.

Period 3 (next 52 Days)

  • Time of accidents and sudden illness.
  • Injuries through fire, falls, sharp instruments and sudden blows.
  • Avoid strain and overwork. Watch your blood pressure.

Period 4 (next 52 Days)

  • May feel restless, nervous and uneasy.
  • Avoid undue mental stress, excessive reading or planning.
  • Rest and sleep are needed more now than any other time.

Period 5 (next 52 Days)

  • Prone to over indulge in things of the flesh.
  • Good time to recover from chronic conditions, afflictions or fever.
  • Mental suggestions from others affect the mind now, so stay alert.

Period 6 (next 52 Days)

  • Reproductive system, kidney, skin and throat may be affected.
  • Avoid overwork, mental strain or too much psychical pleasure.
  • Drinks lots of water and partake in many outdoor activities.

Period 7 (next 52 Days)

  • Mental and physical energy generally at its lowest.
  • Not a good time for surgery or medication.
  • Avoid colds and flare ups of chronic conditions.

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW