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Kurt Cobain - Celebrity Channel by Sloan Bella

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With all the swirling controversy 10 years later around the death of Kurt Cobain and the possible involvement of his wife Courtney Love. I decided to ask Kurt directly, as directly as one can when working between the different level of consciences.

I was more than happy to find that Kurt's energy came through in a matter-of-fact way as he wasn't shy about telling me he had lived with tremendous insecurities around his own musical abilities. He also felt miserable about not being the type of father he thought he should be.

Going back to that April 5th day, which actually was the ending point to many long months of struggle, Kurt proceeded to show me images that appeared to be a multitude of power control struggles between he and his wife and his record label/manager. Apparently he had written some of what he considered to be his best work and was unable to market it or produce it the way he wanted to.

Some sort of contract delayed and diverted ownership of the creative rights and the songs were not being released. ( It feels as though Courtney knew of this situation and had orchestrated some contractual agreements prior, without Kurt's complete understanding.) He felt that the last two years of his life had been a waste creatively and he had tried to go independent musically reverting back to the origin of his musical love and playing from the heart. Kurt conveyed that his emotional relationship with Courtney wasn't outwardly violent, although Courtney seemed to wish to wreak havoc on him and his entire world. (She often taunted him when he fell into deep depressions) Appearing self-centered in her pursuit of fame as well as callous, he assured me she had nothing directly to due with his death. He seemed to think that deep down she was trying to protect herself from the emotional pain that they both knew would follow if he was successful in his self-destruction. The way he put it was she didn't bother to give him the life preserver, but she hadn't pushed him into the water either.

Kurt struggled with his childhood and found no peace from what he describes as genetic inconsistencies within him. (He always felt different and disconnected, especially from the age of 5 on.) His mind was unclear and his thought process as well. He is most remorseful at the loss of direct interaction with his daughter Frances Bean. I was so curious to ask what the past 10 years (on earth for us and on the other side for him) had been like for him. Understand that when I am asking questions like these, it is in mental thought form and he answers me with thoughts, wording and feelings from his world.

As painful as his death was, he recognized the second he left his body "which by the way wasn't for at least 6 hours after he had shot himself", that he had made a mistake, and that is what has pained him the most. (Realizing that to take your life is to cut short the soul growth until you can reconstruct a set of similar circumstances) Kurt also began to sign a little rhyme about brandy and candy something his daughter Frances would understand as he often plays around her in her violet room. The involvement that Courtney had was in an indirect way and the fact that she is being held responsible is interesting, it is reflective of her own feelings of self guilt and shame which she held inside as he did.
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