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Aquarius New Moon 2017: Out of The Chaos We Find our Peeps!!

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Aquarius NEW MOON 2017  

By Tracy Cook

Many years ago I studied lunar phases with Robert Buz Myers.  It is my hope that he would be proud of my work today.  Blessings to you, Buz! 

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the beginning of a 29-day cycle.  Technically, when you look up in the sky you only see a thin section of the moon illuminated.       

And the not so technical point of view?

Well, similar to farmers and indigenous people, who have used the eight phases of the moon for eons, astrologers also utilize the different phases of the Moon.  Certainly on the New we know it is time to plant seeds.  But the other seven phases are equally important.

Where should my focus be during this next 29-day cycle?

When we draft a chart for the new moon we can get a sense of the energy that will be up for processing for the next 29 days. 

Okay what is this cycle about?   You are not alone in the world.  Nope. Sorry.  You benefit by groups whether you admit it or not.  When you are scared and needy you know it.  So, what’s the deal?  Who are your groups? 


Sabian symbol:


A Flag Is Seen Turning Into An Eagle  * Wow.   Wow Wow


* I don’t usually comment on Sabian symbols but man that is kind of perfect. 


Aquarius New Moon

January 27, 2017

7:06 pm EST (8 Aquarius 15)


First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! 

And welcome Mr. Rooster!    Here is a link to read about this most inspired year with cluck, cluck ..Rooster.



Well, if you aren’t already feeling Aquarius then you aren’t paying attention.  Holy Smokes.   For those who were out marching in pink hats you sure felt it.  And for people sitting at home watching the President of the United States sign one executive order after another you are feeling Aquarius as well.   The  “we’re together and we’ll show you” component of Aquarius is up for all of us to witness and experience.  


The Aquarius New Moon is when I find myself reminding all of you why Aquarius the water bearer, is not a water sign and instead is the final air sign of the zodiac.   For thousands of years before the invention of indoor plumbing people had to walk to a watering hole.   Once at the hole they were inclined to talk to each other, sharing snippets of what they knew or heard.   Then that water bearer, often a woman, carried the water back to the home and she would tell everyone what was being talked about with her family or village.    She shared the group intellect.     Intellect and communication are what the air element is all about.   Gemini the first air sign is focused on siblings and neighbors and little snippets of information like Tweets and newspapers and gossip.    Libra the second air sign is focused on our relationships and the people sitting on the other side of the breakfast table and wondering or discussing their needs and perceptions.    In Aquarius we are now focused on groups of people and villages and we break out of our family tribe and find the circles of people whom we share ideals and inspirations.   We are the water bearer carrying our information to our groups.   


For 29 days we will be focused on society and groups and causes.  I know this particular Aquarius New Moon seems more perfectly timed than others but trust me every year we get Aquarius New Moon in either January or February and we’re focused on our society and finding our groups.     Although this one seems a bit louder than others for sure.  


This New Moon arrives a few hours after Venus squares Saturn.   That is a tough aspect.     Venus in Pisces wants rose- colored glasses and Saturn in Sag says, “Take those off and see the world for what it is.”  The heart of Venus in Pisces is an artist and a sensitive humanitarian.   The heart of Saturn in Sag is his blustery opinions and ability to see assholes and call them out.   Where is the balance between those two somewhat disparate energies?   It is in the humanitarian drive to make our world better.   Saturn in Sag wants humanity to be better but when he is in a sour mood he doesn’t think it is possible.  Venus in Pisces wants every moment to be Kumbaya but underneath she doesn’t believe it can be real.    The answer is for both to find the middle  ground of gentleness (Venus) and hard work (Saturn) to make the world better.     And in that environment this year our Aquarius New Moon is born.   


The Sun and Moon are making no big aspects with other planets in the New Moon Chart.  So we look at Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet for information.   We see it is squaring Mercury and opposing Jupiter.  Yikes.


Uranus square Mercury creates chaotic thinking and communication.   And Uranus oppose Jupiter does not speak well of building bridges.    Jupiter in Libra wants everyone to ‘just get along’ and Uranus in Aries feels its independence is being threatened by any compromises.    Groups will be at odds with one another.   And groups will be fighting within themselves as well. But remember, this is Mercury and Uranus.  Both are communication planets.    Word fighting is not the same as physical fighting.   People will have difficulty finding their right group.  And even if you aren’t looking to join anything you will just find for 29 days that the groups you already have established in your life will not feel satisfying.   Mentally things feel ‘off’ perhaps we will even struggle to get our thoughts organized.   There will be a lot of people saying smartass comments to one another.   A level of mental insecurity will permeate all 29 days.  Technology can also have some sort of issue.   Sparks and shorts will be both literal and metaphorical.       


You know I’m a person who does not believe in accidents and I do wonder why we are getting an Aquarius new moon with Uranus square Mercury and oppose Jupiter right now?    My thoughts are that Uranus at 20 is putting us in the final 10 degrees of Aries, which is the last leg of this journey.  A journey that won’t happen again for 80 years.   This is a good time to ask:  What have we accomplished since it entered Aries in 2010/11?  Have we found the authenticity of who and what we are about?  How have we learned the importance of independence?  What are we missing?  How are our inspired thoughts out of sync with our groups?   Are we where we need to be?   It will leave Aries in 2018/19 so we only have 18 months or so to get inspired and to activate our inner warrior for authenticity.   And to make sure our causes and groups are lined up.  


On a very personal level Aquarius lunar month will be about processing friendships.   The unpredictability of Aquarius could bring up things unexpectedly.    Perhaps a comment rubs us wrong.   Perhaps we say something that rubs up against a friend.   It is very difficult for Aquarius who can be quite stubborn to admit when it is wrong.    And with the opposition to Jupiter believe me people will be digging in their heels all over the place.    Try to go back to Saturn and Venus and find your gentle side.  And if you can’t, then simply disconnect and deal with the person or situation that is rubbing you wrong at another time.    And please don’t go looking for fights.  If they happen fine but don’t be out looking for them. 


When I drafted the chart I said to my husband “The only thing that is going to keep us going and we don’t delete our accounts everywhere during the next 29 days is Uranus trine Saturn.”    And I mean it.  Having Aquarius’ ruling planet in a harmonious aspect with Saturn is a godsend.   Saturn is structure and staying organized.  Saturn trine Uranus is order and brilliance working together.   We walk into a group and hate 99 of 100 people but there is something about one of the people that we like and connect and next thing you know we are exchanging emails and suddenly a new group is formed.   This is Saturn working his magic with crazy Uranus.


It is worth noting that a couple hours after new moon, Mars moves into it’s home sign of Aries.  It has not been there since 2015 and he is going to be racing so fast we might not be able to keep  up with our schedules and calendars.  Things will be going fast fast fast.    Be careful that you don’t take on more than you can handle.  And watch your driving.   Do go out and exercise. That will help.




As much as one might want to hide from our circles of friends or  groups of people that we regularly are engaged—the truth is, you can’t.    We don’t just live in our hut a mile from a watering hole, hidden from the rest of the world except when we go fill jug.   We are here with people and the truth is we have gifts to share.   If we have been hiding all this time then how many people have missed our gifts?  Don’t do it.   Get inspired.  Find your brilliance.  Find the people that understand your brilliance.  Join people who you understand their brilliance.  Talk, strategize and go out into the world.   The world needs you.


See you at Pisces where we explore faith and humanity again but for different reasons.     




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The 8 phases



Aquarius New Moon

January 27, 2017

7:06pm EST



New moon: Plant seeds, make calls, activate, start projects.   Activate something that will ideally lead you to more.  This is the phase where INTENT is critical.  Even if the results are not immediate, the intent is there.  You may not have all the answers or road map but you should put out your Intent.


This focus:   Where are your people?  Who is your tribe?  Who is your group of like minded thinkers?  Are you out in the world engaging groups?  How is it going?  Are you with your right peeps? Do they support your brilliance?   Do they support your great ideas?   Are they saying something brilliant and you agree?   If you aren’t with these people then get out there and find them.   





Special Focus:

1/28 Mars enters Aries 

1/29  Sun semisquare Saturn:  Cold water on anything positive.  Like minded people feel the air come out of their sails.   Reality check.

1/29 Mercury conjunct Pluto:  Going back to the well.  Thoughts change, reborn.  Going to the root of stuff and rethinking it.

1/31: Mercury Square Uranus.   Disruptive thinking.   Revolution thoughts.   Watch thy tongue.  


Crescent Moon Phase

January 31, 2017



Crescent:  We will receive information, we will research a bit more, perhaps get feedback on stuff that we planted on new.  Perhaps get some information that will help down the road on a seed we planted a while ago.  We can collect some data now.  Even if you think you are not getting information, stop, and re-look at everything.  Who called you?  Even the silliest things, when they come up during Crescent are note worthy.  A parking ticket?  An argument with a spouse?  A refund check from the phone company?  All of it needs to be considered a message from the universe.  How can this information help you?


Focus on: What are you learning about faith?  What are you learning about spirituality?  What are you learning about mysticism?  What are you learning about victims?   What are you learning martyrs?   What are you learning about art?  What are you learning about the great beyond and how you connect to it? 



Special focus:

2/2:  Mercury Sq. Jupiter:  Big bold thoughts miss nuances.  Big mouths can’t hear others.   Over negotiating could mean losing a spine.

2/3: Venus enters Aries





First Quarter Moon

February 3, 2017



First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received.  Or we feel our instincts guide us on something.  We pursue again.  We make another call or we see someone. We mail something.  We stir the pot again.  This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away.   Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them?  Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects.  Some independence may need to be exerted.



Focus on:  What actions can you take that are super practical?  What actions can you take that support your values?  What actions can you take that build up your ideals in a practical manner?   What actions can you take that support step by step, slow build to success?



Special focus




Gibbous Moon

February 7, 2017





We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 



Focus on:

What needs to be refined with your family?  Where are there holes that need to be repaired?   Where are your refining your emotions?  Where are you refining your home?   What details from your childhood impacted your goals and aspirations?   Ponder it.



Special Focus:

2/9: Sun sextile Uranus.  Independence  gets a small  shot in the arm.  Feeling liberated.  Open to a little ‘newness’






Full Moon Phase

Feb 10, 2017


22 Leo 28


Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you? 



Focus on:   Full Moon in Leo.   Where are our strengths?  Where are we brave?  Where are we courageous?  Where are we prideful?  Where are we inspired?   How are we authentic?   How are remembering :  “High Ego = Low Self Esteem.  High Self Esteem = Low Ego.”



Go to blog for full moon report.


Special focus:

2/11:  Sun Trine Jupiter.  Reaching out to new groups gets a boost.  Relationships benefit by new circles of people.  Likeminded finds marriages.

2/13:  Sun sextile Saturn.   Novelty and invention meet discipline and work.  Structure meets brilliance.    





February 14, 2017

1:04pm EST



Disseminating: Share information; find a teacher or someone who has more knowledge. Perhaps there was a big ol’ blow out on the full and one feels in need of support and help, this is the phase to reach out to one who knows more. This is when we find a rabbi or a minister or therapist who gives us more insight.   And of course, you too may be ready to teach and share your own information. 



Focus on:  How are you sharing diplomacy?  How are you sharing balance?  How are you sharing relationships?  How are you sharing your ability to negotiate? 


Special focus:

2/18: Sun enters Pisces




Last Quarter Moon Phase

February 18, 2017

2:33pm EST





Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions are you taking that bring in things that are ‘foreign” ?  What actions are you taking that are bold and big and unifying?  What actions are you taking that build a bridge?  What actions are you that are optimistic?  What actions are you taking that are generous?




Special focus:




Balsamic Moon Phase

January 23, 2017

8:24pm EST


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on We release our need to be “the boss”.  We release our need to be the executive.    We release our need to be the ‘father’.    We release our snobbery. 



Special focus:


 2/22 Mars Square Pluto.   The last square we had was Dec 13 2015.   That one was all about relationships and how to release that which was not working.  This time it is all about personal identity and how it needs to be reborn.   What needs to be let go and refigured so you have  your place in the world?   


2/25: Sun semisquare Uranus.   Ants in our pants.  Actions can be abrupt.   Brilliant ideas about moving forward feel stuck.   Short fuses.   Need to go back to the well on stuff.


2/25 Mercury enters Pisces




Pisces New Moon  February 26  9:58am(8 Pisces 12)


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