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Do I Remember Differently Than Another Does?

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A few months ago I was looking through some old pictures and I came across a photo of myself taken 16 years ago.  I mentally traveled backward in time as I remembered how I felt and what was happening in my life back then.  In recalling the past it seemed like a movie playing in my head. I was enjoying my waltz down memory lane when I got the idea to keep out a few pictures from my photo box of my sister and myself when we were adolescents.  I thought we both could go down memory lane together with her upcoming visit. 

A few days after my sister arrival, we starting discussing childhood incidents and I noticed when my memories were different then hers.  At first I thought we had conflicting memories because I was four years older, thinking my memories were different because my view of life would have been different.  Then I thought because we were so young we had an immature sense of the world so how accurate could our memories of been.  So I asked God to direct me so I could let go of my need to voice conflicting memories with family members. 

I then went into my office and as I sat in my chair it bumped against a book shelf, a book became dislodged and made me curious about looking in this book.  Next thing I know I’m reading the opened page of “Post Traumatic Disorder for Dummies” and the title was on false memories!  I thought to myself “oh there are no mistakes here!”  Eagerly I read about distortion of memory and Confabulation.  Confabulation is a false memory appearing real to the person having the memory.  Once I discovered an injury can be a cause for Confabulation, I had my missing piece.  And that’s what made me remember my sister taking a number of hard knocks to the head as a young child. 

From that moment on I decided it doesn’t really matter if our memories are different, what matters is we support them and allow them their truth without making them wrong.  To refrain from discounting another’s memories is the loving thing to do.  My sister wasn’t fabricating, it wasn’t selective memory either.  My sister had her memories; she believed hers just like I believed mine.  Yes, live and let live became my motto that day and I received a healing from my memory surfacing!  Thank You God for hearing my request!

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