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Your soul has incarnated into a physical body with a specific journey to accomplish. The purpose of your soul’s journey is to help you grow through expanding your spiritual awareness. Your soul will experience it’s journey in the physical realm through a special school called daily life.Your journey will be carefully planned prior to each lifetime by your soul, along with your spirit guides.

There are various points that a human soul must take into consideration while planning its next journey.

  • A journey as an opportunity to overcome negative traits:

Your soul’s journey will include various experiences that will give you the opportunity to repair any weaknesses and shortcomings that you were unable to overcome in previous lives and are standing in the way of your overall soul’s growth. And so in life, you will go through certain challenges that will force those weaknesses up to the surface in order for you to face and deal with them. That process will repeat itself over and over again until a successful conclusion is achieved.

  • Accumulating wisdom from each journey:

A human soul knows that going through different life experiences each incarnation will add knowledge and wisdom to its overall soul evolution. And so each lifetime the journey will include a variety of new life circumstances. From one journey to the next, a soul will choose to be born as a different type of person, with a different upbringing, practice a different religion, have completely different lifestyles, and associate itself with a variety of different people. That way it will experience a variety of different emotions, new challenges, and encounter new noble experiences.

  • Balancing karmic debt:

Every incarnation must include any karmic debt that is in need of balancing. Any karmic debt, being positive or negative, will always have to be balanced sooner or later in an upcoming journey or journeys. The type of circumstance, in which a karmic debt will need to be “worked out” in the physical world, will depend on the severity of a particular act.

Your childhood, upbringing, and your life experiences are all a part of your soul’s journey. The experiences that you share with people in your life that are with you either in the form of a family member, intimate partner, friend, or even a stranger that had a short encounter with you, are all meant to teach you valuable spiritual lessons, as you were there to teach them.

Nothing in your earthly life is coincidental. Everything you go through has a valuable meaning and is a vital part of your soul’s growth. Even harsh and painful experiences that you had in the past or that you are currently going through are there by design and are vital for your soul’s evolution. Adopting this spiritual concept, that everything truly happens for a reason, will help you better accept your life circumstances as they are. Accepting what IS in your life, will keep you aligned with your soul, the core of who you are, and the universal guidance and support. That guidance will help you stay within your pre-designed journey. However, resisting the way your life unfolds, will cause a misalignment with the fluidity of being one with the universe, which will gradually cause you to drift away from your planned journey and miss out on some of the life experiences that were necessary for you to go through.

Remember the importance of completing your soul’s journey, and so in life, try your best to face and overcome any challenges that are presented to you the best way you can.

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW