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Verbal Abuse Hurts

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People ,if they have been in a verbally abusive relationship, will ask me if their spirit has been affected in a negative way and I say Yes that is a strong possibility and it is backed up in a wonderful book called “The Verbal Abusive Relationship” by Patricia Evans.  This is a book I refer both men and woman to because of how the author communicates what abuse is and how to deal with it.
One of the first things I learned about verbal abuse is that the abused person, referred to as a victim, wanting the abuser to stop the abuse so the relationship can be peaceful and respectful is not enough.  The victim of this kind of abuse must learn to tell the abuser what the victim’s limits are on a regular basis.  The victim must ask the abuser if he or she can adhere to the requests being made by the victim.  Where I have seen there is a delay on the victim getting the results desired is because it takes a great deal of energy to keep coming back with the requests to the abuser.
A male friend of mine was verbally abused by his wife for years.  He was and is a well educated man and the women watching this abuse would have to walk away when the wife would start verbally abusing her husband in public.  It was embarrassing when you would go with the couple because the more the husband would be quiet and try to be respectful of his wife, the more she would attack.  I used to think to myself “how long will he take this abuse?”
Then one day I bought an extra copy of “The Verbal Abusive Relationship” and I gave the book to the wife.  This was something that I had done for years with this family so she immediately started reading the book.  The thing I thought was so amazing was that she read the book seeing only him as the abuser.  Then one day the husband said to me at a function I was attending that he thought he was ready for a change and instead of being abused continuously he was going speak up and show her that she was the controller.  I said to him, you need to read the book before you try this because you will come to see that unless her denial breaks, as she lives in a different world then you do, she will not get what you are trying to help her see.  So he read the book and he came to understand what I was talking about.  The long and short of it is, he is now remarried and extremely happy and the new wife is the most loving and kind person and is not into controlling anyone.
So my words to you are if you are in an abusive relationship read the book and then you will have the tools and the insight as to what is going on within the unconscious and the conscious minds.  Then you can get the love you desire and the respect you deserve.  With materials like these being offered to the public, relief can come quicker and more easily then you would think.  Suffering with abusive speaking will become a thing of the past.  Having a partnership or a new friendship that is nurturing and respectful will be right around the corner!!  Read the book, you will see exactly what I mean!  It’s like I say “what is revealed is healed!”

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