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JFK Junior - John Jr. by Sloan Bella

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I began to recognize the same surprise when connecting to JFK Junior.

While focusing, my skin become sensitive, like pins and needles and the energy starts to heat up, giving my cheeks a slight flush. This is when I am able to connect with the spirit of the young JFK (about 12 yrs old)

John Jr. began to show me his love for the yellow hooded hot dog carts that were a part of his childhood. This made me laugh and wonder where the Sign Cancer played prominent in his astrological chart. A strong Cancerian influence will make references geared around food and this connects timing in their lives.

As the young boy came through I distinctly saw tufts of wavy brown hair somewhat long and a gleeful grin (A prankster of sorts) I heard that he missed his childhood days most of all and was as ever the spirit of a youth full enthusiastic boy.

He tried to impress upon me that it was at this point in his life that he was free to imagine himself and his life, as he wanted it to be. (Not ruled by the choices of others), which would come as he grew older. There was no remorse for the loss of adult life, quiet the opposite, it was the loss of childhood and the joy he had once felt.

Apparently his marriage and life with Carolyn appeared less than ideal and before his Mother Jackie had passed on, she had expressed a certain amount of reservation at the choices he had made while planning to marry Carolyn. (Exactly the opposite of what had been written in the Newspapers and journals)

JFK believed Carolyn would be a suitable choice as far as romantic inclinations and they shared mutual admiration for the lives they wished to live. Carolyn unfortunately was not truthful and John refused to heed the warning signs. He shows me a paper and its inked in red, (long flowing romantic red writing) I take this to be an agreement made of the heart. (He did love her)

It was Karmic and the path was set into motion about 4 yrs before he met Carolyn. Mutual friends and family members were playing matchmaker in order to move their union along. Glimpsing into his life, John still referred back to childhood joys and the fun he had as a boy. A dog was favored a fluffy collie type and a love of running. The phrase "lollygaging" is heard.

Then abruptly the mood became animated and somber as he voices the months that lead up to his plane accident. (At this point my hands actually become iced cold) Running late on that morning due to a personal phone call regarding his wife Carolyn, which confirmed her continued dalliances and drug use. This information doesn't come from a paid spy but actually from a brunette female childhood friend who had wished to ease John's pain and encourage him to move on in his life. I am actually understanding that John wished to end the marriage (which oddly mimics his mother's struggle with his father) He has photographed his mother's behavior. John felt he needed to provide a happy exterior for his cousins' upcoming nuptials.

No matter how disciplined he had become at avoiding arguments with Carolyn, an argument broke out almost immediately after the plane took off. This was most unfortunate as he was already behind in taking off. Being used to running late he didn't foresee a problem. (John did however flashback and express a fear connected to a rocky trip they had taken several months earlier (end of April) and the mishap that had almost downed his plane.)

As the plane took off JKK expressed a concern over his eyes feeling overly itchy due to an unknown allergen; he almost considers getting some medication before the flight but had run out of time. (This was his last chance to move out of a destructive path, his guides were trying to deflect the impending doom, due to the emotional turmoil. John decide to avoid further delay, a mistake in thinking, (In that 15 minutes it would have taken him to get allergy medicine, the airport would have begun closing out going flights due to weather restriction. Once again he didn't listen to his gut and tried to avoid further discord with his wife.

Carolyn sensing the discontent pushed for an explanation while her sister looked on in disbelief. (Her sister had offered to switch seats although the tiny plane would not permit that kind of movement. Their argument became extremely heated and Carolyn took her shoe and jabbed into his ribs. John yelped in shock and out of emotional immaturity he lurched the plane down ward to jolt his wife. I am feeling a fuzzy shock as he realized he could not pull the wheel up, it actually seems stuck, really stuck!!!!! His face is determined and he remains calm, this is what he shows me and then I feel light headed and the knot in my stomach, "we are going down". Are the words that are repeated in a pitch that resigns it self to the knowledge of the next events and the inability to stop them because they have clearly been set into motion.
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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW