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Children Skipping Childhood

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Generations ago you would not see a 9 year old little girl throwing a tantrum because she couldn’t put makeup on and look like a 20 year old.  Years and years ago a PG movie would not have cursing or sexual innuendos in them either.  The media is giving our youth of today messages that are contributing to the children wanting and demanding to be given what they are not yet able to handle emotionally or physically.  I know this for a fact as I have a 9 year old grandchild and I can see what she wants to see, what she wants to do, and what she thinks she should have.  I feel as if I need to really stay on my toes and be very clear about everything I say to her so she can accept when I have to say No.

I believe it is not an easy time for parents today.  The parents of our modern times are unable to see life from the same vantage point as a person who has 20 to 30 more years of wisdom about the stages of growing up.  So if a parent lacks this kind of wisdom, it will be impossible for them to recognize what they are in for from the actions they are allowing their children to take now.  And who can blame the parents, they actually think what they are doing is what they need to do, they mean no harm.  I say let’s take a look at the example of a parent with an 8 year old child.  Hopefully the new steps suggested for her to take will save her years of constant frustrations or battles.

There is a mother and father with an 8 year old little girl who recently asked me for help.  They had been allowing their child to watch TV programs beyond her comprehension.  At the movies she would ask to watch GP rated rather than G rated.  The music on the radios she listened to also had suggestive phrases which the child  did not understand but sang the words verbatim.  The parents were baffled as to why the child is now asking to wear makeup, nail polish, wanted to wear a bra and clothes giving off sexual messages.  After the mother told me of her plight, I gave her a recommendation to take the child to a specific child counselor, and before she left, I told her to remember whatever is put into the unconscious mind of a child, later a parent or others will have to reckon with in one way or another.  I said, I have raised children. I know it is a lot of work, however because you are the parent it becomes your responsibility to be cognizant of what is being absorbed by the child from all avenues, such as computers, radios, texting, movies, television, music, friends and books.  I contemplate what you need to stop the child from being exposed to.  Then you can stop her from being downloaded with messages that are contributing to what you are dealing with right now.  I said whatever you encourage or allow will grow.  If you allow her to watch these programs and movies then you are encouraging her to go there physically now, at 8 years old.  I said she’s way too young to be bombarded with concepts she cannot comprehend or try to be like at this time in her life.  It just causes frustrations for everyone.

I have kept in close contact with the mother and she tells me she’s had a real wakeup call because she had never realized how much different types of outside input can affect a child’s behaviors and temperament.  Now she is on the alert and another female child will grow up without missing the group stages and will have a healthier sense of self!  That away, mothers out there, waking up at any time is better than not waking up at all!


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