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Albert Clayton Gaulden is a noted astro-intuitive and transpersonal psychologist who has worked in such diverse fields as advertising, academia, public relations, philanthropy and sales and marketing before founding the Sedona Intensive twenty-five years ago.� Born in Monticello, Florida and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Gaulden received a B.A. from Birmingham-Southern College and attended graduate school at the University of Alabama. Upon graduation he went to work for the American Red Cross at Charleston Air Force Base and was chosen as one of the field representatives to go to Florida to prepare medical supplies and other goods in exchange for American prisoners in the Bay of Pigs debacle. In 1963 - 65 he taught Latin at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama and freshman Latin at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Read more...

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Can Astrology Predict What is Going to Happen? The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon February 20th

First things first: predictions. Good question, which I will answer with a question, like most people do.  Is there an order to the Universe? Si, si. Is there a time for all seasons? Oui, oui. Is there is a time to love and a time to hate? Ja, ja! Is there a time to live and a time to die? Yes, yes.

Of course, I am quoting or paraphrasing Ecclesiastes from the Bible. (A God-fearing Southern hillbilly like me can reference the Bible even thought I don’t cotton to preachers, dogma or dicta as espoused by the holier-than-thou-s). But it is true that there are a lot of factors that improve or diminish accurate prophecy of what is going to happen to people, places and things, and which astrology is one of the most useful tools to foresee what lies ahead.

But there are a few caveats:

  1. I do not intend and never will work in the laboratory-the research-aspect of astrology. I am going to bring into resolution an event in the future, a plan, Wall Street, who and what someone is all about from his or her birth chart, faster than the speed of light. I will get a mosaic-a cosmic mandala-a story line, a character analysis very quickly. Oftentimes, in minutes. With the knowledge that I have and the 44 years of experience-and since I value intuition as much as I lean on planets in angulation telling a story-I may trust it a bit more-there is a mother lode of ethics here. But intuition reigns over astrology as far as I am concerned. Am I fallible-do I miss the mark time to time? Roger, and out.

The operative idea here is that I am going to put it all together quickly-I never lollygag over a person, place or thing-ever. I call ‘em as I see ‘em and if I am wrong? Next! And I do give you a tiny bit of astro-jargon just to let you know where I am getting my information. But in fairness to the truth, what you read here is more than likely insight and precision, not psycho-astro-babble-not even close!

  1. Each of us has bias. If you go to an intuitive counselor or astrologer-or Dr. IQ from Johns Hopkins or Harvard Medical School-who says that he or she is not influenced by personal preferences or background or religion or socio-economics-whatever-run for the door. To wit, I am a recovering alcoholic. If you go to a shrink or counselor of any sort who is a drunk, buyer beware-you will more than likely get skewered and/or fractured information. One of my biases is that all of us need to wake-up-snap out of the hypnotic trance that we have been under for millennia-and self-legislate; work for what you get. Monitor your own ego and see if it has turned you into a big piece of stuff, and if it has, let someone (preferably yourself) whittle you down to size.
  2. I never ever blame someone or something for what goes “wrong” in my life, nor do I think that astrology has failed me or let me down. I take responsibility for every overloaded credit card, every extra inch on my waist, every word I write and every word that emits from my pie hole-I am not going to play the blame game. Been there, done that. Next!

Under easier transits, some people take it as a sign to spend without consideration for payday. When transits are harsh, some of us dig in and make the best of it while others curse and cry, “God is picking on me; life is not fair.”

  1. With all the malfeasance going on in the world, from Wall Street moguls with licenses to rob us blind while they pave their own streets with our gold; politicians who lie their way right into the lime light of glory and power; religious gurus who misinterpret scripture and underline and italicize hell and damnation rather than offer a cup of human kindness; celebrities who make it all about them while using the trance state to get by with it; and with all the anger and rage we export to Iraq, Iran and other perceived “enemies”, I will lean on the insights of astrology, give a leg up to hope and promise with a little elbow grease and lift the human spirit because I have been in the hole of despair and I have the ladder to get you out.

Now that I have your attention, boys and girls and all the ships at sea, eye this chart,

A powerfully positive and uplifting Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on February 19. 

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is 7:30 pm PST on February 20. 

The Ascendant, or rising sign—the face of the Eclipse chart—is in the picky, critical and analytical sign of Virgo. Mercury is the ruler of the Eclipse Chart, and it just went direct at 08 degrees of Aquarius on the 18th, and is now conjunct Venus. We may begin to see a bounce in the Stock Market—some relief from the downward spiral of the global economic markets—but it is merely a bounce. Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn indicate that we must rebuild and reconstruct how we make and save money—examining custodians of the treasury, carefully—with a firmer foundation to economics, a lot of which is to weed out the crooks and “it’s all about me and my wealth” brokers and hedge fund artists who are at the bottom of our dark financial picture. But we played along with the greed game as well. (Remember, I don’t believe in victims rather we are all volunteers for the ‘gimme game’.

 Lunar eclipses represent what is now in the past, what we are leaving, as the Solar Eclipse on February 6th spoke about what lies ahead until the next Solar Eclipse about six months from now. 

The strong points in the hand we are being dealt with this Lunar Eclipse is that Pluto in Capricorn will make a favorable connection with the Sun in Pisces—but the Moon will conjunct Saturn that day, opposing the Sun (after all Full Moons are in opposition sign to where the Sun is). The Pluto compatibility to the Sun will offset a lot of the hardships that we have been experiencing. Don’t forget the Full Moon is also trine Pluto—excellent—and the Moon/Saturn conjunction is making us work for what we get.

Interpretation: The lords of karma, reps for the Big Guy in the Sky, are saying to all of us on earth ‘Okay, leaners, dreamers and schemers, coma kids and swooners, hypnotic droids and nearly brain dead: there is no white knight to the rescue; there are no more free lunches or pie-in-the-sky freebies—wake up and elect responsible people who are going to legislate for the greater good and not for special interest, like the oil lobbies, fat cats and others in the entitlement groups; be frugal with where you throw your nickels and dimes; search and rescue yourself and stop looking for handouts and saving graces from the Government—it ain’t got any—it all went to fight a dumb-de-dumb-dum war in Iraq.  

The good news is that we are getting close to lifting the veil of denial for the run of show, meaning as long as it takes to get our lives, financial restitution with eyes wide open to see what is really going out in the land of the great unwashed. And we are going to get some help with these favorable aspects from the Cosmos and its planetary energies—we are going to seize hope again because we are not looking any longer for the lies that Wall Street and business indices report or the empty rhetoric that the politicos are spewing. It is a glorious time for you to make a better life with faith in God and willingness to roll up your sleeves and work your way back into the sunshine of the spirit.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


He is AUTHOR OF Clearing for the Millennium, �Signs and Wonders-Understanding the language of God and You're Not Who You Think You Are-A Breakthrough Guide to Discover your Authentic Self will be published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster in December of this year.

A member of the National Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the American Federation of Astrologers, Gaulden founded the Sedona Intensive, a personal growth and empowerment program, to help clients retrieve their authentic selves and tap into their inner power.

Gaulden coined the term astroanalysis-a combination of Jungian psychology and astrology-to describe how he helps free clients from compulsions, addictions, and unresolved issues, which keep them from living a life of peace and joy.

Albert saw things others didn't and heard what they couldn't from the age of two. When he was five he asked his mother why she seemed more like his dad and his dad more like the mother. As a pre-schooler he was tuned into the rich world of intuition and past lives even though he had no one to shepherd him through these recollections and recalls. At Birmingham-Southern he click connected with the unique psychological work and world of Swiss psychoanalyst, Dr. Carl Jung and his take on the shadow self. Gaulden believes that all-seeing and all-knowing is born within a child and it is the false and mundane world that erases his memory of what is really true. The integration of the divided self, putting one back together through a conscious fusion with his or her shadow is the underpinning of his work in the Sedona Intensive.

Albert studied with renowned astrology Byrd Knapp, Darrell Harris and Katharine de Jersey, as well as took Awareness Classes with Lee Jones at the Spiritualist Church in Los Angeles in the 70's, and attended the Corrado Academy of Perception in 1978 which led to his meeting actor John Travolta using the tools of manifestation learned at the Academy, and selling John El Adobe de Tajiguas, a 35-acre estate that abutted Ronald Reagan's ranch near Gaviota Beach in Southern California.

Gaulden worked in 1986 with international-best selling author of The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield in Albert's innovative and one-of-a-kind personal empowerment program, the Sedona Intensive, which he founded in 1982. Albert was hired to use his gifts as an astro-intuitive to help cast Redfield's movie of The Celestine Prophecy.

Gaulden travels the world to teach and speak and finds Egypt particularly one of the most intriguing countries in the world. In December he will be returning with a tour group of clients and friends to the Land of the Nile and Pharaohs and the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Sphinx and other ancient digs and monuments in Upper and Lower Egypt.

His clients include sports figures, actors, royalty, Wall Street executives, men and women and young people from all walks of life who are eager to face those defects of character that keep them from being who they really are. He rigorously maintains the anonymity of his clients.

Additionally, Gaulden is a motivational speaker on such popular themes as "Mr. Right is Usually Mr. Wrong-Falling in Love With Make-Believe", "Take Your Power Back", "The Power of a Great Idea", the Death of Terror and the Rebirth of Bliss, �"Why Relationships Don't Work but How They Can" and many other provocative topics.


It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW