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Albert Clayton Gaulden is a noted astro-intuitive and transpersonal psychologist who has worked in such diverse fields as advertising, academia, public relations, philanthropy and sales and marketing before founding the Sedona Intensive twenty-five years ago.� Born in Monticello, Florida and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Gaulden received a B.A. from Birmingham-Southern College and attended graduate school at the University of Alabama. Upon graduation he went to work for the American Red Cross at Charleston Air Force Base and was chosen as one of the field representatives to go to Florida to prepare medical supplies and other goods in exchange for American prisoners in the Bay of Pigs debacle. In 1963 - 65 he taught Latin at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama and freshman Latin at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Read more...

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Has Bill Clinton really learned his lesson about his miscues in South Carolina?

Let’s take a closer look…


Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 at 8:51 am in Hope Arkansas.

Former President William Jefferson Clinton has Libra ascending with Mars, Neptune, Venus, Chiron and Jupiter in Libra as well. With Venus conjunct Chiron, the wounded warrior placement, you see why the Monica Lewinsky affair happened—and by many accounts, he has always had an eye for the ladies. This is a fatal flaw in this man’s character. If that affair had happened in the 50’s or 60’s he would be but a footnote in history—but the devolving culture of this country—the rampant permissiveness, drugs, alcohol and sexual excesses and the uninventoried sins of most of us—permitted not only his glib tongue and charm to wheedle his way out of being convicted, but his wife is running for the Presidency of the United States. What are we thinking? How asleep are we? How deep is the swoon? Will we ever wake up and find a woman—or a man—with integrity, honest and qualified enough to be President? Aren’t there any other women, more qualified with less baggage and with not so much animus toward her perceived enemies, out there in this great country of ours?

But Bill Clinton’s stellium in Libra (three or more planets in one sign) is in great configuration with his Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Sun in Leo—the actor, the kid who never wants to grow up or stop being President once his term was over. He has been out of office eight years and he still needs, craves the limelight. Remember he is part actor/a bigger part politician—he is known for his charisma and charm—he is becoming more known as the one who won’t go away.

Which leads me to his Moon in Taurus, square (not good) his Leo Sun and inconjunct his Libra planets, also a troublesome aspect. Inconjunctions cause both planets in signs difficulty because they become like relatives who don’t get along. A Taurus Moon makes him persistent, like a dog on a bone—he will not let go of something once he digs in his heels. He dug them deep and offensively in South Carolina and many of his fans and idol worshippers from particularly the black constituency were mad as wet hens and told him so publicly. He backed down and tried to sound contrite, but with this chart, he can never take responsibility for his wrongdoing. Remember that television interview when he was facing the nation about the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky? Will you ever forget how he wagged that long bony finger of his, looked into the camera with billions watching and said, ‘I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman’? He wagged that same finger, though bonier and with a decided shake to its wag, at Barack Obama and his black base turned wise and got real pissed off.

Now that Obama seems like he can run as fast and as smart as Miss Hillary—she of the war chest that has the likes of Begala and James Carville (now that’s a scary pair to draw to—what was Mary Matlin, Carville’s bright-light wife thinking when she sullied herself by bedding, I mean wedding, that redneck?) with their lock and load mentality; he can stand and deliver a speech that reminds us of you-know-who and that causes the entitlement-afflicted Bill Clinton to open his mouth and put his Hope Arkansas feet in it. Those aftermaths of South Carolina were not his finest hours and I am not sure he will be able to rein himself in when the battle begins to tilt in the favor of Obama, which it will…and soon.

I keep going back to the recent Solar Eclipse New Moon on February 6th and I see that Bill Clinton’s progressed Mars/Mercury at 17 degrees of Scorpio were squared by the eclipse by exact degree. I am afraid that Bill is getting ready to doublespeak his way into another slippery slope without a braking rail.

I want to make myself as clear as I can about why I write about the people, places and things that I do, even President Bill Clinton. This country and its leaders, from Wall Street to Hollywood, across the heartland of America and right up to the Beltway and the White House, are guilty of being disingenuous, they proffer lies and deceit couched thinly in narcissism and self interest when we are begging to wake up and hold them accountable. I am going to do that. I have always made myself look at what I need to change in me and I am not going to rubberstamp any of these “it’s all about me” supposed leaders.

My own world of the spiritually connected, self-appointed gurus and best-selling authors, needs to take its own inventory. In this kinder, softer world of trying to find out who we really are also needs to snap out of the suck-up that we give to those who are not who they say they are and are getting away with it. Kinda. Dennis Koslosky never thought he would go to jail and I am sure that Terry Cole Whitaker never thought she would fall from grace.

Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, is publishing my new book, You’re Not Who You Think You Are in December. Here is a paragraph about how I feel and it can serve as a clarion call if you can nod awake from your trance state:

We’re living in a world filled with powder puff spirituality. Many spiritual authors and leaders appear to be “show dogs” or rock stars not teachers with a clear and conscious message. Rather, the messenger has become the centerpiece of his work. Instead of deep introspection, we hear feel-good philosophies in sound bites and snippets on talk shows.  Rather than paths that require commitment and steps to psychic change, isms and pop psychology are being embraced by a lot of seekers who pick-it-up and throw-it-down when the next spiritual fad crops up. I will not treat you, my reader, as a member of a kindergarten class, but as an independent thinker who can take this book and use it to explore what’s inside of you.

Has Bill Clinton learned his lesson about not repeating his South Carolina mistakes? Not a chance. He is just getting started to go to any lengths to make sure that Senator Clinton becomes the President of the United States. Bill, I think God has other plans. Smile.

He is AUTHOR OF Clearing for the Millennium, �Signs and Wonders-Understanding the language of God and You're Not Who You Think You Are-A Breakthrough Guide to Discover your Authentic Self will be published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster in December of this year.

A member of the National Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the American Federation of Astrologers, Gaulden founded the Sedona Intensive, a personal growth and empowerment program, to help clients retrieve their authentic selves and tap into their inner power.

Gaulden coined the term astroanalysis-a combination of Jungian psychology and astrology-to describe how he helps free clients from compulsions, addictions, and unresolved issues, which keep them from living a life of peace and joy.

Albert saw things others didn't and heard what they couldn't from the age of two. When he was five he asked his mother why she seemed more like his dad and his dad more like the mother. As a pre-schooler he was tuned into the rich world of intuition and past lives even though he had no one to shepherd him through these recollections and recalls. At Birmingham-Southern he click connected with the unique psychological work and world of Swiss psychoanalyst, Dr. Carl Jung and his take on the shadow self. Gaulden believes that all-seeing and all-knowing is born within a child and it is the false and mundane world that erases his memory of what is really true. The integration of the divided self, putting one back together through a conscious fusion with his or her shadow is the underpinning of his work in the Sedona Intensive.

Albert studied with renowned astrology Byrd Knapp, Darrell Harris and Katharine de Jersey, as well as took Awareness Classes with Lee Jones at the Spiritualist Church in Los Angeles in the 70's, and attended the Corrado Academy of Perception in 1978 which led to his meeting actor John Travolta using the tools of manifestation learned at the Academy, and selling John El Adobe de Tajiguas, a 35-acre estate that abutted Ronald Reagan's ranch near Gaviota Beach in Southern California.

Gaulden worked in 1986 with international-best selling author of The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield in Albert's innovative and one-of-a-kind personal empowerment program, the Sedona Intensive, which he founded in 1982. Albert was hired to use his gifts as an astro-intuitive to help cast Redfield's movie of The Celestine Prophecy.

Gaulden travels the world to teach and speak and finds Egypt particularly one of the most intriguing countries in the world. In December he will be returning with a tour group of clients and friends to the Land of the Nile and Pharaohs and the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Sphinx and other ancient digs and monuments in Upper and Lower Egypt.

His clients include sports figures, actors, royalty, Wall Street executives, men and women and young people from all walks of life who are eager to face those defects of character that keep them from being who they really are. He rigorously maintains the anonymity of his clients.

Additionally, Gaulden is a motivational speaker on such popular themes as "Mr. Right is Usually Mr. Wrong-Falling in Love With Make-Believe", "Take Your Power Back", "The Power of a Great Idea", the Death of Terror and the Rebirth of Bliss, �"Why Relationships Don't Work but How They Can" and many other provocative topics.


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