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The priest that introduced Margaret to the medium George Anderson against the wishes of the Catholic church
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The Ghosts on Moaning Mountain

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This is the story of the "Moaning Mountain" and the ghosts that remain.

It is said that some great earthly desires remains unfulfilled and that is what holds the souls of the dead earthbound.

In the small Ozark town of Cassville, Mo., the haunted mountain is guarded by the ghosts of dead Civil War soldiers and the woman who decided to join them in life and then in death.

During the Civil War, a small detachment of Union soldiers were on their way back to camp where they were ambushed by an outlaw gang of bushwhackers. Those who were not killed outright were bound hand and foot and thrown into a cave. The opening was then sealed up. 

For days, horrible moaning noises were heard coming from the mountain. No one helped. After a brief period of silence, the moaning began again and to this day the entombed men can be heard moaning by anyone foolish enough to get to close to the mountain. The ghosts of the men are angry and the moaning is a reminder of the injustice that occured that night in Cassville, Mo. 

If it's a ghost you want to see, then go and visit the "Moaning Mountain" on a quiet moonlit night. They say that the ghosts of  the Union soldiers in full regalia can be seen walking near the cave by anyone brave enough to visit the site. They guard the gravesite as if they are waiting for the bushwackers to return. It is said when you see one of them you can see the look of revenge in their eyes.

The mysterious woman of "Moaning Mountain" was drawn to the mountain in or about 1881.  No one knows why she chose to build a cabin next to the cave or why she had arrived from Chicago with a small bag of surgical instruments and common remedies. She was secretive about her past and managed to live in secret and alone until she died as a very old woman in the strange cabin by the cave. She was always in a heavy black shawl, and sat on a big tree stump in her yard.

It is in that very same yard and on that same old stump that you will catch a glimpse of the ghost of Jean Wallace, the mystery woman of "Moaning Mountain." Many have seen her and say that she sits perched and looks pleased when you go to visit her at dusk in the town of Cassville.

Happy Ghost Hunting...:) Oh, and if you see her, or the Union soldiers, please let us know.

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It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW