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Astro Thumbs Up: Void of Course Moons by Tracy Cook

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There are many astrological articles and websites on the world wide web.  Anyone can find them. But occasionally there are articles that are just so good that they need to be flagged.  Iím calling them Astro Thumbs UPóthe article usually excels in writing, astrological interpretations and creativity.  It deserves a big Thumps UP.


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Today  it is all about Void of Course Moons


I am often asked by people if I work with Void of Course Moons and my answer is a resounding ďNOĒ.    It is not that I donít believe in them and it is not that I donít understand their value, it is simply that on any given day if VOC (void of course) moons were thrown in my schedule, well, I think I might implode.  Every person including astrologers has their data limit-especiallyl astrologers with small children!   However, saying that, I do know and respect many people who work with the energy of VOC moons and they use it to their advantage all the time.  They avoid scheduling meetings which are important to them on VOC times or they schedule frivolous activities during VOC.   Perhaps some of you have wondered about VOC moons and I think to really understand the value of them it is best to get a really good handle on them. A lot has been written but I find this piece especially insightful, clear and easy to understand.  Here is an article by Jenny Stone from The Mountain Astrologer (Oct/Nov 2003)she does a great job explaining them.  


Understanding Void-of-Course Moons.


The Moon makes a complete circle through the twelve signs every 28.5 days and spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign.

Some Moon signs are felt more acutely than others: In the sign of Aries, for instance, the energy is physical and sometimes angry, a dynamic force that can be used to tackle tasks and start projects; the Moon in Taurus is a more laid-back and sensual urge to enjoy fine dining and good music. As the Moon arrives in the sign of Gemini, the telephone starts ringing and the messages begin to pour in. There are, of course, other influences at work in the solar system, but the Moon is always playing "background music" that keeps us connected to the Earth and the stars.

There is a time, however, when this connection is interrupted and we "float" between signs. This is the time we call the void-of-course Moon. It starts after the Moon has made its last major aspect (1) to the Sun or planets and is still within the sign, and the Moon is considered void of course until it enters the next sign.

The Moon goes void of course every two days or so, and this can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Sometimes, the Moon is void of course for two consecutive days; in August 2002, it lasted for almost three days when the Moon failed to make any aspects while in the sign of Cancer.

There is a distinctive quality to the energy during a void-of-course Moon: Stores and restaurants are unusually quiet, judgment is impaired, and many people have a hard time making decisions. Business meetings can take a strange turn, and people find it difficult to work together as a group.


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Also if you want to know when are VOC moons-you should check out this Zodiac Arts.  Which indicates each day there is a VOC moon.


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