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AstroThumbs Up: Guadalupe Virgin of The Americas by Tracy Cook

What is Astro Thumbs Up?

There are many astrology articles and websites on the world wide web.  Anyone can find them. But occassionally there are harder to find articles that are just so good, they need to be flagged.   I'm calling these, Astro Thumbs UP-- the article usually excels in writing, astrological interpretations and creativity.   I t deserves a big thumbs up!

Who gets a Thumbs up?
Today the spot light is on Luis Lesur and his astrological intepretation of Guadalupe the Virgin of The Americas.

I have been to Mexico City and have been to Guadalupe's Basillica and it is an intense, mystical, enviroment.  There is an energy in the Basicalla that is simply different.  I can't say it is because of its size since I have been in larger venues, for example, huge malls where thousands of people shop every day.  When you stand in those mall you are aware of a lot of people but it is truly void of anything other than the energy of  hustle and bustle.   

I have been at St. Patrick's Catheral and although it is quieter than a mall and it has a bit more  heaviness since it is a church, but again it is a slight energy, nothing close to Guadalupe's Basillica.  I have been to the Vatican which draws out the reverent nature of thousands and thousands of people every day and although it is a stronger energy than a mall and St. Patrick's --it is a pale, pale, pale comparison to the energy of Guadalupe's Basicalla.    The energy there is truly Holy.  And this is coming from someone who is not even Catholic!

I think you will find Luis' astrological intepretation of The Virgin's appearance on December 9, 1531 in Mexico City a very worthwhile read.  He explains the story of  Juan Diego and The Virgin clearly and drafts an astrology chart for that date which makes sense on so many levels.


The Virgin of Guadalupe

The Astrology of a National Symbol
by Luis Lesur

The Virgin of Guadalupe is the female face of the divine who has the most followers in the Western world. Her shrine in Mexico City receives 20 million visitors per year, many more than Fátima (Portugal) or Lourdes (France). Only St. Peter's Basilica in Rome receives more pilgrims in the Catholic tradition. The Virgin stands in the main altar of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York (on the right-hand side), and in Nôtre Dame in Paris, she is granted her own chapel. In Mexico, where the Virgin of Guadalupe originated, (1) and especially among the millions of Mexicans who live in the United States, she is — even more than the Mexican flag — the most beloved emblem of national identity. This applies even to non-Catholics.

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