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Two new videos posted!

Angel Chat 3 - Meditation Part 1

Angel Chat 4 - Meditation Part 2

Meditation - Overview, Instructions, and Hints and Tips
Three new videos posted!

Angel Chat 5 - Incarnation Part 1

Angel Chat 6 - Incarnation Part 2

Angel Chat 7 - Incarnation Part 3

This is a very important topic that I hope will help you understand your life with all it's various challenges, it's ups and downs, failures and successes, relationships, and other major people and events from the true perspective that matters: That of your soul

In this topic I will share with you the information I have channeled over the years from the Archangel Michael and my two Spirit Guides.
Listen, Learn, and Spiritually Grow!


New Angel Chat - Soul Purpose

What does soul purpose mean? How do we recognize it, and what do we have to do about it?

An important spiritual topic with a lot of helpful information and advice.

Listen, Learn, and Spiritually Grow!

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The Death of our Pets
Ego's common thinking: I will never see my pet again. I feel lonely without them. I will never experience that love again...

Spiritual perspective: Due to lack of Ego, Animals do not fear death nor do they have any doubt of the existence of the spirit world, and life after death. At the time of death, when their soul enters the spirit world, they do not need to review the life that was just completed, pay back any karma, or clear up the soul energy field from any negativity that the ego has created during the life. When our pets die, their soul naturally exits the physical body and enters the Spirit World. At that precise moment, they continue to see us, feel us, and love us as if they were still in their physical body.Regardless of how they died, if they suffered or not, if they were old or young. In the spirit world, our pets are healthy again, vibrant, happy and in peace.From the Spirit World, our beloved pets continue to accompany us throughout our lives, and when our own journey on Earth is completed, they will welcome us back home.

Enjoy every moment you have with your pet. Always love and care for them. And at the end of their physical life, assist them to cross over with the most dignity and respect.



Ego's common thinking: I wish things would speed up, be different, less complicated, easier, I can't/will not let go...


Spiritual Perspective: Surrender is the ability to go with the flow of your life in order to align yourself with the wisdom and power of your soul, combined with those of your Spirit Guides and Angels, and allow their support and guidance to flow into your daily life.

It is a powerful spiritual tool that allow us to gain inner peace and joy! 

In order to practice surrender you must first understand that your life has a much deeper meaning than your Mind/Ego's interpretation of specific events, challenges, and experiences. Further, the Mind/Ego bases it's reality on the interpretation only on the five senses, and sees very little to nothing about the bigger picture of your soul's purpose on Earth. This means that from the perspective of our Mind/Ego, difficult experiences, challenging relationships, and even tragic events, are bad, unwanted, and unnecessary.

And so if we identify with our Mind/Ego, we fight, resist, ignore, hide from, or try to control the unpleasant experiences in life. 

Conversely, from the perspective of our soul, ALL life experiences, “the good, the bad, and the ugly”, in WHATEVER shape or form, generate a vital part of our spiritual growth. And so while it is important that you bravely and gracefully face ANY experience that life throws your way and do your very best, you must then surrender and release any rigid expectation as to when, and in what ways, the outcome of things should be.

Surrender your troubling situations, you are safe and secure!

Good luck! :0)


Angel Chat #12 and #13 Topic - Self Healing
New video posted on YouTube
Good luck! :0)


Angel Chat #11 Topic - Prayers
New video posted on YouTube


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Miki Jacobs is a psychic medium and energy healer who practices a multi-faceted and holistic approach in the style of the great Edgar Cayce.

Originally born and raised in Israel, and now living in Southern California, Miki helps people all over the United States and Canada, as well as other countries around the world.

As a clairaudient psychic medium, along with hearing the spirit world’s messages, Miki also allows various spirits to “use’ her body to transfer their messages. Then her energy, behaviour, and voice become a healing instrument along with the information provided. By simply speaking with her you will fall under the spell of her energy and voice and the love that she has for all of God’s creation.

Incorporating the Archangels, her spirit guides, and the channelled frequency of the universal life energy, the messages will provide information that takes the whole person, both physically and energetically, and helps to guide the individual to make changes with precise detailed instructions toward a better, happier life, with an opportunity to achieve a lasting life transformation.

As a medium, Miki has the ability to connect to people’s loved ones in the spirit world and transfer amazing messages that will include accurate details about their earthly lives as a proof of the surviving of their soul beyond the physical death.

Those messages of love and hope are extremely comforting and are able to assist with the grieving process.

Words from Miki:

My mission as a medium:
With the request of my Spirit Guides and Archangels, I have made it my mission to transfer their important message to people that us humans are NEVER ALONE and that we are literally surrounded with help from the spirit world, Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides, passed loved ones and others are crowding around us right now standing by our side, waiting for us to engage their help.

And so trough readings, seminars, media interviews and other various avenues that allow me to reach out to people and promote this important message, I teach people about the nature of our divine helpers, who they are, the way they look, their personality, sort to speak, their purpose in our lives, and the various different ways in which we can connect to them.

My hope is that once people will truly adopt for themselves the idea that they are never alone to face their difficult earthly lives by themselves, they will open up a channel to their powerful divine helpers and enjoy the immense love, guidance and support that is always available for them at every moment in their lives.

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Archangel Michael: INTENTIONS - January 5, 2010

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Beloved humans. Beware of your intentions toward yourself and others. Remember that your physical life acts like a mirror that reflect back at you the exact same energies of thoughts and intentions that you project out, which will then create your reality, accordingly. 
So always choose and infuse your intentions with love, and extend this love way beyond yourself and the people that you know.
See yourself, your loved ones, other human beings, and all living things as peaceful, happy, and successful. Intend for your planet and all its inhabitants to live in peace and harmony with one another.
Be certain that holding these elevated positive thoughts and intentions will insure a great amount of blessings in your life and will give you more joy and greater happiness. 



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