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From The Vault

  • We decided to give you a look at what's in our vault.
  • For the first time you get to see footage from amazing interviews.
  • Some of this information is too "provocative" or too "far out" for network television.
  • This is unedited raw footage!
  • There are stops and starts between every take, but every take is a new conversation.

See What Goes Into Making an Hour Show

  • As producers, directors and editors, we shot hundreds of half-hour source tapes, viewed all these tapes and picked only 43 minutes to produce a 1-hour show for broadcast.
  • We shot enough footage to create an entire series just as entertaining as our original pilot.
  • Sometimes finding the perfect sound bite is difficult and it may be buried within several minutes of interesting entertaining information.
  • It's often difficult to choose what should be in the final program.
  • You be the editor.you be the judge.you decide what ends up on the cutting room floor.
  • Tapes from the vault are randomly chosen and include interviews and demonstrations with experts of the paranormal.
  • Best selling authors Jess Stearn and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
  • Healers like Douglas Johnson - Mayo Clinic.
  • Buz Meyers interviews Maria Moreno
  • Medium Suzane Northrop talks to dead relatives of criminals in a correctional facility.
  • Doctors from UCLA to China, much to their surprise, they agree on alternative medical practices.
  • Unbelievable events, documented footage of UFOs.
  • Shocking footage of Aliens living on earth and telling their stories.
  • A businessman who turned out to be a practitioner of the dark arts…it was a surprise to us, and a frightening experience for the whole crew!
  • See incredible footage that the networks did not want to air.

Keep an open mind and enjoy.

The vault will be back shortly.
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