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Margaret Wendt has been an Award-winning television producer, writer and reporter for over 25 years.  She has created and executive produced over three-dozen series and specials for both network and cable television including, among others, CBS, ABC, A&E, History, Discovery, UPN. The learning Channel, Travel channel, and National Geographic.

Most recently (2010)
Margaret Wendt Productions is in development deals with GSN, Indigo Films, Vector Productions (Australia) and consulting for Araneo Television Israel.

Ms. Wendt and best selling author/award winning broadcaster Joel Martin broadcast a very popular radio show on and Blogtalk internet radio every week.  

Between (2006-2009)
Margaret Wendt Productions, created and Executive Produced “Presidential Prophecies” that aired in October on the History Channel to rave reviews.
The footage was a Television first.   
Margaret Wendt Productions was hired to serve as consultant and on camera personality for Madison Road Entertainment, Hearst Entertainment and Paramount-CBS developing “Dinning with the Dead”.

Between (2003 and 2005) Margaret and her production company Margaret Wendt Productions, Executive Produced “TOP SECRET SITES” a one-hour special for The Travel Channel, “THE HAUNTING OF THE PRESIDENTS” a one-hour special for Hearst,  “THE INCORRUPTABLES” a two hour special,  “THE SAINTS”, “JFK: A HERO IN QUESTION” a one-hour special for The History Channel, “INTO THE UNKNOWN”, “AMEERICA’S HAUNTED SITES”, “100 years of Psychic Pasts”  and “AMERICA’S MONSTERS” two, one-hour specials for The Discovery Channel.

Ms. Wendt was a consultant for Fremantle Media, The home of “American Idol” working with and developing international acquisitions for Fremantle.
The most difficult acquisition “Power of the Spirits” was sold in all foreign markets.  Margaret Wendt Productions is responsible for the success of that show. It is now one of their biggest hits in Europe.

(1998 to 2000) Margaret and her production company, Margaret Wendt Productions, Executive Produced the CBS and Universal Studios specials,HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS”.    

Dream Castle Productions, hired  Margaret Wendt to Produced a music video to be televised on network television with Gladys Knight, Little Richard, Ziggy Marley, Travis Tritt, Kenny Rogers, Sharon Stone, Larry King, Norah Jones and many others. Wendt productions salvaged the footage and turned it into a video that was chosen to be played at the White House and then televised by the network. 

That same year, Margaret Wendt and Claire Sanders wrote a special for MTV that aired in May. “ To Hell and Back” 
In May 1999, Margaret created and Executive ProducedBEYOND DEATH”, a one-hour special for A&E, “AMERICA’S PSYCHIC PAST”, “PT 109” and  two one hour specials on “SEA MONSTERS” for The History Channel and “THE PLOT TO KILL LINCOLN” for The Learning Channel.
Other shows produced: biography’s of “The Virgin Mary” a series of biography’s on the “The Saints”, “The Mysteries of the POPE’S” a series on “Spiritual America. She also did a special on “Great American Chiefs”, and “Dreams”.

In 1993, Margaret Wendt formed an ongoing business partnership with Rowland Perkins, one of the five founding members and first ‘President’ of the illustrious Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  In 1995, as the creator, writer producer and host, Margaret, along with Rowland Perkins as Executive Producer, launched “Psychic Chronicles” for UPN.  Ms. Wendt’s
Shows have a long and prosperous shelf-life as videos like “The Healers”, “Beyond Death” “100 years of psychic past” “The plot to kill Lincoln” and “Violence in America” continue to be popular home videos offered by the prestigious Gold Hill Catalog, Borders Bookstores, Wellspring, A&E and The History Channel home video divisions.

*Her shows are currently being used by several channels as promotional tools.

The Journalist

As a journalist, Television Host, and producer, she and the shows she has produced have been featured on “Entertainment Tonight”, “Access Hollywood”, MSNBC and CNN.  Her interview style has made her a favorite with both the viewing audience and the subjects themselves.  Ms. Wendt has been granted many exclusive interviews from people who have been reluctant to appear on television.

Margaret Wendt’s journalistic skills include Investigative, Medical and Consumer News Reporting.  She was also a Society reporter.  She created and hosted one of the first on-camera STYLE and SOCIETY segments for the CBS affiliates.  Additionally, she was a guest host on the ‘morning show’ circuit, appearing on ABC, NBC and KTLA
Ms. Wendt was a feature reporter for P.M. Magazine as well as Northcoast Magazine and enjoyed the highest viewer mail on the stations on which she appeared.  She also has appeared in dozens of commercials.

Ms. Wendt’s body of work has been the topic of several articles in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Army Archerd’s column, The New York Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer and most recently she has become a guest reporter for Access Hollywood, MSNBC and CNN.  
 Ms Wendt and her shows have been featured on the cover of several other magazines.  Over the years, Margaret has been quoted in various books and publications, and has written articles for numerous magazines and newspapers.  She is currently a feature writer for UFO Magazine, and was a feature writer for Cleveland Magazine for several years.
Her new book and  movie “THE KING OF VELCRO” was given rave reviews.

Margaret Wendt has extensive corporate experience in the world of business, having recently held the position of Vice President and Partner for a Fortune 100 company in Canada, as well as board positions on several Fortune 500 companies. She is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as well as a member in good standing in SAG and AFTRA.

BEN (pronounced: ben)

Symbol: Pillars of Light (accomplished, crusader)

Color: East(initiation, beginnings, passion)

Direction: Red (flow, exploration, evolution)

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Key Characteristics:� popular, knowledgeable, accomplished, competent. Crusader for principles. Takes on challenges.

Personality:�You are a "Pillar of light", the spiritual essence, protector and guiding light for family and home. You are a Risk-taker, a Pioneer with strong principles. You are a competent speaker, who is willing to stand up for any cause that you believe in. While you love to relax and enjoy your free time, you are capable of intense work and can be extremely disciplined when necessary. You excel at whatever you choose to do. Your integrity and personal confidence draw others to you. Strength and conviction are your core values. Intellectual and/or well educated, you lean toward the study of human nature. You have the ability to bring peace, harmony, and order to all of situations. You are blessed with great skill at negotiations and consoling, both of which are very often put to the test.

 Ms.Wendt’s  Movie-of-the- week is based on author William Wientraub’s book, “City Unique  

·Indigo Films, funded by Wendt-Webster Productions
·BEYOND DEATH cited in lectures at major Universities

Healers now being used at New Mexico University

Documentary in Portugal for the IAC

9 different segments with world's most interesting scientists


It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW