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Q. Dear Mrs. Wendt

After watching your show on A&E I felt sane for the first time in years. I have terrible nightmares that come true. I see things that are going to happen to people I love. At first I tried to warn my family and friends but they acted like I was crazy. Now they are frightened of me. I feel isolated and different than anyone else. No one wants to talk to me. They think I am bad luck. Recently, I saw my brother�s impending death. I saw the car he was in, the two lane road, the accident, everything. Nothing in the dream was familiar. Yet it all came true. His car broke down; he hitched a ride from a stranger and on the way to get help they were hit head on by a truck. Everyone died. In my dream my brother was in a strange car and killed with a man I had never seen before. Any information would help. Has anyone done studies on this curse?

Mary Jane Tillotson

Dear Mary Jane

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I can see why you would call your gift of prophecy a curse.

The late Jeanne Dixon known as the modern American seer who predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King also predicted the death of a close family member. Mark Twain�s glimpse of the future was fulfilled in every detail too. He had a remarkable premonition abut his brother�s death in a steamboat accident on the Mississippi River.

Premonitions, hearing the warning voice or seeing into the future is a rare but real phenomenon. After investigating the claim of premonitions having to do with disasters, a British doctor by the name of John Barker was so impressed by the evidence of premonitions of tragedies that he helped set up the British Premonitions Bureau, to record and monitor predictions. A similar operation now exists in the United States. Two Californian premonitions bureaus exist at Monterey, and the other at Berkeley.


Q.� Dear Mrs. Wendt

I was in a car accident several months ago that has left me in a very strange state of mind. I had an out-of-body experience.

I don�t want to tell my family about the experience I had, but it was strangely wonderful and frightening at the same time.

Has this happened to anyone of historical importance? My father is a professor and would only find it possible to discuss this with me if I can give him an educated answer.

Enjoyed your television shows.

Sonia Henderson

Dear Sonia

During recent centuries, many notable writers have described their own experiences of spontaneous projection, known as an out-of-body experience, or OOBE. T. E. Lawrence, Jack London and Ernest Hemingway are just a few. Ernest Hemingway experienced the sensation of leaving his body when he was hit by shrapnel during the First World War. He later described it as �my soul or something coming right out of my body, like you�d pull a silk handkerchief out of a pocket by one corner. It flew around and then came back and went in again, and I wasn�t dead any more.�

The phenomenon of OOBE raised considerable problems for philosophers and psychologists. Many skeptics maintain that any suggestion of an OOBE should be dismissed as a hallucination or delusion. But people who have had such an experience are adamant that they have, indeed taken place. Many of the subjects that have had an out-of-body experience say it has profoundly changed their view of life and dispelled any fears about dying.

�The following are questions submitted to other� of Margaret's columns.

Q. Why don�t psychics tell us everything? Why do they know certain things and not others? Are there some things we should not know? Why can psychics see some future events and not others, such as warnings of accidents?

L.L., Miller Place, NY

A. Some events are destined to occur and thus cannot be changed or altered. Psychics cannot see or foretell such events. Perhaps there is a lesson to learn or it is our �Karmic destiny� to undergo certain experiences, even those that are unpleasant or life threatening. To this extent psychics have limited ability and can only see or sense those things that can be changed or altered.


Q. Do those with psychic ability ever concentrate on diseases? If there�s a cure for Cancer or AIDS, why can�t psychics find out? Is such information available psychically?

G.L. Washington, DC

A. Perhaps there are such psychic solutions or cures to diseases. Unfortunately, until recently, very few in the traditional medical establishment would take a psychic�s word for treatment or cure. However, psychics have a history of helping treat or even cure patients. For example, the great psychic-clairvoyant Edgar Cayce earned a reputation for his successful healings of many different ailments. He often prescribed treatments which, although highly unorthodox, were effective and promoted cures. In one instance in the mid-1980s, I witnessed a medium offer psychic advice that related to a treatment for AIDS. At the time there was no such treatment. But the psychic�s prediction proved accurate several years later.


Q. What�s life like on the other side? What do they do about earthly needs
(eating, sleeping, etc.)? What are their needs?

A.L., Providence, RI

A. There is dispute about what life is like on the other side. Because we on earth can only think in our terms. It is hard to imagine another form of existence. I�ve observed thousands of readings by mediums in which those on the other side say they do not have earthly needs such as eating or sleeping. Their needs are spiritual, an abstract concept that religious people would say is in the mind and soul, not the physical being. There does appear to be an organization or structure on the other side comprised of varying levels. Psychics agree with religious teachings that there is someplace (akin to Hell) where the evil go. Swedenborg, the 17th Century Swedish mystic, wrote about an organization on the other side. Author Ruth Montgomery similarly described the other side in communication she said she received from her late friend, the medium Arthur Ford. Ford�s spirit communicated a description of the other side that included an organization and structure where souls had various tasks, such as learning and growing spiritually.


Q. If everyone is reincarnated are new souls still being born?

J.E., Tucson, AZ

A. According to mystic, parapsychologist and teacher Dorothy Marie Maksym, all souls in the universe were created at the same time. �There are the same number of souls in the universe now as there were when the souls were created eons ago, except some come back to earth more frequently than others. It is like water, there is a finite amount, however, some is on earth and some is in the heavens. We have more souls on earth now than at any other time in history. We are coming back quicker because humanity is more developed in consciousness and spiritually. A new soul is one that has not had as many earthly experiences or incarnations.


Q. Is a kind of physical energy at work in psychic healing? Isn�t
psychic healing really self-suggestion?

M.B., Troy. NY

A. Many psychic healers claim that some unexplained psychic energy is generated and transmitted by those with psychic healing ability. To what extent the patient is contributing to a successful healing is a point of controversy. Some believe that the patient is engaged in self-healing. Perhaps a combination of healer and patient is responsible for successful psychic healings.

Psychic healing was believed by many to be self-suggestion. However, some recent studies would dispute that theory. It is hard to attribute every successful healing to self-suggestion, especially in those instances where people have been cured of cancers and other serious life-threatening illnesses. Consider also recent reports of successful �absent healing,� in which patients did not know they were being prayed for at a distance and yet recovered. If patients did not know prayers were being offered to heal them, how could self-suggestion be responsible for their successful healing?


Q. In your experience with these things can you tell me if there
is any relationship between creativity and psychic ability?

J.P., Santa Fe, NM

A. In my experience I have found evidence to support the theory that creativity and psychic ability are related. Often when I�ve interviewed creative people such as songwriters and artists, I�ve asked them what inspired their ideas. Many said they thought the lyrics, tunes or ideas came from �somewhere or someone� else. Some said they�d �dreamed ideas.� It�s no wonder that many in the creative arts are open to psychic phenomena. Who is to say that artistic inspiration isn�t actually in a higher source, such as God? Several inventors reported that their inspiration came from psychic dreams. If we believe creativity comes from a higher source and is God-inspired, then it would make sense that the spirit is in creative people.


Q. Do we always return with the same people in successive lifetimes?
And if the answer is yes, Why?

F.N. South Portland, ME

A. More than likely, yes. One reason may be to work out unresolved problems, to learn a lesson or to teach a lesson. We may choose to return to earth in a new life in order to aid someone still on earth who was a relative or friend whom we�d like to help through soul growth.


Q. What has been determined about the origins of the crop circles?

L.A., Yorktown Heights, NY

A. Like so much else in UFOlogy, crop circles remain a topic of debate and

controversy. One report, which skeptics and debunkers embraced, was the admission by tow men that they had created the crop circles. However, many others feel that crop circles in fields in England and elsewhere may be of extraterrestrial origin and that the two so-called hoaxers may be less than truthful.


Q. Is it accurate to call the saints� mystical experiences psychic or paranormal?

T.C., Orono, ME

A. Absolutely. In D. Scott Rogo�s excellent book Miracles, he explores the psychic abilities of many saints of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church defines such abilities as mystical. However, healings, bi-location,. Astral travel, and prophecy or precognition, among others, are still paranormal. Closer to our time, the Franciscan priest Padre Pio exhibited many gifts that can be defined as psychic.


Q. I�m going for a psychic healing. What should I expect to feel, if anything?
How do I know if a person is a legitimate healer? Can it ever be dangerous or harmful?

H.T., Omaha, NB

A. Generally you will feel either tingling or heat from a psychic healer. Some people report feeling both sensations. Learn the healer�s reputation and tack record. You can judge the success of the healing by its results. Do not stop seeing your medical doctor. Usually there is no danger from a healing, but in one case we saw a healer raise a patient�s blood pressure by giving too much energy. Of course, giving too little energy for something serious, such as a tumor, is dangerous. Be certain the healer you see is well respected. Remember, do not forego traditional medical treatment as well.


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