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Here we have a database of all of the books, dvds, and cds that have been mentioned on our radio shows.

Items List
AuthorTitleMedia Type
Isaac NewtonMathematical Papers Of Volume 7 1691-1695Book
Isaac NewtonNewton's Philosophy Of NatureBook
Isaac NewtonCorrespondenceBook
Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton's Theory Of The Moon's Motion, 1702Book
Isaac NewtonMathematical Papers On Isaac Newton: Sixteen Eighty-three To Sixteen Eighty Four (volume 5)Book
Isaac NewtonMathematical Principles Of Natural PhilosophyBook
Isaac NewtonMathematical Works Of Isaac Newton Volume 1Book
Isaac NewtonMathematical Works Of Isaac Newton Volume 2Book
Isaac NewtonUnpublished Scientific Papers Of Isaac NewtonBook
Isaac NewtonMathematical Papers Of Isaac Newton : 1697-1722 Volume 8Book
Isaac NewtonA Treatise Of The System Of The WorldBook
Isaac NewtonSir Isaac Newton 's Mathematical Principlesof Natural Philosophy And His System Of The World: MotionBook
Isaac NewtonNewton PapersBook
Isaac NewtonThe Preliminary Manuscripts For Isaac Newton's 1687 Principia: 1684- 1685 (cambridge University LibrBook
Jan SpillerAstrology For The SoulBook
Jan SpillerNew Moon AstrologyBook
Jane GreerAfterlife ConnectionBook
Jane KatraMiracles Of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness And Spiritual HealingBook
Jeane DixonReincarnation And Prayers To Live By (1970)Book
Jeane DixonJeane Dixon's Astrological Cookbook (1976)Book
Jeane DixonJeane Dixon My Life And Prophecy: Her Own Story As Told To Rene Noorbergen (1969)Book
Jeane DixonHoroscope For Dogs (1979)Book
Jeane DixonA Gift Of Prophecy The Phenomenal Jeane DixonBook
Jeane DixonThe Riddle Of Powderworks Road (1980)Book
Jeff CoatsManual For Changing Attitudes And Behaviour: Your Own And OthersBook
Jerry IssaLiving In The New Age Again: A Journey Through The Corridors Of TimeBook
Jess SternThe Edgar Cayce LegacyBook
Jess Stern The Sleeping ProphetBook
Jess Stern A River Runs DeepBook
Jess SternEdgar Cayce: Sleeping ProphetBook
Joel MartinLove Beyond Life: The Healing Power Of After-death CommunicationsBook
Joel MartinNative American ReligionBook
Joel MartinSacred RevoltBook
Joel MartinThe Haunting Of America: From The Salem Witch Trials To Harry HoudiniBook
Joel MartinOur Children ForeverBook
Joel MartinWe Dont DieBook
Joel MartinWe Are Not Forgotten: George Anderson's Messages Of Love And Hope From The Other SideBook
Joel MartinWe Dont Die: George Anderson's Conversations With The Other SideBook
Joel MartinThe Land Looks After Us: A History Of Native American ReligionBook
Joel MartinSacred Revolt: The Muskogees' Struggle For A New WorldBook
Joel MartinScreening The Sacred: Religion, Myth, And Ideology In Popular American FilmBook
John MackAbductionBook
K. David IckeThe David Icke Guide To The Global Conspiracy (and How To End It)Book
K. David IckeInfinite Love Is The Only Truth, Everything Else Is IllusionBook
K. David IckeTales From The Time LoopBook
K. David IckeChildren Of The MatrixDvd
K. David IckeI Am FreeBook
K. David IckeLifting The VeilBook
K. David IckeHeal The WorldBook
K. David IckeThe Robots RebellionBook


It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW