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Here we have a database of all of the books, dvds, and cds that have been mentioned on our radio shows.

Items List
AuthorTitleMedia Type
Albert EinsteinIntroduction To Mental Telepathy And Psychic PhenomemonBook
Albert EinsteinIntroduction To Psychic PhenomenonBook
Alfred StelterPsi-healingBook
America Library AssociationAlternatives In Print: An Index And Listing Of Some Movement Publications Reflecting Todays Social CBook
Andrew WallsThe Search For A SoulBook
Andrew WallsSpontaneous HealingBook
Andrew WallsPsychic LivesBook
Ashayna DeaneVoyagers 2:the Secrets Of Amenti: Second EditionBook
Ashayna DeaneVoyagers 1: The Sleeping Abductees: Second EditionBook
Ashayna DeaneTangable Structures Of The SoulBook
Baird WallaceSpace Story And The Inner LightBook
Betty KovacsThe Miracle Of DeathBook
Bill BurnsHaunting Of PresidentsBook
Bishop PikeThe Other SideBook
Bishop PikeIf This Is Heracy (1966)Book
Bishop Pike The Other SideBook
Bishop Pike If This Is HeracyBook
Bruce LiptonThe Wisdom Of Your Cells-8cd SetCd
Bruce LiptonThe Biology Of BeliefsCd
Bruce LiptonThe Biology Of Beliefs-cdsCd
Bruce LiptonMolecules Of EmotionsBook
Carl Sagan Cosmic Connection : An Extraterrestrial PerspectiveBook
Carl Sagan Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors: A Search For Who We AreBook
Carl Sagan Selected From Cosmos (our World)Book
Carl Sagan A Brief History Of Time: From The Big Bang To Black HolesBook
Carl Sagan A Path Where No Man Thought: Nuclear Winter And Its ImplicationsBook
Carl Sagan A Path Where No Man Thought: Nuclear Winter And The End Of The Arms RaceBook
Carl Sagan The Cosmic ConnectionBook
Carl Sagan The Dragons Of Eden: Speculations Of The Evolution Of Human IntelligenceBook
Carl Sagan Ufos : A Scientific DebateBook
Carl SaganPale Blue Dot: A Vision Of The Human Future In SpaceBook
Carl SaganThe Demon-haunted World: Science As A Candle In The DarkBook
Carl Sagan The Cold And The Dark: The World After Nuclear WarBook
Carl Sagan Reader Study Guide For CosmosBook
Carl Sagan PlanetsBook
Carl Sagan Murmurs Of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar RecordBook
Carl Sagan Intelligent Life In The UniverseBook
Carl Sagan CosmosBook
Carl Sagan Billions And Billions: Thoughts On Life And Death At The Brink Of MilleniumBook
Carl Sagan Broca's Brain: Reflections On The Romance Of ScienceBook
Carl Sagan CometBook
Carl Sagan Communication With Extraterrestrial IntelligenceBook
Carl Sagan ContactBook
Cyril PermuttBeyond The Spectrum - A Survey Of Supernormal PhotographyBook
Doug BurnsThe Day After RosswellBook
Douglas ConacherChapters Of ExperienceBook
Edgar CayceEdgar Cayce On Religion And Psychic ExperienceBook
Eira ConacherThere Is Life After DeathBook
Elizabeth BrowningI Set My Heart Upon A StarBook
Elizabeth Kubler RossAids- The Ultimate ChallengeBook


It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW