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Here we have a database of all of the books, dvds, and cds that have been mentioned on our radio shows.

Items List
AuthorTitleMedia Type
Alan LeoPractical AstrologyBook
Alan LeoAstrology For AllBook
Alan OkenComplete AstrologyBook
Albert Clayton GauldenYou're Not Who You Think You AreBook
Albert Clayton GauldenSigns And Wonders: Understanding The Language Of GodBook
Albert Clayton GauldenRiti Di Purificazione Per Il Nuovo MilennioBook
Albert Clayton GauldenRevelaciones Para El Nuevo MilenioBook
Albert Clayton GauldenNishanah Ha Va Mu JizatBook
Albert Clayton GauldenGeistwende: Vorbereritung Auf Den Sprung Ins Dritte JahrtausendBook
Albert Clayton GauldenEl Lenguaje De DiosBook
Albert Clayton GauldenDe Schoonheid Van WonderenBook
Albert Clayton GauldenClearing For The MillenniumBook
Albert Clayton GauldenBud'te Svobodni V Novem TisiciletiBook
Albert EinsteinEinstein On HumanismBook
Albert EinsteinEssential EinsteinBook
Albert EinsteinEvolution Of PhysicsBook
Albert EinsteinGerman Essays On Science In The 20th Century (german Library, Vol 82)Book
Albert EinsteinIdeas And OpinionsBook
Albert EinsteinInvestigations On The Theory Of Brownian MovemBook
Albert EinsteinLetters To Solovine/1906-1955Cd
Albert EinsteinEinstein NotebookBook
Albert EinsteinThe Collected Papers Of Albert Einstein: The Swiss Years, Writings, 1900-1909 Vol 2Book
Albert EinsteinThe Collected Papers Of Albert Einstein: The Early Years, 1879-1902 (part German And Part English) VBook
Albert EinsteinThe Collected Papers Of Albert Einstein: The Berlin Years: Writings, (1914-1917 (vol 6))Book
Albert EinsteinCollected Papers On Einstein Vol.2Book
Albert EinsteinBite -size Einstien: Quotations On Just About Everything From The Great Mind Of The Twentieth CenturBook
Albert EinsteinAutobiographical Notes: A Centennial EditionBook
Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein Mileva Maric: The Love LettersBook
Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein: Philosopher- Scientist Vol.7Book
Albert EinsteinRelativity The Special And General TheoryBook
Albert EinsteinOut Of My Later YearsCd
Albert EinsteinPrinciple Of RelativityCd
Albert EinsteinLetters On Wave Mechanics (philosophical Paperback)Book
Albert EinsteinLetters To Solovine (philosophical Library Paperback Series)Book
Albert EinsteinEssays In PhysicsBook
Albert EinsteinEssays On HumanismBook
Albert EinsteinEinstein On PeaceBook
Albert EinsteinThe Born-einstein Letters: Correspondence Between Albert Einstein And Max And Hedwig Born From 1916Book
Albert EinsteinWorld As A I See ItBook
Albert EinsteinWhy WarBook
Albert EinsteinSidelights On RelativtyBook
Albert EinsteinOut Of My Later Years: The Scientist, Philosopher And Man Portrayed Through His Own WordsBook
Albert EinsteinLiving PhilosophiesBook
Albert EinsteinEinstein's 1912 Manuscripts On The Special Theory Of Relativity (and Other Essays)Book
Albert EinsteinThe Theory Of Relativity (and Other Essays)Book
Albert EinsteinRelativity: The Special And The General TheoryBook
Albert EinsteinRelativity (great Minds)Book
Albert EinsteinThe Quotable EinsteinBook
Albert EinsteinThe Meaning Of RelativityBook
Albert EinsteinEinstein's God: Albert Einstein's Quest As A Scientist And As A Jew To Replace A Foresaken GodBook


It has been brought to our attention that Margaret is being portrayed as a psychic on $1.99 sites. These sites are doing so without Margaret's permission. Margaret has not claimed she is a psychic. - MW